Children's Folk Tales and Fables

Solomon Eboh

© Copyright 2022 by Solomon Eboh


Photo of the author.

Photo of the author.


1. The Beekeeper

2. The Little and The broom

3. The Merry Frog and The Elf

4.  The King of the Jungle

5. The runner Boy

6.The Big Animals Dishonesty

7.The Young Prince and the Seven Kisses

8.  The Lost Treasure


10.The Robin And The Raven

12.  The Button’s Pie

13. Polar Red Tigers

14.  The Dog Cob

15.The Lesser Hurts

16. Marriane Earnest

The Bee Keeper

Once upon a time there was a farmer, who was lucky to have a bee perch on his mouth while he was asleep. Though bees sting the bee did not sting him but let a drop of honey from his abdomen on the farmer’s mouth and flew away. The farmer on his bed had sensed the bee perch on his mouth with its weight and felt it had been in a dream; why! he had been motionless to hit the insect off from his mouth, he could not say why.

The Farmer woke up from his sleep his lips tasted honey and he wondered a god had revealed the secret of the honey in the bees to him for he had not tasted honey before in his life. It was his first time. The honey he tasted was one of the sweetest things the farmer had ever tasted in his life. Potatoes had a different taste, he had livestock, and plantain trees in his farm. The farmer wondering, what a lavishing creature to perch so carelessly on his mouth, and to reveal the secret of the honey he carried in his abdomen. Ants sting, though bees as well the farmer had heard, flies carry dirt and germs, but who would otherwise have been admitted to perch so freely and so kindly on his mouth, why would the bee just leave a drop of honey on his mouth?

Well: yes – they might have more in their abdomen.”, the Farmer gazed, “May be their stings are not so sharp as they have said,” he gazed doubtfully about others many bees had stung before. Even it was said when a bee stings a man it meant that the gods were against one’s will, and the person should examine his or her ways.

I should like to know.” The farmer said. He had not heard of anyone who reared bees before. Livestock animals, cows, goats, sheep, hen and cock people could easily buy them when they want in the market. What of bees and a little drop of honey which no other person had tasted before the farmer wondered.

What a good thing I have tasted; perhaps if I have it in more quantity perhaps other people would come to like it as it taste so sweet” what about a bee and a drop of honey? Can it make a cup by drop by drop with just a perch of a bee: what if it ends up with so much stings and shout with pains as I have heard” the farmer wondered.

In the forest where people feared to enter, the bees swarmed and perched on their hives, almost in all the trees in the forest. People said it was the evil forest and that whoever that goes inside the forest would be searching for the gods’ troubles.

I knew that what I have tasted, the gods must have sent the bee. But they said the bees are evil spirits from the evil spirits land!” He wondered about people’s stories about the stinging bees.

Well, what must I do to have more quantity of these sweetened liquid from the bees abdomen?” The Farmer wondered and stood with his fire oil and match box looking up at the bees buzzing up in their hives on all the trees in the forest.

Very like the farmer would, he began to pour his fire oil round the tree banks with the hope to set the trees in the forest on fire so that the burning flame would catch up with the bees and bust their abdomens in their hives so he can have enough drops of honey in his bucket from their abdomen.

As the farmer bent about to set the trees on fire with his match box, one of the gods in the forest changed into a bee and flew close to the farmer and pleaded with him. He had not seen a man with such brave heart with such aim that he would have some honey without a sting from the bees.

It isn’t as easy as you think. Much like you would do we may all be hurt if you set the tree on fire. If I’d been you or you’d been me, watching a stranger attack his resting place what would you do, and tell me how would you feel?”, the bee buzzing in the air before the Farmer asked him, “Why not allow us to help you since you are interested in us than setting all the trees on fire? I bet you would never be satisfied with the quantity with the fire?” The bee buzzed in the air and pleaded with the farmer wondering at him.

I wish you would let me go back and have a small meeting with our ears. Our kinsmen, they should know what to do.” The bee pleaded and asked. The Farmer agreed with the bee and asked him how long their meeting would take, that he would be waiting for their reply. It was hoped he would not go by the bees stings and looked very brave without fear of the honey he tasted. The god like a bee flew up to the bees hive in the Farmer’s growing anxiety to set the trees with bee hive on fire for the honey.

Sooner the god like a bee returned back before the farmer in the air and said to him and pleaded, “If you can go and come back in two days time, we will prepare the honey for you in our hive.” The bee promised. The farmer agreed with him, that he would come, as he had threatened to do if they do not provide the honey in two days time.

TheFarmer left back to his house. In two days time he returned back to check on the bees honey with his fire oil and match box.

Why! The farmer wondered, none of the bees were outside the hives. Two days before a lot of them were buzzing around in the forest. Only a few flew in and hid inside their hive and the forest looked quiet without the bees buzzing sound. It looked strange like they had gone for meeting somewhere.

Should I set the trees on fire for the honey! A drop or two would it make a full bucket for me to share with people what I have tasted; and prove to them the bees are not actually evil spirits!” The farmer wondered in the calm forest and checked another tree close in the forest. It was the same. Only a few bees were inside the hives. The other bees hid without making a sound in the forest watching the farmer to know what he would decide. None stung him. He had a sense that it would be unjust to destroy the bees living place with fire.

Perhaps I should let them be in peace. May be the gods have a reason for all!” the farmer looked up and gazed at the few bees entering inside their hive without the honey the bees had promised him.

The farmer decided and walked away pityingly about the little bees. It was a wonder to the bees as they watched the farmer where they hid. They looked puzzled as the farmer walked away from their hives with his match box and fire oil.

Really the bees could make some honey without much bitterness through the livelong day. They agreed among themselves and happily made a big quantity of honey that could fill three buckets if the farmer wished to have some honey in their hives and left it for him.

The farmer wandered confusedly and checked at the bees hives the next day. At the particular tree where he stood looking up at the bees hive many bees swarmed and perched on the honey the bees left for the farmer in their hive. It was the first they had done for a man. They did for the farmer because he decided to be kind to them. As the farmer looked and turned around there was screaming and running away whom had attacked the bees hive with a hard stone. The bees stung him on every part of his body as he shouted and removed his cloths and ran away from the forest.

The bees had stung the man because he was a trouble maker. The farmer wished for the honey. It was very painful, when you had a tool to make out what you want, but find you cannot go on. The farmer wondered with his fire oil and match box without the bees sting decided to turn away. Then there was a buzz of a voice in the air, as the farmer turned and tried to walk away. He looked it was the bee who had spoken with him and promised him the honey.

One good turn deserves another, they say. The bee god happily in the air about the farmer turning away from their hives called him back and pointed and showed him the trees with the honey. The bee told the farmer he may be making the honey collection terminally and always and told him the season when he can come and be checking on the honey in their hives. He told the farmer if he could maintain to be friendly with them that they will not sting him.

Thank you”, the farmer said to the bee and dropped his match box and fire oil on the ground before the bee on the air.

It is true that the honey had been left, but still the farmer feared while he scooped with his pan and collected the honey on top of the trees. He wore a body coverage all over his body to his head except in his eyes. He could scoop as much with three buckets filled with honey as the bee keeper around the bees hives.

The Little Girl and The Broom

Once upon a time there was a little girl who had a happy walking broom in their house. The broom had hands and legs and could walk and jump to where ever it wanted in the house. The broom always liked to help with the domestic works in the house.

If the little girl wanted some wares and snacks from her mother the broom had done all she would have done, sweeping the house and making the whole house to be clean.

One day the little girl couldn’t wake up so early. However, when she woke up in the morning the broom had done all the works alone in the house, sweeping the house and washing the dishes alone.

The little girl went to her mother’s room it had been swept properly by the broom and had been made clean by the broom and her mother had left without leaving snacks for her to eat, except the tea and bread left for her breakfast in the morning. Because there were no snacks left for the little girl except the tea and bread the little girl became very sad and annoyed. She therefore called the broom and said to the broom, “Why don’t you come with me to my mother’s room, I have something to take off her dress” the little girl unhappily asked the broom and the broom replied “As far as I am a broom, I will do whatever thing you say; come and show me the dress, the broom requested and followed the little girl to her mother’s room.

The little girl’s mother was out and so she took the broom along with her and walked inside her mother’s room.

Where is the dirt so I can take it off the dress? The broom courageously asked the little girl as he stood beside her.

I will not show you for it seems the hardest thing for me, and only I, myself should be doing the work, not you any longer” the girl sadly exclaimed to the wondering broom and pointed at the door for the broom to leave from her mother’s room.

Now out from my mother’s room before is too late for you,” the little girl said to the broom and still pointed at the door.

Oh no! I rather stay and search for the dirt and remove it before your mother comes back home,” the broom meekly said not minding as the little girl screamed at him.

Okay watch and see,” the little girl said and took up her mother’s mirror and broke it in pieces on the floor. She also took the jug on the table and broke it as well before the broom. She unhappily rushed to the room door and locked the door with the key and put the key in her mouth and swallowed it. She scattered more things in her mother’s room and said to the broom, “When my mother comes back home I will tell her you are the one that did all these!” she threatened and accused the broom.

Now wizard broom,” she said and cursed the broom, “You will stay here with me until my mother comes back home.”

But you said that I should come and help you clean the stain on the dress!” the broom afraid said to the little girl as she winked her eyes at the broom.

And so!”the little girl said and still pointed at the things she broke on the floor and said to the broom “Are these not things to clean up, you busy lazy broom. You better start now and be cleaning them before my mother comes back.”

The broom decided to do as she said, but as the broom swept and gathered the the things the little girl broke on the floor, the little girl scattered the room the more. So the broom became afraid and didn’t know what else to do.

I will scatter the room the more, what can you do, better remain calm until my mother comes back.” She ordered the broom and the broom gysied afraid and went and hid behind the room window curtain. The little girl yelled and shouted more at the broom and it ran out from the curtain and went hid behind the door and closed its eyes and ears in fear.

No one will sweep out the dirt,” the little girl still yelled at the broom while it closed its ears in fear. The little girl’s mother was approaching the door and heard all the little girl was saying to the broom. She turned back weird at her, and said, “What a wicked child I have. I rather marry another man”

The little girl’s mother left and married another man. The little girl waited with the broom in her mother’s room for many days and months, many years passed. She became old inside the room. Inside the room the little girl became old like an old woman with the room now filled with cobwebs and more dirt. Even her cloth became dirty as dark as charcoal. She could not do any work in the room in order for her to accuse the broom. And tell me how someone would search for her, when they said: he who loves to keep dirt for a long time in the house must be a wizard.

The little naughty girl rephrased it: I am not a boy so I cannot be a wizard. She stayed in the room until she became very old with all the dirt in the room, and tell me what would she become if she remains so?

The Merry Frog and The Elf

One day a merry frog met an elf while he was looking at a rainbow on top of the hill. The frog greeted the elf and wished to be friend with him. The frog asked the elf to wait for him outside his house while he went and bought some cooked delicious meal from his pot and served it to the elf.

The elf ate the food from the frog and was surprise that the frog could cook and prepare such delicious tasty meals. The fairly elf wondered how he could have more of the frog’s food so when the frog asked him where he lives he became cunny and turned back and pointed at the hill and said he lives beyond the rainbow in the green field, that if the frog wished to find him he should search for him beyond the rainbow at the hill. The frog and the elf shook hands together and as the elf left the frog still liked him and long to have his friendship with him once again.

So the next season when the rainbow was out the frog went up to the hill to cross beyond the rainbow at the hill, but as he got to the hill the rainbow was still not at reach. The more the frog tried to get close to the rainbow the more it moved on farther away from him. So the frog became tired and returned back to the hill. It was evening before he could reach to his house, the frog sat on top of the hill while the evening moon was out above the hill with the stars up in the sky he wondered and wished to see his fairy elf friend again. However, while he was out to search for the elf, the elf went to his house and ate all the food he cooked in his pot.

When the frog returned back to his house and checked his pot he discovered someone had eaten his food. He wondered who it may be that has eaten all the food, and said it may be a thief that came to his house while he went out.

Another season, the rainbow was out again at the hill, the frog still wished to see his elf friend and went out to search for him as he told him to do beyond the rainbow that he would find him in the green field after the rainbow on top of the hill. The frog tried again and searched he could not get across the rainbow to know where it stopped. The more he tried to get close to the rainbow it moved away from him. While he was out again the elf went and ate all the food he cooked in his house. After eating the frog’s food the elf came to the frog as he sat on top of the hill wondering about the him and the rainbow. The frog was surprise to see him.

You left your house to sit on the hill?’, the elf asked the frog replied, “I had wished for your sweet company and it had not been easy for me to get across the rainbow, to get to the green field where you said you live.”

The frog was very happy to see the elf.

Don’t worry next season, just wait for me on top of the hill. I will come and pick you up to my house. Remember just do as I have said.”the fairy elf said to the frog again.

The frog agreed and the elf left and went his ways. Alone the frog wondered it would not be wise for him to go up the hill again. So the next season when the rainbow appeared beyond the hill the frog decided not to go out anymore, but said to himself if his elf friend cared for him and liked him he would come to search for him in his house.

I have not seen him since he left”, the frog said. He made the elf his friend but didn’t know he had been the one eating his food when he was out. When the elf thought the frog had gone out again he tip-toed and walked inside the frog’s house, and went to the frog’s kitchen and opened his pot to eat his food. As he opened the pot to take from it the frog came inside his kitchen and caught him. The frog looked carefully at the elf and said to him, “I knew you would come to search for me, my good friend; but my pot; you are opening my pot?”

“Oh! Please come and give me a hand,” the elf said to the frog and pretended he was not trying to steal from his pot.

I saw a rat up the pot. I am not sure may be it has entered inside your pot. Please come and check by yourself before it runs away.’ the elf said.

Oh; my good friend you are a loving friend. Please come and sit with me at my sitting room”. The frog happily said to the elf with trust in him. But afraid the elf said to frog being that he had caught him as a thief in his house,

Oh! Don’t say that to me. You promised you will come and wait for me at the top of the hill. Well since you have decided already you can do as you like. I will not come to your house again I am leaving, I am sorry. I have to go now.” The elf could not bear to think of his bad behavior of having being caught by the frog while trying to open his pot. About to leave from the frog’s house, the frog knelt down and begged the elf to forgive him, he told the elf that he would do as he says next time, but the elf disturbed by his conscience broke up his relationship with the frog and left from the frog’s house.

As the elf left, the frog felt very lonely and still wished the elf’s company. There was nothing he could do to bring him back. So when the rainbow came out again the frog went up the hill and looked up the rainbow and began to sing:

Oh rainbow, rainbow

A new day have dawn

Oh, rainbow can I make a wish?

Oh, rainbow would you run away;

Oh rainbow, would you hear my wish?

As the frog on top of the hill sang so the rainbow came out more and glimmered more bright before the him. The frog sang again:

Beautiful rainbow, I wish,

Oh; I wish I could go beyond,

In the green field and see,

Oh how beautiful it could be.

As the frog wished the rainbow made him disappear and made him appear in the green field after the rainbow behind him. There was a lot more than in the frog’s house to eat. Wherever the frog turned to was filled with lovely things as he jumped about merrily in the green field.

The King of the Jungle

The jungle was without a king and one day all the animals decided to gather to decide on who would be their king. None of the animals was forbidden to say his mind as they were all allowed briefly to say their minds concerning the issue. When their issues was presented and the lizard was asked what he would do for the animals in the jungle if he should be appointed to be their king of the jungle, the lizard answered the other animals and said, “ I hardly become sick and likes to be on top of the trees”. To the lizard’s answered concerning the matter all the animals with him at the meeting in the forest said to him, “That will not do or add anything for us; you live on top of trees”. Then they decided to call the eagle to ask him what he can do for them if he should be made king of the jungle and the eagle answered and said to them, “I am the sharpest with the clearest view, I love to fly in the cloud, and in the sky I can watch over the jungle”, the eagle answered. And all the animals in the jungle including the lizard who gave his own answer before him said to him, “But that will not do anything for us”.

They called the lion and asked him the lion said, “I am brave, there is no animal in the jungle that can stand my roar. I can devour, I can kill, and can protect the jungle”. The animals to the lion’s issues said to him, “Well you are brave, and all the animals you can devour and eat, and still protect the jungle”. The animals asked the Chimpanzee and the Chimpanzee said, “ I so much look like a human being and could disguise and pretend to be like a man in the jungle, so that whenever they are about to enter the forest I will give a sign for us to chase them away unnoticed”. The animals said to him, “You look like a man and you are still in the forest with us. That will not add anything to help us”.

It got to the Elephants turn to present his issue and when all the animals asked him what was his plan concerning the jungle the Elephant meekly answered them and said, “I am planning against nothing, and cannot run as fast as other animals in the jungle; I like to be on my own. I want no trouble. If I need someone to make a trumpet I could with my trunk and would love to be as I am. I feed on nothing but the grass and fields”. All the animals in the jungle became glad for what he said and after his desire they all agreed and made the Elephant the King of the Jungle.

The Runner Boy

Once upon a time there was a boy who was a good runner. He ran up country as well in so many running competitions and won so many trophies on behalf of his community. The boy won assorted prizes awarded to him raised a pig farm for himself.

One day, while working in the pig farm the boy got his leg into a ditch in the farm and got his foot dislocated that he couldn’t get up by himself. He called for peoples help and they came and helped him out from the ditch. They took him to a bone doctor where he got his leg treated. After the boy’s leg with a small bruise healed the boy could no longer run as he use to do before. As well he had good friends who were gifted and talented as him. They all came to say sorry to him of his wounded leg and shared the stories of their own victories with the boy. Some who could lift a heavy weight and some who could box, and some who even became good in running as him. They visited him and brought many good items to the boy to say sorry to him. After his friend’s left the boy became unhappy in his heart. He remembered his old days when he could run. He could no longer walk steadily with his legs as he use to do before and was told by his friends that the next running competition was soon to kick off. So the boy looking at his wounded leg became very sad that he could not join them to run. Unhappy and feeling lonely the boy went and sat on a slab outside his family house close to the fence of their house. As he sat down wondering a pheasant flew by over the roof of the boy’s house. The boy looked up and noticed the bird as it landed before him. The boy looked astonished and surprise at the bird. It was rare to find one close.

The bird proudly made a few steps on the ground like it had been reluctant about the boy’s presence, but suddenly changed its steps with a more deliberate speed walked up the fence in front of the boy, going up to the top of the fence. The pheasant got to the top of the fence and then jumped down again from the fence and flew away.

The boy was surprised that the pheasant could do that, could walk so quickly by the fence wall. There have never been men do that before; perhaps a magician could, but it would be rare as the pheasant did.

When the boy’s friends visited him again, after chatting with them the boy put them to a test to try as the pheasant had done to walk up the fence without holding hands on the wall except with their foot. All his friends tried even the one that won the present year’s running competition prize tried but could not do as the bird did. They all failed. It was a really big challenge for all of them.

The boy who had a wound on his leg, though he did not tell his friends about the bird’s walk up the fence after the day of his request for his friends to try understood that very one had a hidden talent inside of them. A bird, a blind man or a man without hands there are things they could do which other cannot do. The boy from the pheasant took courage and understood there could be other useful things he could do which a lot of people cannot do.

The Big Animal's Dishonesty

We could share things in common andbe good friends to each other.,"The squirrel had said to his friend, the fox, as they spoke 
while he was inside a tree hole and the fox gladly below.

Both had agreed to be caring to each other, but one day the squirrel not minding his friend, the fox,asked him to help watch over his little ones in the hole,so he could go out and buy something for everyone to eat.
The fox agreed but as the squirrel embarked  upon his way,the cunning fox climbed the tree where the little squirrels where left safe and ate them up and ran away.
The squirrel came back with the thing he bought,he discovered that the fox has eaten up his little ones and had been dishonest to him.This made all the small animals in the forest to hold an urgent meeting.In their meeting they discussed and agreed among themselves that they will be no longer be friendly with the big animals.When they see any coming closer they would flee and run and hide.
This made the bigger animals starve for sometime for the little animals were no longer friendly,and it was hard for them to find their meals as before.
All the bigger animals of hunger, called for an urgent meeting to hold among them,the lion was present,the bear,the leopard,and many of them.They agreed and decided since the smaller animals were no where to be found,that anyone finds any animal smaller than him or her self could feed on the fellow.As they agreed on this,the leopard furiously caught one of them smaller than himself and torn fellow apart.
The fox noticed this and ran for his life for many of them were bigger than him.He screamed shouting for help,the little squirrels peeped out from their holes and saw it was him, and could not help him.
It was such a pity that the big lion caught him and ate him.
The Young Prince and the Seven Kisses

Once upon a time there was a very rich handsome young prince that came across a very charming beautiful young lady.

The young handsome prince asked the charming beautiful lady if she would marry him and she said she would accept to marry him only If the young rich prince would accept that all he had would turn to hers, all his lands, his houses and all in his body. The young lady was too beautiful that the young prince swore he would marry her.

At the beautiful lady’s request the young prince wondered for a moment and said to her, “your wish is my command. I will do whatever you wish. All my property including all in my body will be yours, but except for one thing.”

And the young beautiful lady asked, “And what would that be?”

My eyes,” The prince said to her, “For I would need them to see and to know how beautiful you are”, the young prince answered.

Okay; your eyes will be yours, but every other part of your body will belong to me” The young beautiful lady said to the prince and agreed to marry him.

The young handsome prince because of her charming beauty agreed and soon they got married to each other and became husband and wife. Soon after their wedlock, if the young prince wants to go out and work as before to gather some more wealth the young beautiful wife would say to him, “But I think we have enough wealth already. You must stay and marry me in the house or I will go back to my parents house,” she would say and nag in the house.

If you want me to stay in the house, you must stay in the house as well with me and love me as your wife.”

Okay I will do as you have said. I will stay and love in the house, but that doesn’t stop me from doing other things!”, the young prince weird of his beautiful wife exclaimed, “I will need to be going out to get you some of the things you need.,” the young prince said to convince her, “we will need to eat and wear some nice good looking cloths; what do you think?” the young prince asked his wife and she said, “well that’s also a good idea. We will need all the wears”.

The young prince being an industrious young man went out again and turned to his own though to search for other things he needed. He found a big bird laying some golden eggs in a nest and caught the bird. He took the bird home and showed it to his wife.

Sweetheart I have caught a big bird,” the young prince said to his dear wife.

It lays golden eggs; imagine how rich we would become if it laid more eggs for us,” the young prince held the big bird said to his wife. His wife sighed and said to him, “What with birds golden eggs; when we have made all the riches we need. We don’t need to work anymore neither we need the birds eggs. I would rather let her be caged, and use her to decorate our house.” The wife replied.

The young prince stunned at her gaze replied, “Well you can do as you wish,” and sadly left her with the bird and left from the house.

Seated beside a tree, in an orchard wondering alone, the young prince saw another beautiful young lady on a maiden dress with apron tied around her waist.

She had a basket full of flowers in her hand. The prince perceived the scent of the flowers and got up to his feet and approached the young lady. He lacked words to speak to her.

The young lady knowing him well said to him “You must be the prince that lives in the brown house; are you?” the lady with the flower basket asked the young handsome prince.

I am.” The prince wakefully answered.

But how did you know I’m the prince?” he asked the young lady and she replied, “I guessed as well, my good prince. Why have you been here to meet a poor maid like me? Is there anything, you need my prince, anything I can do for you?” the beautiful maid asked the young-handsome weary-looking-prince.

Oh! nothing really. Is just that I need a maid to help my wife with the domestic works in my house?”.

if you like me to, so glad I would be; if your wife would permit me. I will be at your service, my good prince.,” the beautiful maid with her flower basket said to the prince. The prince happily discussed with her and went back home to his wife and said to her, “Honey, you complained about the house work. I have found a maid.” And his wife asked him, “A male or a female; a young man, Oh! would do well in the house.”

The prince stunned again at her gaze said to her, “A young man as a maid in my house!,” and she replied, “And a young maiden as you will. Whoever it must be must be mine; and would do as I wish.”

The prince surprised at her heart desire became speechless and felt bitter in his heart. He still liked the lady with the flower basket because of his wife’s creed. For some time alone he wondered about what to do to have the young maid. He came up with an idea as his wife had wanted all to be her own alone. He had known a very fine big castle bigger that the house where they were living in, far beyond a bridge after a river close to the white castle. The castle was very very beautiful looking at it from the outside, but the inside was disastrous and had been habited by a wicked monster. So people feared to be close to the castle because of the monster living inside the castle.

The prince at the remembrance of the white castle quickly went back home to his wife and said to her, “Sweetheart, I have found a beautiful castle beyond the bridge. A very big white castle that has so many maids inside it. I have bought the castle. What do you think?”

His wife surprise robbed her eyes, excited after all her husband could own a big white castle, but didn’t know a monster was living inside the castle. Unkind as she had being she brightened up her face and said to the prince, her husband, with a warning voice, “ you will have to show me the castle. Then I will give you seven kisses more than I have ever given you before.”

Then –,” the prince interposed and asked.

Then you will show me the white castle. I will take it while you will take the one we are living in.” she said to her husband. The prince knowing how unkind she had been agreed with her. Like she promised she gave the prince seven wonderful surprising kisses like she had never done before. And the prince took her with him and they set off to the big white castle beyond the bridge, after the river. They walked a long way and got to the bridge close to the river beneath. Very far away the prince pointed at the white castle and said to his wife, “That’s the beautiful castle I bought; if you will change your mind let me have it while you can own the one we have been living in? ” He knew she would not accept.

His wife looked at the outside of the castle, it looked very beautiful and more attractive than the one they have been living in. she turned and said to her husband, “No. I will take the new castle. The one we are living in will be yours.”

So stupidly she said to her young husband “As you can see, is a big castle, isn’t it?,” and the young prince replied, “Yes it is.”

You must go back now.” the beautiful wife said to her young husband, “The castle will be protected. I can go by myself,” she said and ordered her husband to go back.

The young prince still confined in the old house. On his princely cloth he shook his head of his wife’s creed and turned back and didn’t care anymore. He wished the monster inside the castle would catch and devour her so he could marry the maiden with the flower basket.

The prince wife set well her face and even wished, if she met the huge guards inside the castle that they would become her servants and concubines. With her face raised high like a queen she walked majestically before the castle, but at the gate saw no one. She opened the castle gate and walked into the castle surrounding. She liked the surrounding with beautiful flowers and tiled walk path. She opened the castle door and walked inside.

As she stood and called out, “Where are the guards!” as if the castle belongs to her, the monster in the castle came out and caught her. The monster swore he would kill her if she would not tell him what gave her the guts to step into his castle.

Is my husband. Boo-hoo!,” she cried, “My husband said the castle belongs to him.”

My own castle belongs to your husband!” the monster groaned to devour her, but changed his mind and said to her, “You are a woman. I will better deal with that monster you call your husband. If he has seven heads, go and tell him I said, he should come to me then he would see. Now run away from my castle.” The monster groaned bitterly and let her go. She cried and ran out of the castle. She cried and ran afraid through the forest and passed the bridge and the river looking back and front in fear. Luckily she came back crying and weeping before the young prince.

Boo-hoo! boo-hoo!” she wept and knelt down before her husband.

What is it!” the young prince asked her to know what had happened with her and the monster.

The castle.” She said and cried, “Boo-hoo! boo-hoo!”

What about the castle?” her husband asked.

There is a monster. A monster caught me inside the castle.” the beautiful wife said to the prince.

A monster!” the prince pretended like he never knew, “I will go out and kill the monster,” he said to know if his wife cared for his own life.

Oh! please don’t go my dear husband. I love you my husband. I don’t want the monster to kill you.”

The prince mind immediately changed about her. He became surprise that his wife still loved and cared for his life. For the first time she knelt down and begged before him. The prince regretted to have thought so badly about her. He pitied her and said to his young beautiful wife, “Well from now onward, we will share all we have together , my lovely wife. But there is one thing-,” the prince wished, “My seven kisses I will always need them.”

His wife hugged him and embraced him and kissed him more than ever before.

And so after they lived happily ever after as husband and wife and shared all they had together as husband and wife.

The Lost Treasure

Musa was a wretched man. He dug sand for sale to manage his life. He has no real business; he was a paddy who dwelt without a particular house to call his own. He was wretched to the extent that nobody cared for his needs in the community. He lived with his friend in one room which both of them contributed money to rent. But one thing about Musa was that he was a honest man who never cheated people or planned against anyone in the community. He was a good man but had no much to present to show his good heart and honesty. Every young lady he tried to talk to in the community disliked him. “I wish I will have opportunity to show my kindness to this community. I believe one day things will change for me” he said to himself alone.

One day as he was digging the ground and pounding in his heart of his hardship, he got to an inch in the ground and discovered a box in the ground. The box was looking old and dusty, and on the sides there was nothing written on it. Musa tried to pull the box from the ground but it was heavy. He looked around but there was no one around. He tried more hard and pulled out the box from the ground and dusted the sand on it. He didn’t know what was inside so he decided to open it. When he opened the box he found some treasures inside. The box was filled with gold and precious jewelries inside it. At the discovery Musa turned and looked around again to see if there was someone coming but there was no one. So he quickly lifted the box and took it home to where he lived with his friend. When he got to the house his friend was not yet back from his own work so he kept the box one side in the room and waited for his friend to come back. He waited for his friend until he came back. “Bugun I’ve found a box, a box filled with treasures. I don’t know what to do with it. Would you like to see it?”, he asked his friend Bugun. “Ah! A treasure box, let me see?” his friend demanded anxiously. Musa went and brought the box from where he hid it and showed it to his friend. His friend became surprised. “Oh God has blessed us with riches. What do you think we should do with it. We will look for someone to buy it from us”, Bugun said to Musa. “I think so too, but I feel we should keep it and let it rest then we can decide on what to do with it’ Musa insisted.

Bugun mostly wishes that no one would see the box before they sell it off except both of them. It was the same with Musa in his mind, but he later changed his mind to show it to the people in the community without telling his friend because he sensed his friend might want to kill him and run away with the treasure to an unknown place. So throughout the night Musa kept awake because of the so much treasure with him. In the morning after waking up from sleep his friend discussed with him again and reminded him that they would have to sell the treasure that he would help Musa find someone who will buy the treasure from them. His friend left with anticipation in mind but Musa didn’t support him. “Good! We will sell it, it belong to us. What will I do now”, Musa said in his mind. Quickly he carried the box and took it to one of the elders in the community who he had supplied sand to before for the raising of his house. When he showed the treasure box to the elder the elder told him he had done well and took him to their village chief palace. The village chief was a very wealthy man. He was a son to the former chief who was also their king. During king’s reign the treasure box got missing in his palace and after many search no one was able to find it. The king felt bitter because of the lost box and before he died he passed a will that whoever that found the box would marry one of his daughters and a house with a land would be given to them for their farming. When Musa and the elder got to the wealthy Chief’s house and narrated how the box was found, the chief immediately recognized it was his late father’s treasure box which have been missing. He opened it to be sure of what was inside because his father had said before he died that he left his precious ring inside the box. The chief had the same ring with his father and as he checked inside the box he found his father’s ring inside it. When he matched it with his own ring it was the same. It made the present chief become so happy that he called all the elders in the community and told of Musa’s kindness to him. The elders on receiving the good news became happy also for their late king’s treasure box which has been found. The present chief now brought out his late father’s will and read it to the hearing of all the elders in the community. And as his late father’s wish he gave one of his beautiful daughters to Musa to marry and also gave him a house and a land for their farming. Musa’s honesty brought favour to him and made him a member of the royal family and an in-law to the community chief who later became the king to the community.


Once upon a time a fisher man whos name was Dunsey wished he would catch a very big fish in his boat. He had thrown his hook into the water rolling it back hoping he would catch a big fish but had not succeeded .He caught the small fishes he felt they would not say quite well of him, and so he tried more and more catching at the sea shore in his boat and throwing away back into the sea.

Now, for the first time in his life, Dunsey threw his fishing hook into the water and caught 6 six fishes at the same time. He drew his hook out and they looked needless to him. Though he had pierced the fishes with his hook he said,

O Dunsey won’t be a dealer of shrimps.” Hethrow his fishing hook once more into the water which he had hope to catch a shark or something more, subsisting quite aloof a big mackerel got into his hook. As he rolled up his hook, it felt heavy and he looked a little pleased as if he had known it would be the shark. He saw the fish it was not a shark but a smaller than a shark, bigger than a mackerel.Dunseyunclingedthe fish and set it in his boat while it twisted it body inside his wooden tub. Dunsey was glad he had caught the fish.Probably, inside the sea there were more of the same size of fish, he could catch that would yield him some money if he sold them so Dunsey cast back his hook more in the desire to have some more bigger fishes to sell. Some well-knit as they twisted as he caught them a little smaller than the mackerel he threw them back into the sea and outlined the bigger ones between the wooden tub he put the bigger fishes in. when he had caught enough it would be greed to eat all the fishes alone. So Dunsey asked the sea men passing by if they would buy the fishes and the men had appetites for the fishes at their leisure desired for the fishes and gave Dunsey some pieces of gold in exchange for them.

At one time people passing said Dunsey was a good fisherman though each time he caught a small fish he threw them back into the sea.

Oh, no, they won’t need it, with small fishes. I might get you turned out soon, my shark.”

Many of the mackerel sizes had been pierced and thrown back into the sea. Assuredly, in the boat at the middle of the sea; Dunsey thanks to his natives, thought he could get the bigger fishes at the middle of the sea. It seemed like those lucky hours when at the sea shore he had caught some bigger ones but still aimed for the shark. As he continued the resource occurred to him as so easy he felt a heavy weight draw his rolling hook. Dunsey was quite sure that it would be a very big fish; perhaps a shark that he might have all his satisfaction at once. But there the hook had cling on a whales gill and as the whale turned about the little scratches on his scale his weight shakedDunsey on the boat. And as he held and tried to pull out the hook at the middle of the sea in his boast the weight of the whale as he moved dragged him off from his boat and he fall into the water.

Dunsey could swim a little and sought his way out from the depth of the water, he saw it had been a giant whale clinged with his hook. A whale which would have eaten him up. He sort his way out from the water, drenched with water and disappointed.And so better with little by little to make up the full dream.

 The Robin And The Raven

No bird in the forest was as gentle and good looking as the robin, but one day a raven passing by came close to the robin’s nest and began to say as it seemed to him the robin looked both weak and ugly to him.

You are the only bird that likes hiding in the nest, and have been good in feeling like a wise bird like I; yet you cannot do so many things I can do. Don’t you see other birds when they flock together in sky and prove to be as wise and stronger as I am?” The dark raven said to the innocent looking robin in his nest.

But I am in my nest and knows what is best for me,” The innocent robin bewildered replied to the raven.

I know that’s what you will say and that’s because you are a weaker bird, and not as wise and strong as I am.,” the raven said to robin and walked proudly along the tree branch where it perched and flew away.

Another day, the robin bent to eat a pebble worm from the ground and there was the raven perched close by wondering at the innocent robin.

Careful old bird, how you feed with these little things. There you go again,” he said to robin, “there you are, what other things can you do? You can’t even be helpful to yourself to seek for another bird to marry, shameless old bird; sorry! I am going away!” the raven without any offence from the innocent robin grievous said to him and flew away again.

The innocent robin wondering thought about what the raven had said to him and said, “Well, why not; I think I should seek for a good lover to marry.”

The Robin have not come across a mirror before, but as he was flying by a house he came across a mirrored window pane. And as he flew pass the house he noticed, the image of a bird that looks like him on the window pane. As the Robin noticed the image there was a great rush in his heart and on his feet as he turned back and perched close by the window pane. As he hopped close to the image the image hopped as well becoming closer to him. As if he had called the image he was surprise how the image did all he did. The robin smiled at the image and it smiled back at him.

Be my friend?,” the robin went close to the window pane and said to his image he thought to be Lady, and as he said his image replied gently back what he said to him, “Be my friend?,” his image replied with the same request.

You are a beautiful bird; the most gentle and quiet I have ever seen.” The robin thought his image would shun him but quickly and politely it replied as he said.

The robin flew away and went and cut a fine leaf and brought it to his image and the image returned at the window pane with its leaf and did the same as the robin did. It looked very passionate to the robin, the image’s attitude touched the poor robin that he said, “This is my kind of bird I wish you will marry me. Marry me beautiful bird?,” The Robin clasps his wings and touched the glass and quickly the image silently did as he could. With the thought of courage the robin went back and quickly returned back again hitting the window pane to get across it. But his weight was very light. He tried many times and could not break into the glass.

Oh if you could be my friend; you are the best image I have ever since!,” the robin said and perched close by the window pane.

Just then the raven was passing by and saw the robin looking unhappy by the window pane. Hoping to curse the robin again the raven swooped down with his wings and asked the robin what was his problem. The robin told him and the raven laughed and nearly fainted with laughter. He said to the little robin, “I think I have told you before, you are not as wise as I am. You are a weaker bird. Just hold on I will open the window pane.”

The raven went back and returned with a hit at the window pane. He now saw no longer the robin’s image but his own image as he looked. His image looked saucy to him;

I will deal with this image, he looks so saucy at me.” The raven said. As the raven said so the robin felt bad thinking he was referring to his own image and gently walked away. However, the raven continued to hit at the window glass, and every saucy word he said his image returned it back to him. He kept on with the great rumbling at his saucy image at the window pane. He looked sad at his saucy image. Is a pity that the raven lost his wit hitting more hard on the window the owner of the house opened his window and there was the saucy raven returning with speed to it at his glass. The man caught the raven by it’s wings. The raven crowed, and struggled, flapping mightily with its wings, but could not get away from the man’s hand. So it seems as he could do; the man put him in a cage. In the cage the raven cried, “Had I known I would not have done as I have done. Oh what would I do now!,” he cried in the cage.

The Button’s Pie

It was becoming difficult for the sheep kid to move out from the fold. Dave was worried about his friend Maugreen. He was Maugreen’s close friend, one of the busy bees. Whenever they wanted to play Dave would leave the fold with a modest gesture to play at the height with the bee where ever he went. His dearest friend could sing very well meddling around the little kid above his feet. And there was Mr. Button, a crooked man, who unaware captured people and baked for pie in his carpentry workshop.

One day Dave and Maugreen in their play came across his wooden yard and decided to check and know who owns the workshop. The red-cheek Mr. Button made furniture’s and was not in the workshop. He went out to gather some carpentry woods. Dave and Maugreen walked inside the workshop but soon Mr. Button returned back and suspected someone had entered inside his carpentry workshop.

Let’s run, he has a mask!”Dave said to Maugreen.The Mr. Button heard their voice as they made to run he slammed his door and caught Maugreen. He caught Maugreen and put him in his cage. He had other prisoners in cage whom had planned bake into pie. He put them in the cage and locked them up.

Dave thelttlei bee before Mr. Button caught Maugreen was fast, quickly hid by the shadows without making any sound. He saw the other prisoners. Mr. Button threaten use them to make some pies. He had killed first a cat and a rat and woven their skin spreading them on his wires in the pumping heat while the prisoners screamed in the cell. Eventually there was a human boy Kanato in the cell who had been missing from his parent’s house of since. Around the shady garden when he wants to check some plumy fruit in the garden Mr. Button kidnapped him also. The boy with the other prisoner’s who Mr. Button kidnapped wondered on what to do.

The little bee Maugreen came out from where he was hiding and flew back to their hive and told the buzzing bees at their hive what Mr. Button had planned to do with the entire prisoner. All the other bees at the hive turned buzzing in the air with Maugreentowards Mr. Buttons carpentry workshop.

Now I’ve eaten so much pie, I can now take some rest”, Mr. Button glared his eyes in the open before trying to sleep. As he looked away he saw the bees approaching and wiped his eyes twice to be sure of what he was seeing, and to his surprise it was the bees coming after him. Immediately he ran in fear inside his workshopand took his hammer and flung it against the buzzing bees humming in the air above his head. One of the bees perched on his head and as flinged his hammer he missed and hit his hammer on his head. The bees chased him and stung him on different parts of his body as he continued to scream on top of his voice. He fell inside his glue tub and got stuck inside it with his buttocks.

the bees helped the prisoners and set both them andKanato free from Mr. Buttons hand.

The people in the neighborhood came and saw Mr. Button on the crisp sheet of glue and tied him up the court at Brooklem where they passed judgment on him and put him in a guarded cell.

Polar Red Tigers

Once upon a time in the fairy magic land, there was a fantastic singing that children got use to the songs with their voices crowded the city. Time and time again the old people in the city repeated the songs and bet their children would do pretty well with them. So the children attended to the songs class but some as well played with song learning..

Lady Polar was the children grammar teacher who speaks about their language very fluently. She tried to teach the children in the most pleasant way, a good number of words to see if the children will continue to love the songs, but the children played with the songs and didn’t care to pay much attention to her lessons in class. So lady Polar because it became annoyed, and dotted her cheek with her make-up-kit and left from her classroom. When she after toiling in the town being annoyed because of the children disobedience later got back home in the day she packed all her things with her magic stick, and put them inside her magic box travelled out of town.

What else could ma polar do as the children could not pay attention and didn’t care to sing the songs properly? She parted more to many tropics with her magic box and what went 10 feet down lawn-mowers and snow blowers town. There she settled there a long time in her trip across the town. She stayed long so that no one would interfere with anything about her. Even the children she left started complaining badly to their parents at home of her not coming to class any more. “So we can’t interfere; might we explain to ourselves what she might be doing where she is?.” “She might have been killed ended-up with the dead,” another child said. The children became worried of her missing and more likely to be challenged by other pupils in other music schools with their own songs. Because they didn’t know which direction to follow anymore, the best way for them became the singing the more if that Lady Polar would come back to them. So much the while, their voices in search of Lady Polar reached to other towns and cities in search of her. Searching for her the children referred to all city works bringing plumbers, carpenters, engineers , and other work men to extend their shelf provided that the windows will be airy enough for them to sit and sing waiting for Lady Polar’s return..

You can interfere with me”, Lady Polar would say to the tropics, “Is a secret we must be told not to tell or they will chase us all away.” So she took many tropic wild people in, restricted them from revealing they know the penalties if they default she tells them to do. She minded her offers, with the tropics, however, the very words she says basically resaid became a magic stick and turned the tropics to Polar red tigers that when one became rudely or claim to be dummy to respond the stick would turn to a heavy big stick hitting them on their heads. So little Polar red tiger of health risk became afraid of Polar magic words and because of it decided to sneak out from her class. Though not so far away he found the magic stairs from where Lady Polar came from to their own city. At the door he saw inscribed in another fairy word, “come back Polar”. It was the children singing for over years so little Polar red tiger got interested in the song and started humming to the tune, singing and jumping up the stairs going to the city how well he knew that he would soon gain some relief that, Ma Polar would come to leave them soon. So when he danced and danced and got the city and the children ma polar left saw him they became afraid, and wanted to chase him away. But little Polar tiger refused to go away, but growled and playfully jumped around the whole place making the children become afraid. He was a harmless little tiger so the children went and brought a stick and hit him on his head. Still he could not harm them but growled the more playfully at Ma Polar’s students.

The children brought a rope and tiedlittle polar tiger up. They playfully dragged him bravely singing victoriously up to their school magic stairs. Whether you know which one was pretty; the magic stairs changed the children to Polar tigers and the little Polar dare to a child like the children. And as they dragged him more from inside the building they made by themselves, the shelf-house began to shake and fell down and crashed on the dusty ground with the little child together with the other children inside the shelf-house on the ground. The bang was so hard and loud that the boom of dust with the sound reached to old Lady Polar’s ears who now decided to come back in search of the children with her magic stick.

Ma Polar came back with her magic stick and pitifully turned all the children back to wonderful lovely children.

The children apologized to Ma Polar with the tropic boy, they all with Ma Polar sang happily thereafter and learnt theirlessons .

The Dog Cob

Once upon a time a little dog was lost in the forest then he couldn’t find his way back to his family. As he was walking into the forest he met fox and inquired from the fox, “Please dare cob I am searching for my way back home. You look like one of my cousin. Please can you help me find my way back to my family?”.

The fox looks like a dog but is not a dog. So the fox said to him, “Well dare I am not sure but I will allow you to stay with me for a while in the forest until you find your way back to your family”. The little puppy agreed with the fox to stay with him, but all the while the puppy stayed with the fox, when the fox wanted to go out and hunt he would not care to call the little puppy, and when he brought back home some food he starved the little puppy. So the little puppy because it decided to leave the fox in the forest. The little puppy continued with his walk in the forest. As he walked in forest he met a wolf. A wolf also looks like a dog but is not a dog. So the little puppy thinking somehow the wolf also related to his family said to the wolf, “Please dare, I am lost in the forest. Please can you help me find my way home?”, he said to wolf. The wolf being tired from the days walk in the forest after hunting and could not find meat reluctantly said to him, “Well dare you can stay; you can stay. I will help you”. For some days the little puppy decided to lodge in the wolf’s hut, but all the time the wolf got angry with him and made to hit him. So the little puppy out of the wolf’s temper left his hut in the forest and continued with his walk again. As the little puppy was walking again in the forest he suddenly met some hyenas. Hyenas looks like dogs, but they are not really dogs, and could hurt someone when you meet them alone in the forest. Looking at the hyenas, the puppy walked closed to them and humbly said to them, “You look like my uncles; are you? Please I need your help I am lost in the forest”. Instead of the hyenas to pay attention to the little puppy, they laughed stupidly at him. So the little dog because of their behaviour and his experience with them in the cold forest left from the forest. Later, he got to a man’s yard. The yard had ranches were oxen and horses where kept properly being fed by their owner. The puppy walked quietly and passed the ranch to the man’s door close the ranch at the front of the yard. At the man’s door the little dog barked. When he barked for awhile with his little voice at the man’s door, the man unbolted his door and opened it, and saw the little puppy in front of his door still barking at him. The man did not understand his language but thought rightly that the little dog was lost and had been hungry for days. So the man went back into his house and brought a small dry bone from his cardboard and threw it at the little dog to see what he could do with it. Immediately the little dog rushed the bone and started licking it with his tongue. He braked a little happily at bone for the man’s little offer and began to wag his tail jumping up and down round the man. Because the dog was glad for just the little bone, the man went back in his house again and brought delicious meals in a clean plate and served it to the little dog. And so on becoming friendly and humble to the man, the man kept the little dog and fed himwell in his house and allowed him to stay and watch over his house whenever he is not around.

The Lesser Hurts

The land of Bettermort, filled with so many treasures and riches, with beautiful trees and flowers was ruled by King Arnold. King Arnold and his queen ruled for many years in the land of Better mort. The king was kind hearted and generous to his people.

At the king’s old age he liked to be surrounded by many guards and cared so much for his wealth and treasures. He was often to be found in the company of his guards whenever he was afraid. His guards gave him confidence and assurance that they could safe guard him in his palace. One day, King Arnold was sitted on his throne a very tall and huge warrior whose name was Tarbout walked into his palace with a sword and a shield in his hand. No one in Bettermort had been so tall like a giant as Tarbout looked. He was very huge and tall, there had never been a man from Bettermort as tall as he was. He looked like a giant and presented himself to King Arnold with his sword and shield. He said to King Arnold in the afternoon when everywhere was calm, “I have come to challenge you. And I have come to prove to you that you are not a wise king”, he said to King Arnold. King Arnold looked at him and knew he could do so much more than Tarbout had said to him. King Arnold was sitted on his throne and his guards looked afraid at how huge and tall Tarbout was. They jointly wanted to pounce on Tarbout to subdue him to the ground before King Arnold, but King Arnold waved his hand that they should not. Looking annoyed sitted on his throne he asked Tarbout, “you said you have come for nothing else but to defeat me and subdue my people before me”, he asked Tarbout and he replied yes. Tarbout have challenged so many other lands and had defeated the owners of the lands each time by his orders. So he said to King Arnold, “I can see you have able men”, looking at the huge guards in the palace though they were not as tall and huge as him.

Is there any of them who can fight me?”, Tarbout with his sword and shield boldly asked King Arnold who was with his guards in his palace. King Arnold did not know what to answer him immediately, but said to Tarbout who was already laughing at them in the palace. “But my people are not troublesome people to engage in a fight for nothing. What exactly is it that you want?”, King Arnold asked and Tarbout not minding him on the throne said, “If you are that strong then let twenty of your strong men come out and battle me. And if I defeat them all in your presence, you shall submit your land to me, all your people including you (yourself)”, pointing his long sword at King Arnold, “will become my servants”. Tarbout’s challenge was too degrading to King Arnold so he decided and first sent out one of his strongest guard to fight Tarbout. Both warriors stood with their swords and shield, but immediately they made to battle each other with a fling of sword Tarbout slayed King Arnold’s guard. Because of the first defeat King Arnold agreed and assembled twenty of his other strong men. There was not quite a difference with them in height with the first guard who was defeated. They were all tall and huge except that Tarbout looked more like a gaint. No human being could have reached his height. He was in temper to defeat the twenty men and as the battle began he fought and defeated them all before King Arnold in the palace. King Arnold could not believe his eyes. He heard with attention the words from Tarbout how he would kill more of his people if he do not submit his throne to him. So the same day, King Arnold caring for people’s lives submitted his throne to Tarbout and all his people including himself became servant to Tarbout, the giant warrior.

After the defeat of the twenty men all the people of Bettermort became servants to Tarbout and he marginalized them. King Arnold thus driven out of his throne wondered all the time and was worried without knowing what to do. He worked with his people on servants cloth in his palace and served Tarbout the giant warrior who was now sitted on his throne. King Arnold very day became more worried and was heartbroken. One day he took up a stand to ask Tarbout about his people’s futurity though he never gave him the chance and never had the strength to stand against his will.

I know that while you are pleased with yourself with the things in our land. Sorry! In your land”, he was afraid that Tarbout might hit him, “you should also think of us as your own servants and people”, he mindfully and carefully said to Tarbout who was sitted on his throne enjoying himself. Every night Tarbout oppressed his women and choosed any one he liked by force. How fortunate King Arnold’s wife who was his queen had escaped luckily and went on exile after her husband was dethroned. She struggled furiously and had escaped to another land. During all that time Tarbout was still not satisfied with all the things he took forcefully from the people. He afterward caused more trouble and made King Arnold his personal inquisitor on other lands. Tarbout knew that he could not have more kindness and attention drawn to him except by doing by force, and in hope King Arnold prayed that one day he might be defeated. He trembled as a subject before Tarbout on his throne. What could he do, if he could defeat twenty of his strong men. Bitterly King Arnold prayed to the sun, to the wind and powers of the sea if they could hear and save his land from the hand of Tarbout, the wicked giant.

Tarbout never sympathized with the people of Bettermort when they starved and died of hunger of his maltreatment and torture on them. But King Arnold did, when he saw them suffering though he was an old king he prayed in his heart and wept for his people like a child in secret whenever he was alone. He journeyed across to other lands, passing many hills and mountains to enquire on other lands like a slave by the order of Tarbout so that he would not kill him. No one could conceive the anguish he suffered in his heart during the cold experience. He directed his steps towards the cities and resolved to remain silent before Tarbout each time he stood in his presence, when he had reported about any progress to him about other lands who were progressing. While he was thus engaged, Tarbout gave him another name. He called him” Old man” notwithstanding all the evidence that King Arnold had been old king.

Once King Arnold had reported to Tarbout about a land progressing sleep fled from Tarbout’s eyes; he always wandered like an evil being for he had committed so many deeds of mischief. At all these moments when he went to the progressing lands to battle them each time he defeated them and came back safely without any guards protecting him. He always fought the people alone and came back alone with all the things he seized from the people he defeated. King Arnold alone in secret wept bitterly and wished that peace would revisit his mind only that he might afford the people consolation and apologies for all their lost.

Why does man boast of sensibility when he does not care and show respect to his fellow men”, King Arnold thought aside alone while he watched Tarbout challenge another innocent man in another land. His rage was without bounds. Tarbout sprang on the man, as if he was innocent he said to the innocent man who had many horses in his ranch, “I want all your horses to be mine”, he said with great curiosity been pensive but on the appearance of a mad man and a thief though with his sword and shield. The man who owns the horses said to him, “you must be a stranger as you speak. Where are you from?”, the man angrily asked Tarbout while he stood with Old King Arnold before the man’s ranch. “I could mention innumerable places and then could still take your place”, Tarbout wickedly said to the man. King Arnold could perceive often endeavored not to speak nor support him. He folded his arms and kept silent in their presence. He imagined that more people would rush and subdue Tarbout immediately. Men who before this change could make it happen were no were to be found, Tarbout was looking huge and tall like a giant. As the owner of the ranch tried to claim his right Tarbout forcefully seized him by his two hands and while the man shouted no one came out for his rescue. After tying the man with a rope both on his hands and legs Tarbout took three of his horses and left.

God I do not want to undertake in this kind of task anymore”, King Arnold said aside bitterly in his heart. Barely one month his people were not been fed well though the proceeds from the land was labored by them. The sun scorched his people and sometimes heavy rain fell on them while they worked ceaselessly in their farm-lands without being rewarded accordingly by Tarbout, the wicked warrior. Tarbout took all their farm products and was always at rest and enjoying at their own expense. The people trembled violently and prayed in the dreadful misfortune. Many escaped like the queen and went to other lands. Another day, King Arnold decided to ask Tarbout again, “when shall we be free from your hand?”. For a moment Tarbout looked at him and gazed with despair on what he was thinking in his heart that gave him the mind to ask him. Tarbout stood up from his throne and grasped King Arnold’s throat. He griped him with his hands on his neck pressing him and shaking King Arnold’s head making him breath uneasily. King Arnold coughed and almost got choked by his grip.

You are a wicked man”, Tarbout said to King Arnold while he griped him on his neck, “so you want me to become miserable; is that what you are planning!”, he shook King Arnold’s head as he held him by his neck. Inspite of the fiendish rage animated in Tarbout against King Arnold he could not fight him at all but looked miserable sweating from his head of Tarbout’s grip on his neck haunted by the curse that shut his mouth up and made him plead all the time for Tarbout to release him and his people.

Tarbout’s wicked plots left Bettermort with a bad name and people no longer visited the people like they use to before. Even if the people were to leave to another land to live people hated them because of the news of how Tarbout managed things in the land. Tarbout kept a close eye on the people. He held the keys to the treasure store where he heaped most of the forcefully seized things which he took from many people. He kept his eyes open and sometimes slept on King Arnold’s throne instead of going to his bed because of his wicked thought and heart.

A night after he has slept with so many women he was drunk with a bottle of wine. No one had ever seen him stagger before. Not even ten hefty strong men could make him stagger. Tarbout held the bottle of wine being drunk and did know which way that led to his room. He staggered, walked, paused a bit and staggered again. While he staggered his bunch of keys fell off from his pocket without his notice because he was unconscious and did not know all he was doing. He might have ordered where he wanted to go to. He stretched out his right hand holding the bottle of drink with his left hand seemly to detain the way by his senses instead he held at nothing and fell on the ground. He managed to get up again with the bottle of drink on the ground. He staggered again and fell down into a fit corner. There he slept over the night. Early in the morning he woke up from sleep and recollected he had been drunk. He searched for the bunch of keys in his warrior cloth but could not find it in his pockets nor close within where he was. If he had placed it somewhere carefully he would not have searched for it. He knew he was the one who misplaced the keys yet he called all the people inside the palace and asked them to start searching for the keys. He was fond of maltreating and punishing people because of his giant height and statue. The people searched all over the place but could not find the bunch of keys. Because of it Tarbout ordered that they should not be fed for three days. However, on a walk after cleaning the palace one of the young native of Better mort found the keys. He knew distinctively by the colour of the golden keys that it was the lost keys. He picked it up and returned it to King Arnold instead of to Tarbout so that he will not accuse him falsely and hit him for the lose. King Arnold thanked the young boy and when he sensed that Tarbout was deep at sleep he went to his wardrobe were he hanged his warrior cloths and put the keys into one of his warrior-cloth-pocket in the wardrobe. Tarbourt woken up from sleep later checking his cloths in the wardrobe found the lost keys inside his pocket. He regretted why he starved the people and said, “Truly no one has robbed me. I have been wrong by starving this people. Well, I did not misplace my keys. I have been mindful in my placement”, he said as if he had been mindful and caring like King Arnold who put back the keys into his pocket.

Tarbout after finding the keys still did not change in his wicked thought. He sat on King Arnold’s throne with his evil principles. He wanted all that was been harvested from the people’s farm to be counted, bags of rice, beans, fresh fruits, and livestock, he did not want anyone to miss on his account though he did not work and labour for them. The people always gave him details of their records without him listening to any ones instruction. He believed he knew everything and never communicated his plans with the people.

He had consequently decided to ride on one of the finest horse he seized from the people. The horse he selected was a fine horse, but Tarbout did not mind whether the horse had been fed for days. And did not care whether the horse needed some water to drink. He mounted on the horse back like it was a healthy horse and it belonged to him. With his big body weight he burdened the horse back as he hit him by the side for him to run fast. As he rid along the way to the storage barn were the people’s farm products were being stored soon the horse became very thirsty. Tarbout could not notice it as they ride along the way. The horse noticed a river close by the path and stopped like a most excellent creature. Tarbout did not know why he stopped and tried to direct him before the path, but the horse neighed stubbornly and refused to follow the way. The fine horse galloped while Tarbout sat on its back trying to control it. The horse galloped to the water at the river. There looking at the water and very thirsty he galloped the more and threw Tarbout into the river. Tarbout became wet with his warrior cloth on. Even if he were an innocent man, the horse was very thirsty and ought to see his owner been thrown into the river like a monster as he bent quietly drinking from the river.

While all that Tarbout was doing in Bettermort, and other places in another land where people lived a God called the God of height ruled people in the land. The God was kind and gentle hearted. He could make a man or a woman become tall or shorter than his or her height depending on what the person is thinking in his or her heart. The God could discern the human minds even without them speaking out their minds. The God watched with pity and compassion made innocent people to be taller, who one and all believed that if they continued in more good that they would become more taller and some shorter than they were each time they plot evil in their heart. So there were men and women whose heads could reach the height of a tall tree in the land when they are walking on foot on land. There were moments of rising and moments of getting short everyday in the land. Tarbout through the help of old King Arnold as his grand inquisitor made enquiries secretly on many lands, on any land that was heard to be prospering than him. Once he receives the message that there is progress in those lands and it may not be in his favour he would wickedly take his sword and shield and go out to battle and destroy things in that land. He was known to be very violent and notorious.

While everyone afraid was reciting his adventure, King Arnold as his old inquisitor heard about the land where the God of height ruled. He personally went to the land by himself and saw how the people in the land were very tall and some short. He wished the people could defeat Tarbout. The land was fertile also because the God of height made it so for the people.

After looking around and see all the tall people in the land King Arnold went back to Bettermort and informed Tarbout that there were a prospering land in some miles away from where they were. Tarbout like he use to do asked him where and how to reach to the land so he can go out and battle them with his sword and shield. King Arnold tried to calm him down and told him not to worry that they will go the next day. The next day King Arnold accompanied Tarbout as they set out to the land where the God of height ruled. They walked many miles away from Bettermort and reached the land. As they were entering the land where the God of height ruled, Tarbout and King Arnold saw some beautiful tall women. Tarbout have not seen such beautiful and tall women like that before. He became attracted by the women’s beauty while they watched them on entering into the land. Tarbout put so much interest in one of the women that he wanted to go and sieze her by force and take her with him back to Bettermort.

Oh, no!”, said he because of the beautiful women’s height who was taller than him “this must be a trick to discourage me from fighting for my right. This woman is too beautiful. And whatever good must be mine, is it not?”, he asked old King Arnold as he stood beside him with his sword and shield. Confounded and amazed at the woman’s height Tarbout decided to put his sword and shield aside to approach the beautiful tall woman like a gentle man. He handed over his sword and shield to King Arnold for him to hold for him. Then he walked up to the tall woman and said to her, “Woman you are too beautiful. I want you to be my woman, my own”, he said boldly touching his huge chest though they looked small before the beautiful lady, “I mean for myself!”, he said. The lady looked at him knowing she had thought of so much good than him for her to be taller than him. A woman only agrees to marry in the land when the man had thought so much good and is taller than the woman so the woman looked at Tarbout and told him roundly that he will not be her husband since he had not thought of more good than her. She told him before hand and it made Tarbout to become annoyed. Tarbout afraid of her height maliciously promised her openly that because she had sounded the way she had said to him that she will see what he would do.

When Tarbout considered what to do to the people in the land not minding the height of some who were taller than him in the land, the God of height in the sky and moving with invisible-blowing-wind watched him and laughed. The people in the land looked gentle and tall so Tarbout approached one who was of the same height with him. He said to the man, “I need your goat and sheep”, he habitually said wickedly to the man. “I cannot help you with them, moreover, you need to pay for one if you need them”, the man who owns the goat and sheep replied to him.

Now you will know me well!”, Tarbout said to the man seeing that he will not obey to grant him his request. He took the goat and sheep forcefully from the man and tied ropes on their necks and dragged them about while they bleat. While Tarbout was taking the goat and sheep and walking away with them the owner did not attack him, but pitied him as he was being reduced in height by the invisible power of the gentle God of height. The owner looked at Tarbout as a good-for-nothing sort of man and allowed him to go on with his plans.

Tarbout being not satisfied approached another innocent man who sells jewelries, golden ones. Tarbout approached him and said to the seller, “I want all your jewelries”, although he had no intension to pay for any. The seller smiled and said to him, “But why not ask for their prices first?”. “I do not need their prices, I go by my orders; all your jewelries I will have them”, he said and snatched the jewelries by force from the man. He had them seized forthwith the box and bade the seller forcefully that he should carry the jewelry box for him or he will hit him and he would fall down and die. Simply heard also the God of height watching them quickly reduced his height again. Now it looked that the seller might really get rid of Tarbout seeing his height had been reduced, but knowing the rules in the land he obliged willingly and carried the box for wicked Tarbout to the bush lush where he lodged with all the things he had already seized from the people in the land. At the bush lush he asked King Arnold to keep an eye on the things while he seized more things and returned. Returning back with the jewelry box, King Arnold saw Tarbout from afar but could not recognize who he was until he got closer to him. King Arnold was surprised and wanted to laugh at him with the box seeing now that his height had been reduced to a dwarf he said to him, “Upon my word, I think you are being judged. And I imagine a God have been watching you and had cast a spell on your height. I pray, that you should return all these you have heaped here to people who owns them”. Because King Arnold sounded like that the God of height seeing his heart spared him and allowed him with his old normal height. “I wish you will take to my advice” he continued to warn Tarbout seeing he could now beat him and Jack him up. Still Tarbout would not take to his advice. The God of height seeing how stubborn and rude he is said to him, “Be that as you wish, one thing comforts me. And that is good and justice”. The God of height cast a more spell on Tarbout’s height and he became even shorter than the box of jewelries which he had taken by force from the owner. King Arnold seeing how short he had become said to him, “As you do not see that you are becoming shorter each time with evil; I will show you.” He dragged Tarbout who now looks shorter than a dwarf. He jacked him up with his old big longer hands while Tarbout struggled and cried to be free from his bigger hands and legs. King Arnold took the jewelry box from him and poured out the jewelry inside it. He lifted Tarbout up and threw him inside the box and locked him up inside it while Tarbout cried. He carried Tarbout inside the box as his slave back to their own land. There all the innocent people Tarbout took their things forcefully from them came back and collected back their things from him. They laughed at Tarbout how small his wicked heart had made him become.

Marianne Ernest

Once upon a time there was a girl who was born deaf and dumb in a place called Newark. The name of the girl was Marianne. She could not speak nor could hear. She was deaf and dumb from her mother’s womb. Her father was a oligarch, a very wealthy man in Newark. But it became so that Marriane could not speak nor could hear.

Marianne grew up was a very humble and helping child to her parents. She had many maids to serve her in her father’s house, at the age of six but she would not allow them to do all things for her. Sometimes she did her room errands and kept it clean by herself. She was very beautiful and when visitors visited their house they imagined she could speak. Infact, there was a general feeling in the neighborhood about her that she would become a great child; only at look people imagined and thought, she was a respectful child and was humble but could not speak. At various houses where she visited with her parents, Marianne would stay alone and wished she could hear and speak like other children.

Perhaps she is – blor-blor;” some kid with the boy who they visited their house blushed at Marianne while in the house, sticking out his tongue that Marianne could not speak. Marianne walked quietly and swifted away from them. That day she left the boy’s house and went back to her own parents house though she had visited the boy’s family with her father and mother that day.

Where is Marianne?”, Marianne’s mother remembered and thought of her. They searched all around the house they could not find her anywhere around.. She had not spoken at least to say she was going back home alone, they search all over the house that if she had slip into a dark corner somewhere around the house, but still they could not find her anywhere around. She had been in the bad mood of the boys bluffing at her as possible was in her own parents house. Her parents rushed back to their own house and checked and there was Marianne weeping alone in her room.

What is it Marianne?”, her parents came close to her on her bed heart-broken almost weeping with her, she could not speak.

You left the house, you did not tell us?,” she couldn’t answer. It was a little fair for her parents that she was later found in her room weeping alone. If they had the bad luck that she had been lost it wouldn’t have been better for them. So they pleaded with her to forgive what they might have done wrong to her and pampered her.

We love you, Marianne; why don’t you stop the weeping and stop putting us in fear,” her mother sat close to her bed wept beside her on her bed.

Marianne never had a say of her own, but always waved her hand and saying sorry always to apologize. Sometimes she fled to the woods to sit alone and no one would know whither she went, except alone she would say she was praying alone. She had once or twice did the same, which forbid her meals. She went behind a tall oak tree in the wood, clustered with other trees she began to cry and pray in her heart if God could make her hear and speak. She laid quite away from her parents house for a while and prayed beside the tree.

She was not utterly all that forsaken by her parents, her parents still loved her very much. Even more at the age of 12, Marianne could do more of the house errands more than their maids in the house.

While poor Marianne continued to pray, one night she had felt so alone and desolate, she laid on her bed on her night gown. It had been an unspeakable day how she was feeling before she went to sleep. Her parents were well-to-do but she could not speak nor could hear. As she was on her bed, in her dream an angel came to her. The angel wore an iron silver garment decorated with silver iron leaves. In the dream he appeared before Marianne as she squatted by a wood like in reality weeping in her heart. She leaned her elbows on her knees, and clasped her head with her hands. In the dream it seemed she could speak. The angel pityingly as Marianne squatted asked her, “Would you spend all the day and time weeping alone?”

I shouldn’t like to do that myself.,” Marianne replied. And it was really a pleasure for the angel.

I hope I will see you well, if you are not, what is it?” the angel asked and Marianne turned her face up at him as he gleamed with a little light Marianne replied, “I cannot speak!” though she had spoken in the dream. The angel said to her,

Well you have said.,” he ordered Marianne to follow him. Marianne obeyed and walked gently as his body and garment glimmered. They walked through the wood a little might stop. The path was all covered with lively green leaves. The angel stretched his hands and uncovered the leaves and stepped in with Marianne into the open. Standing a little far away close to the woods and leaves behind them, they could see a lot of people, more like a crowd.

Now can you hear?” the angel asked Marianne. As Marianne lifted her eyes before the people she could hear so many of their voices. In a few seconds the angel disappeared and Marianne turned back in the wood weeping calling for the angel to thank him. Marianne turned back home immediately and woke up from the dream. She wished the angel would reappear and tried to speak but she could not speak.

Oh! It was a dream.,” she cried and all her sadness returned back again. Then as it got to all Marianne would not join but stayed and walked alone.

Now after some days, Marianne was walking on the street. “God my bag, someone help! My bag;” a woman cried on the street. A thief had snatched her bag away from her and made his way with it. Marianne turned at the woman’s cry and could hear her. Though she had been deaf, she could as well hear the thief and discern his heart he thought breathing heavily with the Woman’s bag and thought which way to follow. So fiery and quickly Marianne turned to a guard on a street and pointed as the woman crying on the street. A little she could describe to the guard and the woman. She asked them to follow her, she stopped a little and meditated as the thief thought she could discern his heart which wat he would follow. Marianne turned with the guard and the woman the same way. They quickly went and stood by the street corner with faith as Marianne said to them. The thief with the bag turned up the way and they caught him with the bag.

The guard and the woman thanked Marianne though she remained dumb and waved her hand that they should not worry about thanking her. The woman brought out some money from the recovered bag and asked Marianne to take it for her reward but she regretted it and went her way.

In some minutes Marianne was on the broad street, by which a lot of people were now passing, she was surprised she could hear their voices through their hearts. To be sure there’s another thing they might do. Marianne as she turned and heard a seamstress need help to cut her cloth material, she gently with faith went close to the seamstress and asked her if she really needed the help. It was a surprise to the sewing lady, she gently helped her draw the cloth as she wondered and turned about wondering about the many other voices on the street. Marianne gently drew the cloth on which the seamstress had laid her scissors and helped her cut it.

Well, you might ask how did she know that the seamstress needed the help? It was the gift from the angels spirit. And her sudden interventions with many other people as she walked on along the road, it was a surprise to a lot of people whom she helped.

The next morning, Marianne thought the gift would not be with her again, but it was still left with her, she was excited she could also hear her mother and father’s heart. And whatever they thought about she made a sign to tell them she knew and went and brought them.

Marianne rose and took her breakfast and earlier than usual, went out on the street the next day helping people on the street. A blind man to show him which way he wanted till she laid him without much of his spoken words to the door of his house. Marianne was so excited. Some kids she saw on the street standing with their parents she helped them to point at the things they needed and some she brought them to the kids with her own money.

As well Marianne with the gift of the angels, could hear some of the trees and herbs in the woods as she walked on the street. So many of them that spoke, and said they could serve as medicine to help heal the sick, Marianne went and pluck some of their leaves and prepared it for the sick and they took it got healed with them.

And then in a far land from Newark, that lies in the western seas, where many fine towers, houses and fine orchards were raised, and the day and nights were equally long, a fine prince in the land (Welxes) had become sick. There was no means to cure him. They sent message across to Newark and Marianne was brought to him, he was almost dying on his sick bed. As the prince laid weak on the bed Marianne could hear the trees and herbs in wood. As the leaves that could heal the prince spoke, as well Marianne though deaf and dumb before the sick prince on the bed could hear them say, “I could help; come take my leaves.”

Marianne went inside the wood and plucked the leaves and squeezed them and gave it to the prince to take as his medicine. Everyone and all the prince’s guards thought the leaves would not heal the prince. Marianne squeezed more of them and robbed it on the prince’s forehead and on his body. Marianne was not afraid, she knew he would survive and had faith in God. With the medicine the prince slept for some hours on his bed while Marianne washed off the dirts in a bowl of warm water she used in cleaning the prince’s body. The prince after Marianne and his guard had waited in his room for sometime woke up from sleep looking healthy and strong. He got up from his bed and could walk to anywhere he wanted. The prince was very glad and did not know how to reward Marianne.

What would I give to you, my dame?,” asked the prince after his recovery. Marianne still could not say, but waved her hand and said he should not worry at all about the reward.

Oh that will be naughty for me? Be my wife?,” the prince was not married and pleaded with Marianne though she was deaf and dumb.

Marianne was looking forward for him to recover fully. She thanked the prince joining her palms and mindfully demonstrated to him waving her hands that he should not bother much about his interest in her. As she left she was looking very beautiful, all her thought rushed through the prince’s heart. There was no woman to compare Marianne with in his heart.

These dutiful angel,” The prince said, “I must know where she lives.” The prince sought for where Marianne lives in Newark and came to her parents house in Newark. Marianne wishes had proclaimed her inward thought and the prince begged her parents to help plead with Marianne to marry him. At length the prince knelt down and begged Marianne, she told him she would need to pray for three days before she would accept. And if God allows her to marry him then she will accept. The prince was glad with her reply and left.

Two days Marianne went into prayer and fasted. She took neither food nor water. She locked herself up in her room and prayed alone for God’s answers. The third day in a trance the angel on leafy iron garment appeared before her. It looked like it was in a dream, but it was not in a dream.

Why not marry the handsome young man?” the angel glimmered with light and asked Marianne in her room.

I wanted to ask, for I have not before.” Marianne replied.

He will not harm you. Marry him. We shall give you support.” the angel smiled softly at Marianne and disappeared.

In old days there were many angels like that. Marianne behaved like one of them and helped the prince and married him.

After their wedlock the prince had more fortune come his way because of Marianne as his wife. She continued to help people in so many ways, saving many from trouble when someone wanted to hurt them. And some when another lied in their dispute she could discern their hearts. Sometimes the peoples dispute in Welxes was brought before her and she helped them to settle it. Marianne’s beauty became heightened and when the prince’s parent became old and died, the prince became the new king in Welxes and Marianne his royal queen.

Yet it was possible to mistaken the queen for a maid, when she wanted to help the more, her king (her husband) because of fear of what might happen to her on her way would not allow her to go out of the castle. Sometimes they quarreled because of it. She thought she ought to continue to help. And when she heard people’s heart and voices in danger she disguised herself in the palace and changed in a maiden’s cloth and left the palace to help.

As so angels could do, and the barks and wowing one day, when everyone had been at sleep. It was the first of animals that the queen heard. She woke up from her bed and took up her lantern in the night. It was raining heavily with lightening flashes. The rain and dark had got thicker. Though it would be awkward going out in the rain, the queen snicked out with her lamp from the palace. In the wood an old man had been pursued on his horse by three wolves. The wolves pursued the man sought to kill him and tear his flesh.

The queen heard the horses voice and the wolves howling after the old man very faraway in the castle. No one knew. She was sure in the midnight it was about to happen. Someone was in danger. She quickly got up and drew her cloak and went up as quickly as she could the direction of the voices as she turned about in the wood. The old man rode with speed on his horse in the wood while the wolves groaned after him.

The queen stopped with her lantern wondering and turning all sides of the sound. Suddenly she heard a sound behind her and sharply turned, and there was the old man’s horse lurched forward and crashed to the ground throwing the old man out from it back. Marianna rushed with a wood in her hand to chase away the wolves with horrid bony paws and sharp wild teeth the wolves groaned round the old man but soon Marianne threw the wood at them and they sharply turned and left the old man and came after her in the wood. As they rushed with speed at her, Marianne closed her eyes in fear and prayed in her heart. As the wolves approached groaning the angel on iron leafy garment appeared beside Marianne and gleamed with a light. Only Marianne and the old man could see the angel beside her. The old man crawled back and marveled as the angels light. The wolves could not see him.

The gadding wolves jumped up with speed at Marianne but glimmering orbs did glow out from the angels body and threw the wolves back. The wolves winced of the glimmering light of the angels withdrew back and ran away.

For the first time in life Marianne approached the old man and spoke with him for the first time in her life by the power of the angels spirit. Even as she returned back to the palace, it was a surprise to the king and everyone in the palace. She could speak after so many years of her marriage with her king.

So it was we kindly come to live with them below; perhaps for their care and good heart, the angel in the wood after rescuing Marianne and the old man in the wood disappeared. Marianne did more and more helping people, dwelt with her king and lived happily ever after with him.             

I am from Nigeria in West Africa.  I am a poet, a folklorist, and a novelist.

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