Tranquil Trauma

Sujoy Bhattacharya

© Copyright 2019 by Sujoy Bhattacharya

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Mrs. Greta has brought up her mentally retarded and slightly spastic son Rahul with unspeakable hardship . Rahul’s insensate father wanted to nip Rahul in the bud by slow poisoning . But her mom protested with revolt and allowed Rahul to grow up to his present stage – a young man of twenty two . Mrs. Greta left no stone unturned to rear him up as a normal boy . Rahul  is now physically fit to copulate with a girl . His congenital organs are as normal as a healthy twenty two year old man . But the his mental age is still restricted to five . 

He strips himself off publicly and his sense of nakedness is very meagre . He behaves like a child though externally he looks to be a young man . He limps a bit and no other physical impediment he does suffer from . But his brain has not developed keeping pace with his body . 

His unmarried auntie who is not ready to marry because she is not good to look at,  has developed a complex psychology that no one would marry her falling in love with her . Greedy men might be ready to marry her to inherit her immense wealth that she inherited as a sole daughter of her deceased father .So she is determined not to marry . She came to stay with Rahul' s family. Rahul' s father is no more . He lives alone with  his mom .  Rahul' s auntie loves him very much.  Rahul is happy to have a loving guest in his lonely home . 

Rahul roams naked in his home often . His mom is used to that but his  auntie , young and ugly examined with her lusty eyes his organ and found that Rahul was physically fit to do sex with her . Her mind as ugly as his body hatched a nasty plan to be physical with Rahu. She was waiting for a chance to come .

Mrs. Greta had to go outside for hours together . She asked her sister if she would like to look after Rahul for half a dad . She gladly agreed and Mrs. Greta went out in a placid state of mind. Rahul' s perverted auntie stripped off Rahul and tried to instigate his organ sportingly . Rahul' s body responded naturally . And following instruction of his sensual auntie he fornicated her and both of them enjoyed profound  physical happiness. 

After that day Rahul insisted every night to sleep with his auntie .His innocent mom allowed his desire smilingly . They used to be physical almost every night . His auntie took every possible precaution to avoid pregnancy. 

On a fine morning Rahul' auntie left for her home . That night Rahul as usual slept with his mom sharing a big divan .   After midnight Rahul felt a stubborn desire to have sex and tried to fornicate his mom . She strongly protested but Rahul was mad with his lewd desire and throttled her to death and copulated with the dead body and was  perspiring a rain of sweat out of fear, shame and repentance because he got back his normal senses transgressing his mental stagnancy . He stared at his mom' s motionless , tranquil body and wept violently . 

Police came and post mortem report revealed that Mrs. Greta was smothered to death and raped thereafter .Police was investigating to locate the criminal.  Rahul was sitting as stationary as a pillar and as tranquil as a corpse . All the after death ceremony was over and his auntie consoled him and told that they would live happily together .Rahul did not give any hint that he had retained his normalcy by a miraculous effect of killing and sex simultaneously. He nodded to the proposal to his depraved auntie. 

Rahul was sleeping with her auntie sharing the same bed. Rahul was pretending to have gone to sleep .His auntie put off her clothes to be naked and was trying to instigate Rahul to jump over her thirsty naked body.  

Raul took out a trenchant knife that he kept beforehand under his pillow and with revengeful boiling wrath attacked his auntie and chopped off her vagina and rushed to the nearest police station.  He confessed everything….

Now Rahul is residing in a forlorn corner of a prison cell wearing  himself  in a veil of placidness and his auntie is too enduring punishment for her moral degradation.

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