Three Short Stories

Sheila Bunting

© Copyright 2015 by Sheila Bunting


Photo of a wishing well.

 The Broken Chain

Lilly was a beautiful child with eyes the color of the ocean. Her curly long blonde hair looked like silk. She had so much life in her, but she also had much more. Lilly was only eight years old when one evening her sweet dear caring mother went out and never returned home. She vanish out of sight never to be seen again. She waited that night crying, tears like the ocean crying on a rainy night.

The next morning little Lilly stood out the open door, knowing and feeling she would never see her Mother again. She would never tuck her in bed and read books to her, never kiss her tears when she was sad or watch her grow into a wonderful woman. Time went on. She seemed to be adjusting to her broken chain that linked to her Mother's soul. Everything was different now that her mother was gone.

Lilly finally moved out of her small town to a big city with relatives. She would be a freshmen in high school the following year. Some say she ran way, but the truth was she was running from her broken chain that linked to her Mother's soul. She now had a new life. She started track and by her senior year she was a track star on her way to becoming what she thought would make her happy.

One day she found out she couldn't get a Scholarship to go to college and run track, even though she had good grades all throughout high school. Once again Lilly felt her broken chain that linked to her Mother's soul. She was determined to find her way in life. She got a Job and went on trying to find what was hidden in her soul like a hidden treasure lost at sea.

Finally Lilly grew up into a strong willed woman and got married had a child of her own. She started to see a lot of her mother in her child which brought her some comfort. Now she was becoming older but she found a way to mind her broken chain that linked to her Mother's soul, by releasing a rose into the water every year. She cooked dinners at holidays in the honor of her mother. She would and still to this day writes letters to her that are sealed and never to be opened. That was the way Lilly became to stop the broken chain that was linked to her Mother's soul.

It has been many years ago since her broken chain that linked to her Mother's soul began. It was because of her faith in the Lord that she finally found a ending to her once broken chain that linked to her Mother's soul. Lilly's Mother was someone’s sister aunt, cousin, etc. The ones that have lost a loved one in this world maybe can understand Lilly's story of the loss of her Mother. We never really get over the loss of the ones we hold dear to our hearts, but if we take time and look around we will see and feel them because their spirits will forever live on.  


The Wishing Well
There was a little girl named Zannie Beck’s She and her Mother were walking down a winding road headed home when they saw a bright light Shinning from a far. In a soft tone, Zannie says “Look! Look! Do you see that.”

The loving Mother replied at her and said “What child do you see?”

Zannie looked at her Mother, with those big brown of hers and said. As they became closer to the light. “It’s a wishing well! A wishing well!”

A wishing well” the loving Mother”

Yeah” said Zannie.

I had a dream that I was standing and looking at a wishing well then I closed my eyes and made a wish.” Said Zannie.

What was the wish?” said her loving Mother.

Then zannie says “I wished for a new pair of shoes”

Zannie and her Mother didn’t have much money (Not Even Enough for A New Pair Of shoes). Zannie was wearing shoes with holes in them.

Zannie walked up closer to the wishing well. There sat a pair of shiny shoes just her size. Zannie says. “Wishes really do come true if you believe.

The Loving Mother  just stood there with tears running down her face and said. “yes, they do.”

At that moment Zannie put on the new shiny shoes and took a hold of her Mother’s hand and off they went down the winding road to finish their Journey home.

The Little Girl in Pink
There was a little girl all dressed in pink. Her dress was made out of satin and she wore pink ribbons in her hair. She sat on a park bench with a doll in her lap. No one seemed to notice the little girl in pink as they walked passed her.

One day a middle aged man walked by. He was a slender tall man with some grey running though his hair. After about a week, the middle aged man finally got the courage to walk up to her.

He sat down next to her and said “what is your name.”
She then said “I don’t have a name but you can just call me the little girl in pink.”

Ok little girl in pink said the middle aged man” what are you doing here sitting all alone?”

The little girl in pink looked up at the middle aged man and said “I am an angel and no one can see me but you.”

The middle aged man had a confused look on his face. Then he said “What do you mean?”

I am a messenger. I was sent here by your beloved wife who said, “go on in life and be happy, It’s OK until we meet again.”

The middle aged man put his hands on his head and replied “How did you know that?” He then looked up at the little girl in pink to see she was gone. He shook his head in shock.

As the middle aged man got up off the bench, He looked down and saw a pink ribbon. He picked it up and held it close to his heart and said out loud “There are really angels.”

He walked away with a big smile on his face and off he went to finish his day.

My name is Sheila Bunting. I am forty seven years old I am from Kentucky, but I live in Rockfrod, IL. I am going to school full time. In my spare time I enjoy working out, cooking, reading and I enjoy volunteering when I can. I view life as you get out of life what you put into life and there isn't anything you can't do if you put your mind to it and work hard.

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