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Sara Joann Childers
Copyright 1999 by Sara Joann Childers

Heated by the tension of twilight, she threw herself out the door, surely she couldn't breathe in such thick atmosphere of disgust. So she ran. Running so hard that her every wretched image was trampled on by distraught feet. Her conscious not insighting where she was leading to, but surely her feet knew where they were taking her. The rain began to beat down on her warm cheeks, covering her tears like a cloth on a poor woman's body.

She paused as she approached a remote pond. For there, blocking the horizon, she found him. He was running also, all breathless. But there he stood, heaving over, of sad eyes and gentle lips. Sucking in the air between her every word, Estella called out, "what have these unworthy feet of mine found, but a thick-skinned beauty?" "Perhaps your Angel, or maybe my feet shall be awarded the prosperity," the stranger answered.

Symphonies played marvelously at this point, and there they kissed of hot, tired breath, still catching up, inhaling through one unfamiliar mouth. He then explained to Estella's spirit hands, "we shall remain in secret, our feet leading us to one another, and this is why," he then held out his hand to her presence. Revealing eternity's mark in his palm. Written in gold, "Heaven's Angel". He quickly told her,"I shall remain only a brief while in mortality for yet this last time, so that when I perish two messages are revealed - with this one my hands shall be gashed off and shown to the people for confirmation of the lord from the lord. The other to my only true desire of what and where is yet to be discovered." And they departed.

That night the stars did shine so, and Heaven's Child gazed upon their reflection in the black water. Estella longed for twilight, and when the annoyance of day had finally passed, she ran. Her eyes shut tight, for she had forgotten the way, she begged for God to make her feet take her there, Worry making her strides seem so long; and again the rain hides her tears. Then she found him there. He picked up her wet, trembling hand as if to heal it; it's fidget evaporated magically in the moist air. In his eyes she longs for him to remain, not to leave back to righteousness, in his eyes - her 'beauties'. How she will grieve to drown in his mystery, an unnamed flesh of death. Here to complete a mission of his savant. "Sweet night", he tells her so unwillingly.

Yet another day was wasted counting endless hours passing by. Then she ran till she found him there. Through the hail and storm. To where they lurked so calmly in the shadows. The rain hid his tears from her. And he caressed her pink flesh once more, just before he so sickly gashed off his engraved golden hands. "Estella, you must wait for me," he warned her with sticky breath as she watched him bleed right back to immortality. His eyes fell back and engraved in Heaven's gold they read, "I will find you." In his eyes - her 'beauties'.

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