The Fruit of the Tree of Life

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Once upon a time, a forbidden city in which all the treasures of the world resided. And in this city, there was a Great King by the name of Emmanuel.

Emmanuel was the King of all Kings, and lived in the most beautiful city made with his own hands to which all human presence was prohibited. For in the city, there were only immortals. Hence, the presence of humans was forbidden for fear that man could eat the fruit of the tree of life, and that he might drink the extract of eternal life.

James Hanks was a shy and very reserved young man who lived in the city of Amsterdam. Having had a very good childhood, James always had a problem with women. For at thirty-five, he still had not had a romantic relationship. In his neighborhood, there was a woman by the name of Elisabeth Parker, whom James madly secretly loved.

Elisabeth Parker was a very beautiful and fulfilled woman with a strong character. And it was because of her character that she had always had problems in her couples relationships. Hence, she was still single.

After five years of neighborhoods, James and Elisabeth hardly spoke to each other. James because of his shyness or what we might call fear of women was really impressed with Elisabeth. And said: Certainly, Elisabeth is not of my size or my category.

Underestimating himself, James lived his love for Elisabeth only in his imagination. One day, James was with one of his friends, and Elisabeth was passing by. Seeing how James looked at Elisabeth, the friend in question said to him: By the way you look at this woman (Elisabeth), I see that you are in love with her.

And James replied: Yes, I love her. But I don't know how to declare my flame to her, I don't know how to confess my feelings to her.

And his friend said to him: First, you must have confidence in yourself. Don't get yourself wrong, saying that a woman like her can't love a man like you. Love is not titles; it is not fortune, it is not physical appearance or all material things. No, love is first of all a state of mind, the alchemy, a fullness of happiness and good sensations that invade our whole being. The material and physical come next.

Listening to his friends' speech, James thinks it was time for him to jump into the river in order to have his first romantic relationship at thirty-five. From where, he set out to conquer the beautiful Elisabeth Parker.

But unfortunately, for James, every time he saw Elisabeth; words couldn't get out of his mouth. In other words, he became dumb. Hence, all the things he did to make Elizabeth notice her were doomed to fail.

And James continued to live his beautiful romance with Elisabeth only in his imagination. There at least, there are no barriers he said.

One day, on returning from the house, Elisabeth had a problem with her car which had stopped suddenly. Not knowing what to do, she called mechanics but unfortunately for her, not all were available.

When she was worried about what she would do, Elisabeth saw her neighbor James and called him. James opening the hood of Elizabeth's car immediately knew what was wrong and fixed it. Elisabeth to show gratitude to James invited him to dinner and James agreed.

For James, this dinner was the opportunity he had been waiting for to get closer to Elisabeth so that his dreams could come true.

James put on his best suit and put on his perfume (something he never did) to please Elisabeth. In their conversation, Elisabeth said to James:

We have been neighbors for a long time, but you never dared to speak to me. I thought you had a problem with me or you were taking me away...

James replied: No, I have no problem with you. And Elisabeth replied: Why didn't you speak to me then?

James replied: I am rather shy and very reserved. But that doesn't mean that I don't like people. Just that it's my nature and I can't help it.

Elisabeth replied: Okay, I understand!

And James concluded by saying: Beneath this timid shell perhaps hides a formidable person. And Elisabeth said: Yes, perhaps.

Over time the two got to know each other, and Elisabeth fell madly in love with James, whom he called: My brandy. Since I saw you said she, I have never been thirsty.

Three years after their first dinner, James and Elisabeth got married. Everything was going well in their household, until the day when during a medical examination discovered that Elizabeth had cancer and that it was in the terminal phase. And the doctors only gave her three months to live.

James, after so much time dreaming of Elizabeth and their lives together, helplessly, watches cancer swept his sweetheart away and at the same time destroy all his dreams. And James cried!

Pulling himself together, James began to think about what he could do to save his beloved. And came to the conclusion that, his last chance to save Elisabeth was to take the fruit of the tree of life in the forbidden city.

But the problem was that James didn't know where the city was. And even if he found the city, he was not as sure as he would be allowed to enter since the city was forbidden to men.

In a month of research, James found the city. So with his wife Elisabeth (sick), they went to the city. Once in front of the city, they saw superior beings to the men who said to them: Go back where you come from.

James spoke up and said: My wife Elisabeth who is here is going to die soon. I implore your mercy so that you may give her the fruit of the tree of life and that she may live. I love her, and I don't want to lose her.

The beings superior to the men answered: You are weak, here there is no mercy. Laws were made to be respected. Go away, otherwise we will kill you.

When beings superior to men wanted to strike James and his Wife, the Great King seated on the throne said: No, do not kill them! Their love is sincere and genuine. Give them the fruit of the tree of life so that his wife may heal from her illness. For they found favor in my eyes.

This is how Elizabeth was healed and later gave birth to twins. And James realized his dream: To build a happy family with Elisabeth.

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