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King Makoko.

Having had the chance to explore the world from an early age, Giovanni had developed a taste for travel and traveling the world. Thus was born in him the taste for adventure.

Of Italian parents, Giovanni di Gualtieri was born on January 26, 1889, in Rome. As a child, he spent his time reading the stories of the great explorers who marked the history of the world. The navigator Christopher Columbus (1451-1506) and the explorer journalist Henry Morton Stanley (1841-1904) were his favorites.

What marked him in Christopher Columbus was his thirst for navigation, and his know-how which had earned him the confidence of the Spanish sovereigns, and the discovery of America in 1492, which was the most important event marking the passage from the Middle Ages to modern times.

And what marked him about Henry Morton Stanley was his exploration of Africa and his search for David Livingstone.

Living in the old continent (Europe), days turned to months, and months turned to years of boredom. Because the monotony of the old continent had won over many people, and explorers were becoming more and more rare.

Wanting to give a facelift or dust off the best work in the world (according to him), he decided to study Cartography (Cartography is the production and study of geographical and geological maps.) in order to define the space of States, and the spaces of explored and unexplored territories, which he could visit if the opportunity arose.

And it's with a mention Good, that he obtained his professional license in land use planning and town planning, cartography option.

But being an Italian, the opportunities to explore the world and discover new lands were minimal. Because Italy had only Italian East Africa as a colony and was located in East Africa. It was formed by the merger of the territories of Ethiopia with Italian Somalia and Eritrea.

And unfortunately for him, there were already a lot of Italians who resided in this colony. Hence, his room for maneuver was reduced because Italy didn't have a lot of overseas territory.

This is how he was forced to learn the French language in order to naturalize French, in order to have a large margin of maneuver and realize his dream of exploring the world. Because the French had several colonies in the world (In America; in the West Indies and the Caribbean; in Africa with in particular French North Africa; sub-Saharan Africa consisting of French Equatorial Africa and French West Africa).

And after obtaining French nationality, he succeeded in perfecting his French and taught it during his free time.

But unfortunately for him, the opportunities didn't present themselves, and he didn't have the necessary funds to attempt the adventure alone. Hence, he put aside his dreams of explorers.

The time passed; the young man of old had grown old and his adolescent dream (that of becoming an explorer) was thrown into the sea of ​​oblivion (He no longer thought of becoming an explorer.).

One day, while he was with his only son Alessandro, he noticed a strange thing about the child. In the sense that, the child was drawing imaginary territories to which he wanted to visit. Like a wave of a magic wand, he remembered that at one time he wanted to be an explorer. He saw himself in the child and tears began to flow from him.

Not wanting to worry his child, he went to his room to cry quietly. Because the child's drawing had opened a wound which had healed over time.

Raising his shoulders, he stopped crying and spoke to himself, saying: Old man, it's true that you have rusted with time. But deep inside you is still that little inner voice, that vision, that passion for exploration that you had when you were a kid. Strengthen yourself and take courage, for you will make your dream come true.

And after having monologized, he added the name explorer to his original name. Hence, he was now called: Explorer Giovanni di Gualtieri and considered himself such (an explorer) although he had never explored anything.

And one day, divine providence knocked on his door, in the sense that where he worked, we were trying to send a man with a team to go and explore a land which is at the mouth of Congo (The discovery of Congo is attributed to the navigator Diogo Co who approached the mouth of the river in 1482.) called: Moyen-Congo (Current Republic of Congo).

And this land was separated from Leopard City (current Democratic Republic of Congo) by the Congo River (The Congo River is the second largest river in the world for its high flow average annual flow in Brazzaville and Kinshasa of about 41,500 m3/s and at a length of about 4,700 km.).

Gentleman he was, before he accepted the position offered to him, he had a long discussion with his wife. And during one of their discussion, his wife said to him: Honey, are we going to leave everything we have built to go and live elsewhere? What will happen to our respective families? What will people say about us?

And Giovanni answered his wife: My family is you and Alessandro. It doesn't matter where we are, as long as we're together, I don't care where. And Giovanni will eventually convince his wife and son to follow him on his adventure.

Giovanni landed in the Middle Congo (current Republic of Congo), with a whole team of which he was the head and met King Makoko (King of the Tk Kingdom).

The King said to him: What have you come here to seek?

Giovanni replied: I have come in peace, oh my King! We are pilgrims in search of new lands.

And the King said to him: With us, we have no more free space, everything is occupied as you can see.

Giovanni replied: Oh my King, we did not come here with empty hands, here are our presents. And the King showed his hospitality by welcoming Giovanni and all his team.

And it is after several exchanges with King, that Giovanni signed a treaty of friendship with the King, September 10, 1950. And the two exchanged their respective civilizations.

Having arrived with his wife and son, Giovanni felt at home, because he had found another home where he was loved. He and his whole team were teaching people in the Middle Congo to read and write.

Clara (Giovanni's wife) was a nurse and was modeled after Florence Nightingale (Florence Nightingale 1820-1910 was a British nurse who pioneered modern nursing and the use of statistics in health care. She was also an important figure in English feminism and the abolition of prostitution.).

For Clara, Florence Nightingale was a remarkable example of compassion, dedication to patient care and the conscientious and caring administration of hospitals.

This is why, Clara showed this same compassion towards the inhabitants of the Middle Congo by giving them appropriate care.

Giovanni and Clara had entered the hearts of the Congolese forever through their works (Construction of Congo Ocean railway; construction of factories; construction of new roads...). For this purpose, a museum has been set aside for them so that future generations can remember them and their history.

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