The Revolution or the Co-existence?

Somaya El-Absawy


Copyright 2021 by Somaya El-Absawy

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                          Photo by Elena Mozhvilo on Unsplash

I have different overlapping stories. They raise a confusing thorny philosophical question about the choosing between revolution and coexistence.

Ahmed and Yasser are two young friends from their childhood days. They are always helping each other. When one of them needs the other, he found him in his shadow. Even their dreams are common. Their goal is to enter the faculty of engineering, department of electronics. They have a genius idea to establish a company that would make a breakthrough in the field of electronic engineering. They vowed to make their dream come true together. Their personalities were not the same in everything. They disagreed, but they didn't allow this difference to spoil their friendship and union.

They are now in the high school stage. Yasser hates the stupid systems used in education based on memorization and indoctrination. He hates this education because he thinks that it consumes the human being and cancels his abilities. He always said to himself: why do I have to reach what I want by away that I don't want?

He always highlighted this refusal. Ahmed agreed with his opinion. But he didn't highlight his refusal like him. His opinion is that it is the education for years and all people are adopted and satisfied with that. That is the cost of success to get into the college of engineering and achieve their dreams and establishing the company.

They succeeded in high school. Both of them achieved brilliant success and were enrolled in college. They knew early that education wouldn't give them anything and relied on themselves and taught themselves the courses they need in building company. They searched a lot and sought a lot. They faced many unsuccessful attempts and faced many problems. They fell together and stand together. They never gave up until the doors opened for them and they found an investor who supported their idea.

Something unexpected had happened. A revolution in their country broke out. They used to focus on their dream and weren't aware enough of the political situation in their county. They knew at least there was injustice and corruption in the society. They didn't directly face it but they knew it is existed.

The revolution was against a brutal, corrupt regime that oppresses and tortures the objecting people in prisons. It uses all state institutions to serve him and protect his existence. It is a system based on subjugating and falsifying people's consciousness.

There was a sharp discussion between the two friends for the first time:

-Yasser: I will go down to the streets and revolt. Injustice has spread and I won't be silent about that.

-Ahmed: what guarantees that your refusal will lead to a result? What if nothing has changed? And the situation remained the same? You will lose yourself, your dream and everything.

-Yasser: but the injustice doesn't last. God has threatened the wrongdoers in the Quran. Any place where is there is injustice will inevitably be destroyed.

-Ahmed: The God is the one who will destroy the wrongdoers. We have nothing to do about that. We will build the universe with the company that we will build. We will solve the problem of the unemployment by thousands of employees who will be employed and we will make progress over other countries in this field. What will happen if you are killed or imprisoned? Not all of this will happen.

-Yasser was silent for a while. Then replied: but the injustice remains. What does guarantees our rights in the company we will build? The malignant hand of injustice can reach it. What does it mean to be successful in your life and ultimately defeated? There is no meaning in life amid oppression, my friend. I think that the greatest victory in life is for a person to live free to say what he wants, do what he wants, and write what he wants, as long as he doesn't harm anyone , makes God angry of him and there is no brute force to prevent him from doing that. And this doesn't happen here.

Ahmed: if you do that, I think that you are weak and escaping from the idea of striving, fatigue and your responsibility towards building your society. That you gave up on your message and your goal in pursuit of stupid dreams called freedom and justice. There is no complete justice or complete freedom here. What you are looking for is an illusion. You will lose and you will reach nothing.

-Yasser: At least I will be the one who is defeated. I, do you understand what that means? I am not another defeated person who is satisfied with humiliation under the pretext of coexistence.

He left him and went.

A month passed, the revolution can't achieve its demands .Everyone who participated in it is arrested or killed. Yasser is martyred in one of the unknown streets full of injustice.

As for Ahmed, he completed his company's project .He earned millions from the company and became famous, He founded his company on the right foundation, His company became the largest company in the field of electronics engineering in the entire Arab world .He succeeded remarkably.

The story may end here in two ways: The first is that is what actually happened and Ahmed's company continued to succeed and injustice still exists on the same homeland .Some may ask here is that fair to happen.?

Yes, the oppressor may continue in his oppressing. The God will delay his punishment in the hereafter due to wisdom that we don't know.

And the story may end that God punished the wrongdoers in this world and the hereafter .The corruption spread around the state so much that it made the state went bankrupt and the economy was completely affected. Thus affected Ahmed's company and it also went bankrupt. Ahmed's message ended in defeat. However the time of its implementation it helped thousands of people. I don't care how the story ended as much as I care about the paradox and comparison between the two messages.

Let us agree at the outset that the more comprehensive and general the message of man and the more making change in the society. The greater and worthy it is or the more man strives for it.

Yasser's message was rejection and revolution for change.

Ahmed's message was to build and work for change.

Not to mention that the revolutions takes years to succeed because it represents a radical change.

If the revolution had succeeded, what would have happened? Injustice and oppression have been lifted from the entire people who are estimated in the millions. People would have their freedom .Everyone would have taken his right.

Those responsible for corruption and injustice are held accountable. The Justice would have prevailed in society.

Not to mention that Ahmed worked a lot to reach what he reached and faced many problems due to corruption, freezing of thinking and unwillingness to strive which dominated people because of injustice .But after the revolution, it will be easier for future generation if they generate ideas for other companies.

Yasser's message would have served millions and would have won the rights of those who were wronged in the past and those who would have been wronged in the future. Meaning that it included the past, the present, and the future. But finally it didn't serve anyone.

Ahmed's message only served thousands of people.

I really don't know which one was right? Are one wrong and the other right? Or were both of them right, was one of them right more than other? Is there any comparison here?

But I know something. I know that Yasser was stronger than Ahmed. Yasser was so faithful in his idea that he sacrificed his life for it. The idea of Yasser did not die. Perhaps after decades, another revolution would break out and other people would die in defense of the same ideas of freedom and justice. I am certain that if Ahmed had failed to build his company, his idea would have died forever. No one would have known the idea of the company. God's success with Ahmed and luck were two main reasons for building his company. It was not only his effort that built it.

In the end, this was Yasser's destiny and this was Ahmed's destiny which God wrote from ancient times. We can't say otherwise.

Finally, The decision is up to a person to choose this or that. This choice is god's destiny as well.

My name is Somaya El-Absawy. I have 22 years old. I am a writer. My hobbies is reading, writing and watching documentary films. I have a blog. I write articles and short stories. I study in faculty of pharmacy Menoufia University. I am in the fourth year. I participated in a university-wide competition in writing articles and won a golden metal in it. I worked as a writer in Arajeek.

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