Sparky The Wonder Cat

Sheila  Preisler

© Copyright 2003 by Sheila Preisler

When I first met Sparky, I was walking up the driveway to meet my date, who later became my husband. This big orange tiger strip cat was sitting by the door. He gave me a look like a cat watching over his litter. I stood still hoping he would run off, not a chance. I thought to myself, don't be silly he is just a cat. Besides I didn't want anyone to see me being scared of a cat. I decided to try and warm up to him. Hi kitty, as I bent down thinking, he would let me pet him. He came straight toward me. Fast as lighting. That was all it took. I jumped over the neighbor's fence. Tearing the dress, I was wearing.

I looked around to make sure no one was watching me. I climbed back over the fence, and went back to the house. I met my date trying to look cool, acting like nothing had happened. We went off on our date. Out of the blue he asked me if I met Sparky the cat. He tells me that he calls him "Sparky the wonder cat," because I always wonder what he's good for. My face began to turn red. It's ok he said, he's harmless. The rest was history. I fell in love with both the man and his cat. Sparkly and I became buddies.

Sparky was a sweet cat. I never had to wonder what he was good for. Always there when I came home. Always in my food bags after a trip to the market, It did not bother him if I was in a bad mood. He was always by my side being Sparky the wonder cat. Even years later, when he was dying of cancer, throughout his sickness he was right by side till the end. I will miss all of those wonderful things he did and didn't do, like laying on our bed or just hiding somewhere.

I will never forget my little buddy. He was my friend, till the end and through eternity. Sparky the wonder cat will always be in my heart.

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