Story List and Biography
For Teresa P. Thompson

Paulene, A True Story
Maramony - The Greatest Cat I've Ever Known
The Adventures Of Shasta And Nikki
The Get Away
Traveling Student
Decision-Making Should Include Entire Family
An Egyptian God Or Just A Useless Cat
Living With Angels
The Memories Of A Bus Mechanic
Before His Death...An Angel Called
Remembering Mom
The Jewel Filled Stream
Four Times Blessed
Neena The Lizard Chaser
In Loving Memory Of Pauline Robinson
Mesmerized By Faith
Around The Kitchen Table
Dollar Store Angel
Photo of Teresa and Ka'ssee, her youngest daughter.

I live in Harlan, Kentucky.  I am a former newspaper reporter and  the mother of three daughters  from 21 years to three years old.  I enjoy writing short stories---both fiction and nonfiction.

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