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Stephanie Dolly
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This is Billy.

Billy Loves to ride his Bike.

One day while riding his bike a fly went up his nose.

And made his ears buzz!

Billy rode all over town trying to find somebody who could help him get the fly out of is nose.

He went to Tony the pizza man. I need your help getting this fly out of my nose.

Tony asked, "a fly went up your nose and made your ears buzz?"

Billy said, yes sir! Can you help me?

Sorry Billy, I can't help you get the fly out of your nose.

Billy went to see George the bicycle man. Would you, could you, please help me get the fly out of my nose so this buzzing will stop?

George said, I'm sorry Billy but I can't make your ears stop buzzing.

Billy tried one more friend. He found his friend Max the gas station man.

Max! Max! Max! Billy went screaming, "I need your help!"

 What is it little buddy? A fly went up my nose and is making my ears buzz. Will you help me get the fly out?

 I'm sorry Billy, I wish I could help you but I just can't help you get the fly out of your nose.

Sadly, Billy went home with his buzzing ears.

Billy's Mom asked him to wash up for dinner and to help set the table. So Billy followed her directions. He washed his hands, and started to help set the table. Billy's Mom handed him the salt and pepper.

Just as he was walking to the table with the salt and pepper, guess what happened?

He tripped and some pepper went up his nose!

And he sneezed....

And sneezed...

And sneezed, until guess what?

The fly flew out of his nose and the buzzing in his ears finally stopped!

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