The Transformation Towards The End

Sarah Kamal

© Copyright 2018 by Sarah Kamal

Image of hands grasping the earth.

A cause of destruction. The human population. A dominant, overpowering species full of nothing but greediness.

There one was a universe that came into existence, with many planets- but Earth being its most flourished, growing, virgin, fertile, and innocent one of them all. Little to know though, it would also soon become the most historic and diversified.

After years and years of complete peace and mellowness, a large variety of life began to appear. Greenery appeared, dark wormy fields, and unlimited amounts of vivid fruitful gardens. Then, came along the habitable life that filled the salty, alkaline bodies of water, as well as the moist, sunbaked, rich land. This was what was known as the native life.

What was next introduced to what seemed like utter perfection, was the human population. Their duty was to civilize, use the natural resources provided by Earth, in order to grow and flourish. It was a simple cycle of take, and take but not return. Some might call it greediness, while others may see it as ownership and superiority. They hadnít faced the reality that; the Earth is nothing but a sphere of limited resources; a planet within a universe in which also contained a finite amount of resources. As life has an end, so does everything that revolves around it.

There are multiple outlooks on the human life. A welcoming, emotional hand guiding you (mother) and a reliant, model (father) to look up to and always have by your side. But thatís a matter if you were living in perfection. And thereís no such when it comes to human involvement. Other than social issues that start to rise; a constant war with oneself and others- there still seems to be an overwhelming sensation of pride and overconfidence radiating out. No matter what, we are correct, and we are given priority.

Even with countless amounts of signs, itís ever so impossible for us to face the reality when we are introduced to it with our single mindedness. The reality that we are just temporary on this Earth. The reality that what were once bold blue skies, have become nothing but gloomy, dim masks of darkness. The reality that what were once moist, arable banks of agriculture, have become nothing but dry, humid deserts. All with the working of the human species. And with the constant neglect, the day will start to begin. The day of doom. The day of the End.

This one day will be lead with a series of weeks. As the land starts to slowly disappear as a result of melting ice and submerging grounds; when the bodies of water engulf habitats, humans will still continue their increasing amount of breeding. Yet, there just wonít be enough territory to encompass such a vast population. No solutions can be found, since theyíve already replaced animal habitats, with habitats of their own, they already ran out resources, started competing on the ability of survival with the insufficient amounts of oxygen left; left with nothing but a race against natural selection. In spite of what was known as a potential solution, implemented in areas such as in China to enforce a one child per family policy, the unbearable, overwhelming count canít require such an example of a ďquick fix.Ē Then, as a result of such a strain, the amount of corruption, warfare, conflict and criminal activity will quadruple in size and continue growing. The infection will start to spread from one area to another, until the whole human population will be sickened with the disease of hatred and wrongdoing. The great imbalance will tick off the scale of evolution. Nevertheless, even with this degradation, theyíll all live in denial towards the reality. Blindly looking for any positivity to keep them going, and ignoring the truth. The truth that we are hurting our own planet with our actions.

Following the disappearance of the countless species of wildlife on land, and substituted with that of the superior human race, the damages done will result in the complete extinction of the water life as well. Such a break in the cycle will come back and negatively impact society. A depletion in oxygen, clean water, crops, bright sunny skies, wonít even save those who are rich, and those who seem to have everything and have it all. The delusion that money seems to become the safety net for many, wonít come to save those without the classic basics of life. No money can create these essentials, and no money can buy these essentials; making the value of currency invaluable to life and dependency, but to only provide value for the resources and goods traded amongst people. Science will beat the foolish pride and the dangerous over-confidence that runs through the blood and veins of many people. The lack of necessities will suffocate the human race, as we watch before our eyes the destruction that we have created. The majority though, will continue to be blind, declining the streaks of truth, and rather overseeing the unsustainability,. The very scarce voices crying for help, will be masked by those preferring conveniency.

The planet Earth will completely transform. Starting off as being a small incomparable glimpse of heaven, to becoming a colorless sphere. From the space point of view, the blue, green and white ball will become so dark, blending in with space; nothingness. Homes will be drowned by the overbearing levels of water. Water filled with dead wildlife, lifeless plants, uncomposable elements, and the uncleanliness that has overcame the planet. Areas that were before seen as magical sites of nature, will transform into examples of landfills. The ratio of birth and death will be taken over by the expanding percentage of the dead. The fear to die will be embedded within each and every persons mind. The anxiety that itís too late, and nothing can be done. The complete loss of control. Leaving everyone silenced in grief and regret. What used to be a crowd of laughter and toothy smiles as each life was brought upon this world, will become a screaming cry for the life brought to such a suffocating atmosphere. The balance of weather that was once evident, with seasons passing by with each couple of months, will become a constant hell of inclining heat. The excessive warmth will melt down the life that once existed on the Planet of Life. Adding more suffocation. Reaching the temperatures of its blazing internal core, because of a small hole that was once in the ozone layer, becoming a complete degradation of the crucial layer. The peopleís doing. The eeriness and silence that was once a result of complete calmness, will become the result of complete chaos.

Society will start to conform, as it always does. As each generation passes, this will become the new norm for people. The ongoing issues will then be neglected, as the cycle continues. A ball of destruction, rolling and rolling as it accumulates towards replacing what was once a healthy, full of life planet. But the ability to create life will continue to decline with such standards. What was once about a population of seven and a half billion people, will start to drop to just a couple humans left. No competition will be visible, and so will there be no success.

A dead planet is left. Once, it was taken for granted and transformed into an uncontrollable disaster. No technology, no money, no advancements, and no science to solve such a problem left to unravel for too long. No leading power or body to regulate the disappearance of a finite value finally coming to its end. But at a rapid speed. The process couldíve been prolonged, but the blame is to be put towards negligence. Is it ever to be thought that: if animals, plants and insects suddenly disappeared from the planet, all life would soon follow to an end, but if humans were to suddenly disappear, all remaining life left of all forms and shapes would continue to grow and flourish?

It is to look ahead, understand the consequences that we bring along, and not to be blindsided by our over ever so busy competing lives. If the human race has decided to claim superiority, then itís also up to the human race to be responsible for all various examples of life. Itís not too late. There is no need to allow for fear to take over. It is our duty to do our part, during the time we have accounted for each on of us. Not only for the sake for our children, but also for the sake for what we rely on. Sunlight, water, shelter, and food. Understand their sentimental values. The speed of declination can be regulated and eased down. But, that is all up to the human population. This is the truth. And this will become reality. But as a mortal force, we have the ability to keep the life cycle going. Four and a half billion years just sounds too young for Planet Earth.

Iím from NY, USA, and Iím currently a junior at Horace Greeley High School in Chappaqua. I have to younger brothers and I speak Arabic at home since my family is Egyptian. Iím also a competitive swimmer, so during my free time I tend to be at practices or swim meets. Writing tends to be my hobby, as itís where I can fully express myself.

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