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Photo of Dubai skyline.

As someone said, life has real pleasure only when you know how to love it; savor it and take care of it.

And I only feel the joy of living or really savoring life, when I have the opportunity to travel.

Because traveling is for me an opportunity to make a springboard of emotion and new sensation.

Travel and me is like a great symphony in G minor by Mozart (Symphony No. 40 in G minor); it's like a concerto performed to perfection.

Basically, traveling is my way of getting the most out of life by allowing myself to be over-the-top.

In July 2019, after having been fully immersed in work for several months, I decided to indulge myself by offering myself a trip for the holidays in the most important city of the United Arab Emirates �the most famous city of the federation�, in this case: Dubai.

My choice for the city was motivated by the policy of reconversion of the economy of Dubai towards new technologies, trade and tourism.

And the flight was scheduled for Tuesday, July 23, 2019, at 12:10 p.m. (Brazzaville time).

Then it was also planned that we make a technical stopover of at least an hour to arrive in Dubai around 9 p.m. (Dubai time). The planned duration for the Brazzaville - Dubai trip was 6:40.

D-day arrived, and like any traveler, I got up very early to check that nothing was missing. And at the same time, I took advantage of weighing my luggage to avoid any excess surprises at the airport.

Then my cousin accompanied me. Together, we took the taxi to Maya-Maya (Maya-Maya is the International Airport of Brazzaville, in the Republic of Congo.).

Arrived at the entrance, I still had to weigh my luggage to see if there was any excess. And it gave the same verdict as that of the house, that is to say, that there was no surplus.

In the first square or the first door, checked all the travelers. And we got in single file to enter the second square or main building �the terminal�, where we did the formalities for takeoff.

When the time for take-off had arrived, in brought us to the airport terminal and boarded us.

During the trip, I had met a native of Dubai who had come to the Republic of Congo to do business in general, and by opening several branches of his company throughout the entire Congolese soil in particular.

Having told me about the project he wanted to carry out in my country, I told him: All the projects you have, are really good. And it will be really good for my country.

But how do you plan to succeed here by landing on your own, and without the support of a native of the country?

Because the Congolese prefer the made in Congo more than anything else.

He answered me: What do you have as a skill and what do you do for a living?

I told him: I have a Master of Science in petroleum engineering, but I don't practice in this field.

Because I have done several alternative training courses to manage the family business: Ondongo Bongo Society.

He answered me that's very well! And added: Contrary to what people may think, the people of UAE are not just waiting for oil. But they work, they invest to make their capital grow.

I told him: The fact that a man like you came to the Congo to invest already says it all.

And if there were any skeptics who thought that in the United Arab Emirates it was oil, they were wrong. Because your actions sufficiently prove that you want to diversify your economy.

He began to tell me about some pharaonic projects that the United Arab Emirates had already undertaken in general and Dubai in particular.

And told me their story, saying: At the end of the 19th century, in Dubai, we lived mainly from fishing. And Allah Akbar, our city (Dubai) and the surrounding emirate, rose to prominence in the Trucial States in 1853.

After a difficult period during the interwar period, we worked hard to enter modernity in the second part of the 20th century. And we participated in the creation of the current United Arab Emirates in 1971, of which our emir is the vice-president.

I said to him: Thank you for this history lesson. But tell me, how did Dubai become the most famous city in the federation?

He replied: Our fame is due in particular to the media coverage of our tourist projects like the Burj Al Arab hotel (the most luxurious hotel in Dubai), it's due to the gigantic real estate projects like the Palm Islands (peninsula and artificial archipelago in the shape of a palm tree), the World (artificial archipelago that reproduces the map of the world), it's due to the Dubai Marina (which has a particular and gigantic architecture) and to the tallest building in the world, the Burj Khalifa.

I said to him: What's the goal you are aiming for in making all these achievements?

He replied: all these projects are for us the means of becoming within a few years the world's leading luxury tourism destination, and of becoming one of the world poles of family, business, commercial tourism, etc.

And he concluded by saying: In order to carry out the policy of reconversion of our economy towards new technologies, trade and tourism (or both as part of the Dubai shopping festival), our government is working to attract capital and businesses while now a policy of major works.

Hence, it's the gigantism and the innovative nature of our achievements that make the whole world look to the emirate. And I think that's also what makes us famous.

The plane landed at Dubai International Airport. And we walked a bit together, then each went in his direction or on his side.

Thanks to him, I really hadn't seen the time spent (during the flight). And through the conversation I had with him, I had a new perception of the city of Dubai.

And this is how I understood how a city which has a subtropical and arid climate, with high heat and sometimes violent winds in summer, and which is located in one of the most inhospitable regions of Arabic, is become one of the best destinations in the world.

With an in particular the Formula One Grand Prix of Abu Dhabi (Grand Prix which takes place in Dubai and Abu Dhabi) which is the unique opportunity to admire the sunset while attending a Grand Prix (The race of Abu Dhabi is the only one that ends at night.).

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