What Will They Say?

Subhiksha Parthiban

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Photo by Akram Huseyn on Unsplash
Photo by Akram Huseyn on Unsplash

I have always determined to listen to my inner voice but that wasn’t the case most of the times. I had a pre-determined standards which I had to achieve at any cost, if not what will people say.

This pre-determined standard was in place at every stage of my life. If all the kids in my class sang mellifluous song while I could merely recite a line, immediately the question pops up. what will people say. you need to speak when you are five, sing like a professional at the age of ten if not what will people say? …

This does not end there in a kid’s life, if the kid sings or speaks at the right time, then moves on to middle school where they encounter book worms who know nothing other than the curriculum, and you are not interested in memorising information which could be googled easily at that moment again those people kick in into your life, what will people say?

Although everything looks impeccable and you lead a healthy life, you have usefully waded through middle school life and now you are in your high school competing for the ranks, if you don’t pass out with a decent rank this time what will people say?

You choose to be blingy and also fancy bold unconventional fashion but yet again what would they say? won’t we be judged the same thing happens when we choose sober styling.

Being Blithe and headless and not being heedful in college this makes us to think what would they say? worst nightmare what would they say if I fail …

Planning to take a break go on a Europe tour and become a well-rounded person now what would they say if you do that won’t they think you are a loafer

Not taking extra care and not being top notch now again they enter your life and imagine what they would be saying.

Being jobless for a year and relying on Parents for funds after eighteen again what would they say?

After beating the crowd and become an overnight star with 20 years of hard work and still you tend to be left out from the Good Books of your boss now same question arises. what will they say?

The middle years you shine like sun with overwhelming glow but you become a flop in managing people now what will they say? about this young lad who is unsuccessful in managing people.

Not getting promotions and have landed with poor ratings now won’t they think you have sunk the ship …

Getting promotions on time and being the star kid who was everyone’s dream and during a lunch an old aunt asks “how did you manage to pull this off, was there any kind of adjustments?? “. Now this moment from being the role model to our younger ones immediately we require a big stick to stop ourselves from sinking. At this very instant what will they think?

You have successfully passed all their test now end up your personal relationship wont they bawl at you for having an unsuccessful relationship although you had no or little role to play ….

There exists a thirty-year gap between your partner at that time won’t you hear bad comments, now gain what would they even say?

Being without Kids for years isn’t that a sin you have committed in your past life …

Without kids since your husband is dead before celebrating your first anniversary, now again what would they say.

You lay on the bed with a sign of extreme tiredness and plan on moving into controversial (in their eyes) industry this time won’t they judge you?

Other kind of climax, now you have kids, you are a happy family and end up being successful in professional and personal life but your body has aged which includes those extra pounds now again what will they say for not having a hot body …. isn’t that a reflection of not so lush life?

You finally or in the middle Identifying your sexuality which might antagonise them know it is not only what they will say but it is how will they react …

You Don’t have funds to send your kids to college and push them to debt, again what success you have achieved if you don’t have the funds to send your kids to college?

Kids go to college and you are working part time during your retirement yet again what would they say? would you be able to handle them.? I guess not.

Work till 60 settle all your kids, give them a great life, make time for you partner, no no make him / her your priority run, run and run afterwards when we tend to take rest and ask others to lead, yet again they say “you are free, jobless and do nothing, why can’t you do that or make things ready for me when I am back? ‘”, for these ultra-sweet screeches what would you respond? if you don’t respond again what will they say?

At last, they stop speaking about you and move to the next generation, unfortunate our kids fall into this loop traps.

These Questions are simple but the solutions are entangled. Until you have the freedom in determine the boundary of, they, you fall for them. I think when WHAT THEY WILL SAY gets converted to what my heart says you start your life there, this might sound cliché but being a prodigy or one among million or someone who has achieved what many can only dream of is never the benchmark for success, we are born winners since we are that one sperm which has defeated indefinite peers. Freedom is worthless when there is a standard for every choice of words, actions and thoughts.

Time for your love ,parents , kids , grand kids and even great grand kids is required and they are the most valuable thing one can ever imagine in life but you are more than important and time spent by you for your happiness is the best gift you can give yourself ….


I am Subhiksha from India, I am 23 years old and have not started my publishing journey yet, do read my heart-felt story and I hope you guys like it. 

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