If You Cut A Tree, Plant Two Trees

Shaun George Thomas

© Copyright 2018 by Shaun George Thomas


Photo of an ax in a tree stump.

Once Upon a time, there was a woodcutter who started to cut down trees. While the woodcutter was cutting down trees a man came from nowhere, and asked the woodcutter why are you cutting down trees? If you cut down trees you will loose a lot of oxygen. The woodcutter replies that, you are not my boss, so donít try to teach me. 

The man then replies, Hey woodcutter you donít know what is going to happen, so better you think first. Then the woodcutter replies, Hey man you donít have any right to teach me. Ten Minutes later the man leaves, after giving the woodcutter one last warning. The woodcutter still didnít listen to the man, and started cutting again. Three days later, the woodcutter hyperventilates. Then another man sees the woodcutter hyperventilating, and he tries to find a truck to take this woodcutter to the nearest hospital. Then the new man sees a truck coming to pick up the wood that the woodcutter has cut. While the new man saw the truck coming, he ran to the truck and asked the driver if he could take this woodcutter to the nearest hospital. The truck driver replies, Yes we can take this woodcutter to the nearest hospital. Then the man carries the woodcutter to the truck, and they starts to travel to the nearest hospital. When the truck arrives at the hospital, they sees a doctor coming out of the hospital for his break. While they saw the doctor, they ran to the doctor and asked, could you please treat this man, he is very serious. Then the doctor suddenly understood the problem and said bring this man here let me check him. Then the driver brought the woodcutter to the doctor. 

Then the doctor replied, I am going to give this man an CP-R right here because he is so serious. Then the driver didnít know what is CP-R so that, they got very tensed and the man didnít know everyone at the village, so the man told the driver to call everyone in the village, because the truck driver knows everyone in the village. Then while the truck driver heard that the man says to call everyone at the village to inform the message, The truck driver immediately called everyone at the village to announce this information. While the people in the village knew this they were so happy that, the woodcutter got in trouble with his health because the woodcutter didnít listen to anyoneís message, and they all suddenly came into the hospital, and started to laugh at the woodcutter. Then suddenly the woodcutter wakes up, and askís the crowd, why are you here? The crowd replies we are here because, we got information from this man that you are at hospital. The woodcutter asks the same question to the man and the driver. The driver replies, we are here to help you. Then the woodcutter replies, Thank you so much for saving my life, now I understand the message that you all has gave me. 

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