The Trustworthy 

Shirin Mulla

© Copyright 2018 by Shirin Mulla

Photo of a sleeping crocodile.
I hear thunder!!

I hear thunder!!

Oh, don’t you?

Pitter patter raindrops pitter patter raindrops….

I am wet through..... !!

Sang little Diana as cloud spelled raindrops on her pinkish cheeks. Today the road seemed to be unusual than the other days. Thunder echoed in the valley. She enjoyed the changing weather although it carried a dark air. Soon she heard something in the bushes to the roadside. A small white-brownish, hairy puppy wailed at her as she looked at him pettily. He had bright, sparkling ambitious eyes. But they were urging for help! It might have met with an accident it seemed…!

Diana was an 8 year old, shy, innocent but a helpful girl. She could not think of selfishly stepping forward leaving puppy alone suffering there with his terrible pain. She pulled out her jerkin and wrapped his wet, injured furry body in it. “Mom! Mom! Where are you? Look, we have a new guest here!”

Her mother was really a kind hearted woman and loved Diana very dearly. The bonding between them was so well gripped that no one could make out that she was Diana’s step mother. She was an ordinary but honest and dutiful woman. She was an exact woman that anyone could wish as a caring housewife and loving mother. Diana had lost her mother when she was just three years old but Zophia provided her all love and warmth that she could.

As she heard Diana’s call she rushed hurriedly to the door. Her eyes were stunned surprisingly. Her eyes were filled with joy then later after seeing the Diana’s happiness. “Diana! It will live in your room till it recovers and then we will shift him to the kennel.” Said she. Diana nodded her head happily.

In the evening, when Dad arrived home his eyebrows were raised in question. He was not much fond of animals. Being a military person, he had interactions with dog and horse while training them. But he was not closely attached to them. He was very practical and rational thinker. He had an obedient look. The puppy felt insecure when he kept staring at him. Diana too was scared. She did not wanted to lose her only friend next to her mother in the world. “Look Christian!! We have a new angel at our home!! He has almost cured our baby. She don’t have fever and is so happy with him.” Zophia indeed had magic in her word to let Christian’s decision be in the Diana’s favor.

The new guest in the house was named as Zoneb. Very next day, after his arrival, Christian was working in the garden. He was suddenly attacked by a serpent. But Zoneb showed his master skills and saved his life. This somewhat made him gain an important place in the ‘Louis’ family. But the happiness was soon to get covered with the dark clouds. One day, a postman arrived with a letter. “I want to see Mr. Christian Louis.” Said he as Zophia unlocked the door. “He is not there right now! I will hand it over to him. Be relaxed.” “Are you sure?” said the postman in strange voice. Zophia wondered after his strange behavior. But now letter was in her hands and she hurried to open up the mystery!!

Congratulations! Mr. Christian you have been promoted and soon you will be designed a new post with more challenging career!!! Your dedication has gained our trust. Wish you all the luck!!’ A smile of content and happiness spread on Mom and Diana’s cheek as they kept on looking at the promotion letter for long time with great time. “It’s a dream come true for your father dear!” Uttered mom. “I have an idea!” Said Diana excitedly. They planned for surprise party as a moment of celebration over this success and then began the preparation. Cakes, juices, snacks and the invitees…!!! The evening really turned out to be memorable for the Louis. But a suspicious journey without mercy was laying its icy hands in their path!

We will have to begin preparation shifting to new quarters.” Now this came as a wonder for little Diana. “Yes. Do you know why are we shifting to Menaz village?” Dad tried to explain in convincing mode. “A gang of thieves is involved in brutal crimes taking place in the village since last four years. At last military has been assigned the job to deal with them.” Both mom and Diana listened to dad very carefully.

But the region is situated near a dense forest. And …. One more thing we cannot bear to take Zoneb there. It’s too far.” As the father uttered these words, after some moment, tears rolled down Diana’s cheeks. However mom was successful in convincing him for her dear baby.

The life in the forest was close to the nature. However, Diana was soon detected with asthma and doctor sincerely advised her to leave the company of her pet as his hairs might cause a great problem to her health. Dad could not resist this news and he would not tolerate harm to her at any cost. “Now we have no other option” he said. “Which?” exclaimed Diana as if as she had a hint what would he speak next? “I am talking about Zoneb. I don’t want to discuss any more. See dear your parents are choosing best for you”. Dad said very clearly and Diana had nothing to defend. Dad was firm on his decision and soon he implemented it. Coming days were worse for Zoneb and her. But Zoneb accepted the decision, as if he knew about Diana’s illness, and never turned back.

Diana left the home one day in anger. She wondered lonely like a cloud in barren desert. At last she came to a river and amazingly caught a sight of Zoneb as if she discovered well in the desert. She was very happy. Although she had become weak the sight of her lovely friend brought glow on her face. Both of them spend happy moments together and promised to never depart again. Who knew then the promise was to come true forever!!!! Diana was thirsty. She bent down to drink water and crocodile in the river attacked her. Zoneb rushed and tried his best to save her life. Villagers too rushed to the place and saved her life. But poor Zoneb succumbed to the injuries.

Diana was taken home safely. The villagers narrated whole event to the Christian. Diana could not sustain his absence and she too gave up and left her body!!!! Christian was crestfallen as he had now lost his both the dear children…!!

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