Story List and Biography
For Shivaji K. Moitra

Sabar's Ambition
God's Will
A Sadhu's Polemic
Love And War
Fatsam and Darky
The Happiest Diwali
The End of a Passion
The Wrath of Progress
Divine Connections
The Trick of Fate
The Nostalgia of Durga Puja
Festival of Chakradharpur
The  Underdogs
The Weird Dichotomy
Behind The Masks

Photo by Swarnavo Chakrabarti on Unsplash
Photo by Swarnavo Chakrabarti on Unsplash

I am a youthful man from Kharagpur, India with a penchant for travel and photography and an undying passion for writing about the bizarre contradictions of the beautiful eternal drama called LIFE and its strange but colourful and unforgettable heroes and villains.

I love to share my Short Stories and Poetry with people who appreciate life’s vagaries and are touched by its subtle ingredients like love, happiness, fortitude, kindness, despair or sorrow, which have transcended the barriers of time, distance, race, religion or colour since time immemorial.

I hold a government job which allows me to keep my body and soul together.

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