Santushti Ranjan

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Phoo of a field of flowers.

Mom! How could you do this to me?”

Shut up Maya. After all, it’s for you only.” Said my mom.

It’s her old habit. Like she had done earlier, once again she had invited a guy for my marriage. Somehow last time, I managed everything and I cancelled that proposal, but this time, I don’t think I would able to. The guy who came earlier to marry me earlier was a real dumboo. He didn’t even know how to talk properly. He was too shy. Although I have never thought about my ideal husband to be, but I am definitely sure I can’t afford to live even a single day with him. Since the time when I have joined government hospital, oh! I forgot to tell you about myself. Let me introduce myself I am Maya, and I am a doctor. Since almost 10 years I have been struggling to become a doctor, and when I finally become, I wasted a year searching for a government job. Of course in India, doctors get more money in private jobs, but my main aim was not earning money. I just wanted a simple job, and that’s all what government sector can provide. You can get fixed hours to work, there is almost no pressure of losing jobs, and there are many advantages. Coming back, I have never thought how my partner would be, as far as I remember. All I know is that I have just been settled, and I need some time to think about all these. But parents!!!! They never listen to you and your problems.

Go inside and wear this saree, they will reach house in 10 minutes. And please for god sake at least pretend to be happy.”

It was my dad this time. I took my outfit-it was red color Indian saree. I got ready in not more than 5 minutes, as 3 people together were decorating me as if I am a piece of cup-cake, which customers have to buy.

Soon, mom entered the room “when we will call you, just come outside, taking cup of tea in tray, rupal would be there beside you helping you with some snacks.”

Rupal-she is our trusted servant. She’s been working since 10 or 12 years.

You also have to serve the tea to everyone. Offer first to the elders and………”

I know it mom, I did it earlier also. And I am telling you if I will not like the boy, I ain’t gonna marry him I will directly say no…..” I couldn’t even complete my words, when dad came shouting that they have arrived. Everyone was excited, except me.

I was told that the guy, who was coming to see me, was also a doctor. Nothing else had been told to me. My heart beats were increasing. Soon, everyone stepped out of the room, welcoming them. I can hear their voices.

It was not that I didn’t want to marry, after all I have to marry at sometime, but not now. The reason I gave you earlier, and I don’t want to spoil my life in this hurry.

As I was mixed up with the thoughts, mom called me “ Maya, c’mon come outside.”

As I was told, I went outside. I didn’t want to watch the boy so early, so I went straight away, did Namaste, and served tea. As planned, rupal filled he whole table with several kinds of snacks.

I looked at uncle( or the guy’s father). He smiled looking at me, I didn’t know what to do, and so, I smiled back. Next was one more uncle, then a lady, maybe she was the boy’s mother, and next was, the guy himself. As I served tea to the lady, I looked at the boy.

My eyes went blank. I couldn’t believe what I saw. No, he couldn’t be him. But yes he is. I started starring at him. He was also looking at me, with the same expression of nervousness as he used to do earlier.

Chirag. It was his name. How I met him, I still remember the day, date time, and every moment. But how could he come here. He was there with me every time in my whole career. His and my journeys were not very apart, we both wanted the same thing, but his paths used to be very different. He was an exception, he was all rounder. He was Chirag.

First time when I met him, I was in 10th class in a coaching institute. He was the topper. In starting, we did not use to talk much, as we didn’t know each other. But since the time passed by, we came to know each other. We became good friends. I used to ask him questions, or doubts which came to my mind regarding studies, and he used to impress me by giving all the perfect answers. And moreover, I started feeling much comfortable talking to him. He was exceptional and very bright guy, usually attracted by the girls of our coaching class. You cannot say I liked him, or loved him or had a crush on him. No. I liked his style, his thinking, his swag, his passion, and his dedication towards his goals. He used to guide me also. But soon, we were separated. In 11th, he went to some other coaching, and I continued with the previous one.

In starting of 11th, we used to talk a little, but as the time passed by, we both were engaged towards studies, and of course we had to achieve our goals. And we almost stopped talking. By the end of the year, I had completely forgotten about him in the amidst of studies. After 12th, with my parents blessing, I got a reputed college for my MBBS degree, which was one of the way of becoming doctor.

The college was in new city, so, I have to join a hostel in that college only.

The first week of college, I attended lectures in fear. The fear was of – RAGGING. Ragging includes the tortures made by seniors to the juniors, and our seniors were too scary, they often tell the fresher’s to do awkward thing for example, to take off all their clothes, to dance in front of so many people, or to sing songs, or to act like a dog. So, I just used to attend lectures and come back to my hostel. Yes I wanted to see the whole campus, but I wanted to avoid ragging.

The first two days, I was saved from being ragged. But it was the third day when I was caught. A senior guy, swastika, he took me pulling my hand to the seniors. He was tall, even than me (yes, I am tall, at least taller than other normal girls.) I was scared. What if they tell me to take off my clothes?

Soon, I reached there. There were already so many fresher’s, waiting to be ragged. Swastika took me, pulling, he was still holding my hand which I didn’t like at all, but I can’t do anything. Soon, he said- “let’s start entertainment from this girl. Isn’t she beautiful?” everyone gazed at me, as if I was a great celebrity. I looked above, straight ahead, I can see 3 boys, who were taller than me, one had darker complexion, and others had white. Swastika joined them. There were many fresher’s who were watching me, I didn’t like it, and I didn’t look at them. Removing my fear, I starred in their eyes. Now, they came closer to me

okay! Tell, how much rank you got?” one of them asked me.

Before entering this college, we have to pass a national level test and have to clear minimum cut off.

729” I replied.

Great, c’mon, start singing a song. We are damn tired.”

Soon, the boys made every fresher sit on the ground, one of them pulled me towards the front, where they were standing earlier, dragged me there, and threw me to the ground. I was scared, I wanted to run away, but soon, I got up and started dinging song.

Singing was my hobby. Singing was my passion earlier. But I left that, for studies. But in free time, I still use to practice some songs. I sang the most popular song as best as I could.

When I stopped, the whole crowd clapped for me. I was happy, yes, I did it. But still there was a problem. The boys were looking at me very suspiciously, and I didn’t like that at all. Since, I didn’t have any friends then, so, I was alone. As I completed my song, I thought I should leave the place, but the boys didn’t let me go.

Don’t you have to enjoy others?” one of them said. I had to sit there, though I did not want to sit. Soon, I heard one of them speaking- ‘ hey you, grey t-shirt, come here”

At that time I didn’t know what surprise I was about to get. The whole crowd turned to look who the guy is next. I also turned, and saw him.

Yes, he was Chirag. I didn’t know how to react. I was happy, as he was in my college, I was shocked at my fate, but most of all, and I was scared that what those boys made him would do. What if, those devils give him some tough task, or if he was insulted. I can accept my insult, but I can’t see him insulted.

As I was thinking all these, our eyes meet. He looked at me. “Chirag, who told you to come here? Couldn’t you just run away from here?”

Yes yes why not Maya. Do you think I am a fool? I have not come on my own”

Please do something. I can’t see you insulted. Run away.”

No. I will not. If this was the way, why didn’t you run?”

You never listen to me.”

As we were not talking with our lips, we were using eyes, everyone started looking both of us. We were soon interrupted by the boys- : “hey! Did you like the girl so much?” asked one of them to Chirag.

So, are you going to give me any task, or should I leave?” said Chirag boldly.

Oh ho! Look at the courage!” said one of the boys. He continued-“we are in 4th year now, and we have been doing all this for three years. And how dared you look at us like that!”

Just then I noticed that Chirag was looking angrily to all of them. I was praying god. Just then, they told him to slap himself 50 times. My heart sank. What would he do?

But Chirag, he didn’t move from the place. The boys got angry. Swastik, came closer to him and put his hand forward to slap him. I closed my eyes. Of course, I couldn’t see him like that. But I had forgotten that he was Chirag.

As he was about to slap him, he caught his hand and turned him 360 degree, and threw him to the street, just as he had thrown me earlier. The other boys got up in shock.

Just then, college authorities reached there. Of course ragging is a crime. And Chirag have smartly recorded their voice, which was enough to suspend them. The professor at that time only suspended them for one semester.

As he was announcing it, I ran away from there. A mixed emotion was there in me. I was happy, sad, excited, and what not. I couldn’t talk Chirag right now. I ran as soon as I could. I reached to the hostel. Many students were searching name in the list, to check which room has been allotted to them. I was allotted a room earlier, as I got good marks, and my name was in first list. I was alone in my room until now, but soon, someone was about to come.

I entered my room. I lie down thinking about him. I have never thought I would meet him like that. I always use to thin that he is so intelligent, and I can never match him. But now, we are in same college. I was feeling proud of myself at this thought only. Just then, someone knocked the door.

I opened the door. A girl, wearing as shortest and stylish clothes as she could, was standing.

Hey! My name is Sonia. I am your room mate.” She said.

Hi! Please come.”I welcomed her happily. She entered, dragging her suitcase. She looked at the room “oh my god! What is this?”

What?” I asked.

Why this room is so small? And look at the beds! They are so small. You know what? My bathroom size is larger than this.” She complained

I asked-“ so, seems you’re quite rich?”

My father is a businessman.” She told.

Oh!. But however it is, you have to manage. Of course, you have done a lot of hard work to come here. And now you have to adapt to yourself.”

By the way you didn’t tell me your name?” asked Sonia.

I am Maya, and I am from Delhi. Sit down and have some juice. Tell me about yourself.” I said.

We talked a lot, almost for an hour. She speaks a lot. She had told everything about her in that time. I was silent, just listened her. She even didn’t have any friend here. And we were friends now. Soon, it was time for dinner. And for dinner, we have to walk almost half a kilometer to reach the hall. Soon, we changed to casuals, and we went together. She was still speaking, telling about her family and all. Though it was my third day, still I haven’t gone to the dining hall those 2 days. I didn’t like being alone. Company with someone should be there. Plus, I had to escape that ragging also, which I couldn’t.

We reached the hall, talking. Students were standing in a queue, to take food.

I am very hungry yaar! You know? I have not eaten anything since morning.” Said Sonia.

I wanted to tell her that I have not eaten anything since three days, but, I do not speak much about my personal life to anyone. And what would she do after knowing it? Almost nothing she could do. Soon we joined the queue.

The queue was no long. Soon we got our turn. We took food, Sonia started complaining about food. And I agreed to her. The food was o simple, it was not even cooked properly.

I can’t believe this. Is this the college students die to come? How would I live in this college?” she said

Actually. But what can be done. C’mon. Let’s face this.” Sonia had not entered this college by hard work. The trustee of the college is her father’s dad. As for me, I have put all my efforts for 2 years to enter this college. This was my aim. And the food, it doesn’t matter to me.

Soon, we have taken everything in our plate which was served. Only one thing, a rasgulla was there, which was my favorite.

Now, I have to search for a table, on which we can sit and eat. Soon, Sonia found a table, which was towards the end. As we were walking, I saw one of the guys, who were ragging earlier. He was looking at me. He came towards me.

Hi Maya! I am abhinav. Nice to meet you. You have very beautiful voice” he said.

Oh! His name was abhinav. “Hi! Nice to meet you too.” I moved on, as I said this. Sonia followed me, and abhinav did the same.

c’mon, I know you are not angry with me with what all we did to you. It was like a part of system, and everyone has to face this. Wasn’t it fun?” he said

No, not at all. And Mr., you are suspended because of this. Is this fun?”

Sonia did not understand anything. Soon she intervened “will you tell me also what had happened?”

Abhinav then, briefed her. Sonia seems to be more interested in him, so, she went with him, talking. I was left alone. I went towards the empty table, I sat there. I thought I should eat something. I was damn hungry. As I was about to eat the very first bite, a familiar voice came

Can I sit here?” though I had recognized the voice, still I turned.


Hi! Yes of course” I said. Soon we both were seated. He also had his plate in his hand, and he had taken a lot of food into it. He is like that only. He likes to eat a lot. There was not even a single restaurant to which he didn’t know the name. He said, “ So, not eaten anything since two days, right??”

I starred in his eyes. How did he know about it. I think I should have asked him, but don’t know why, I didn’t.

ya, but how does it matters.” Don’t know why I said this, I think I said this just for the sake that I have to say something.

What were you doing with that abhinav?, I saw you with him” he looked at me angrily.

He only came to me, I didn’t want to even talk to him.” I said.

There was silence for some time. To break it, I said “I am so happy to see you here. I got a friend. Otherwise, I would have stayed alone..”

Still silence. He didn’t speak anything. How someone like Chirag could stay quiet? Earlier he used to talk so much, whenever we talked, almost 99% time he used to speak. Maybe he has changed.

C’mon Chirag! I can’t believe you’re quiet. Tell me yaar, how did you scored in the exam?”This was the only topic left which could force him to start speaking. He started- “pretty well. I ranked 109, and that was enough for me to get to this college, though I targeted AIIMS, but I was left only for one mark.”

Oh! Just one mark?”

Yup, I could have dropped, but I thought dropping would be a bad idea.” His plate was over. Even I was also eating last bite. He said “do you want some more?” I nodded. But unfortunately, the food counter was closed as we went again. I said- “ Chirag yaar I was so hungry… seems that I have to sleep hungry this night.”

Even I also wanted to eat something.” Thinking for two minutes, he said, “I know a restaurant near the campus. Would you come with me?”

Going alone with him in this night scared me, and I think he must have read my expressions.

C’mon, I have a bike, we will return soon, don’t worry.

But I don’t have any money now.” I said, making my face sadder. He dragged me “c’mon, let’s go.’

I waited patiently outside the boy’s hostel, while Chirag went to take his bike. I was nervous, I have also forgotten my phone in my room. As I was thinking this, Abhinav came. “Hi Maya, you’re here? What a surprise? Your friend, she speaks so much. I really don’t like her. Say, do you need anything?”

Before I could answer, a voice besides me came, “no, not at all, we were just going for a ride together.” It was Chirag.

Do you know him?” asked abhinav to me. “Yes of course, he is my old friend….”

As I was about to complete the sentence, Chirag interrupted- “let us go, we have to return also. And by the way, don’t be so chep with girls.” He laughed, as he said this. Soon, Abhinav’s friends came, and he went away. Chirag was ready with his bike. It was damn good. He told me to sit . I sat behind him. It was the first time when I had seated beside a boy, except for my dad.

You won’t let me fall, right?” I asked.

Of course, I will.” A sarcasm reply from him.

He started the bike. I felt a sudden jerk, which forced me to cling his shoulder. Soon, we moved on. No-one was seen on the roads.

The roads seemed to be too quiet.” I said.

Its 11’o clock, what do you expect?” he said.

Oh! It’s eleven? Actually I left my phone in my room, so I didn’t noticed the time. Is it safer to go now?”

He didn’t reply. The place was new to me, and I didn’t have a single idea where we were going. Soon, we reached a place- CUCKOO’S RESTAURANT. It was a good place, clean. Few couples were there. Soon, we were seated. Without asking me, Chirag ordered. I also didn’t interrupted, as it was him to pay the money, as I didn’t had a single penny with me.

We waited for the orders. I said,“ What have you ordered?”

You would love to have It.” then he started telling about the city, the food here, places to visit, about his past life and so on.

The food came. It was looking damn delicious. The waiter soon filled almost whole of our table.

Oh my god! Who would eat so much of food? Why have you ordered so much?”

C’mon yaar, I would eat. And it’s not much.” He said.

I think after a week, I have eaten proper food. I ate heavily, forgetting everything.

We talked, as we ate. Chirag was mocking at other students, he told me about his roommates, he told about his warden, and the problems he faced. Of course, I also wanted to tell him about me, but I didn’t. I was busy in listening his talks.

At last, we finished the food. Our stomach was filled a lot. The bill came, and he paid. I couldn’t see the bill, as he didn’t let me do so.

It’s my treat” he said.

Thank you so much Chirag.” I said, as I got down from his bike.

Thank you?? What for?” he said, laughing.

For being with me, for taking admission in same college, for taking my care, for talking me for keeping me entertained, for understanding me, and most of all, for letting yourself come towards me.

I wanted to say all that. But I couldn’t. I think silence sometimes means everything, I just looked in his eyes, and he smiled.

He went away, I entered hostel. It was dead silence. I could see no-one. I just ran away towards my room. I opened my room and entered.

Where you’ve been?” asked Sonia.

No-where, I was just talking to my friend.”I said. I didn’t want to tell her that I went with a boy, with bike, to a restaurant. Though we went just to fill our stomach, if you would tell this to someone else, they would only think that we were dating, and nothing else.

Oh!, then forget it. You know what? Today I made so many friends. And there was a boy, I think he likes me.” She said.

Oh really?”

She picked up her phone, and showed his photo “he’s the one. You know what, he is so good. When I was eating food, I felt thirsty. He ran and brings water for me. See, how caring he is. By the way, I have to sleep now. His name is aditya, and he is in my course only. We would go together tomorrow. And I am sure he would be with me.”

I don’t know why she felt that Aditya liked her. Bringing a glass of water, is it shows that he loves her? I don’t think so, but I didn’t said anything to her. She was happy, and that’s fine. It’s 1’o clock morning. I picked up my phone. 3 miss calls. It was mom. I called her back. Surprisingly, she was awoke.

Maa, why you are awake now? Why you don’t sleep?”

Remembering my doll. So tell, how was your day?” said mom.

Fine. I enjoyed a lot.” We talked for some time. I told her about Sonia, dining hall, etc. but I didn’t tell her about ragging, and Chirag. Don’t know why, but I felt she should not be told. “Okay, just sleep now. It’s quite late. You have to get up early tomorrow. “She said.

Okay. Bye Mea. I love you so much.”

I took my notes to revise for the lectures I have attended today. After sometime, when I had finished revising, I lie down. Thinking about the things. Don’t know when I would meet Chirag again…….

But I was wrong. Chirag was in my batch only. We remained together for the next 4 years, till we’ve got our MBBS degree.

I had never told anyone about him. I didn’t want rumors to be spread that we are in a relationship. We were just friends that are it.

The 4 years with him were the best days of my life. We enjoyed together a lot. I don’t know what he thinks of me, he talked me very frankly.

We were together in everything, while eating, while talking, we gave test studying day and night with each other. We sat in the library, as he was not allowed in our girl’s hostel, and there was no question of me coming in the boy’s hostel.

Our tables were fixed. In 4 years, we did 37 trips, which included 16 foreign trips together. We have read almost all the books of library. We used to do silly experiments in labs, we both were awarded with so many medals. Our passports were almost filled with the name of different countries. We took part in our college fest, we used to do arrangements together.

But then, the day came, when we have to separate. The last day of college. That day, we were to be awarded with a certificate, and toppers were to be given a medal. We both were going to achieve that. While most of the students happy, I was sad. That day, we planned we would go to the hall together.

I wore my best dress. After all, it was the last day.

We met at the library. None of us spoke any word. Chirag was not at all looking upset. As we reached there, we met our other friends. After all, I am going to become Dr. Maya in few minutes, I waited for this day so longer, but I can’t feel any happiness.

Many professors came, they gave lectures, and after that, we were given our medals and certificate. I looked at Chirag. He was so happy, for the first time I saw him so excited. So I also forgot everything, I also became happy. We clicked many photographs with our degree. Various phones came to me, congratulating me.

Chirag, he went off. He didn’t say me bye, he didn’t even looked at me, as if I was a stranger for him. I was also very sad, I didn’t have courage to talk to him. And my luck, it didn’t let me to say even bye to him.

Things became harder for me without him. I couldn’t forget him. I could see him everywhere. I went back to my home, and it took me 3-4 months to completely forget him.

I planned that for higher studies, I should go abroad, to Germany. My parents also allowed me, and from there, I can get best education, which would help me to become a good doctor. But for that, I had to pass an entrance exam. I started preparing for it, I diverted my mind. After all, I didn’t loved him, neither had I had a crush on him. So why I am so desperate about him. Look at him. He didn’t even talked to me after getting the degree. He has moved on. Maybe I think a lot. So, I stopped thinking about him, and I also moved on.

By the god’s grace, I passed the examination, and I was shifted to Germany for three years of study.

Change of country did took me a week to settle. Finding new home was a tough one. Just then, my head told me that I was allotted a house with a guy. He was also from India. Though I was scared to live with a strange guy, but I didn’t had any choice. So I agreed.

I was living in a hotel for that time. The next day, it was my first day to college, and in the evening, I had to shift to that strange Indian guy.

Hi!” a familiar voice came, as I entered the college. I couldn’t believe my ears, but to confirm, I turned.


Hi! You here?” I asked.

Yes I am here. Couldn’t believe that I could come here?” he laughed.

I said nothing.

So, where are you living?” I asked. “I am living in an apartment, the agencies have provided me.”


No, some girl is going to come as my roommate, by the way where are you living?”

In a hotel, for now, but I am soon going to shift.”

Oh! It’s great.” He said. Then we talked some more. This time also, Chirag was in my batch only. That means we are going to stay together for three more years.

But this time, I confined myself. I knew that one day, we have to separate, and so, I thought that I would not attach myself so much to him.

In evening, I was about to shift. My things were packed, and with my head, Mr. Gill, we went towards my new home.

As we reached the place, I saw, it was a huge building, 34 floors. Mine was at 14.

I thought I should call mom and inform him, so I told Mr. Gill to take my things, while I come back.

It took me an hour or so, talking to mom and dad, I told them everything, except the fact that I was about to live with a boy. I know that they would not allow me, but I don’t have any option. I can’t live in hotel for longer. And rents are much cheap here.

When I came back, Mr. Gill had already shifted all my things. I thanked him, and soon , he went.

I reached my flat no. the door was already opened. Boxes were lying here and there, and the guy, who lived in that house was standing keeping his hands at his waist.

I’m sorry, I will set up everything. Just give me some time. Just then, the guy turned around.


This time I was shocked a lot. I couldn’t control my expression. Is he the guy I have to live with?

Maya! Wow! What a co-incidence yaar I mean, it is amazing, isn’t it? I was nervous that which girl was going to live with me. I didn’t know it was you.”

Even I didn’t know that. If he is Chirag, I am okay with him.

For next three years, we lived together. Earlier we used to live together only in college, but now, we lived 24 hours with each other. As usual, he knew all the restaurants, in starting, we used to go restaurants for lunch, dinner and breakfast. But after sometimes, I insisted that I would make food.

Why would you trouble yourself? After so much struggle in college, will you have potential to work for home?” he said

Of course I would have. After all I had to do the same in the future.”

Future?” he asked.

Of course yaar, my mom-dad is desperate to get me married as soon as possible. And after marriage, I have to do both things, looking after my family, and doing job.”

This made him sad. He didn’t replied me.

Somehow, I convinced him. I used to make delicious food, and he used to appreciate me a lot. He ate like anything, and even I enjoyed cooking for him.

Those three years were amazing. We went to Paris together, just for fun. We visited the whole Germany together. We studied together. Our rooms were different. But in night, we used to study together in my room, and almost every time, Chirag slept in my room, and I have to sleep on sofa. I didn’t mind it. In the morning, it was I who used to wake him up, usually with a tasty breakfast.

I hardly remember when we have fought. Never. We have never fought. Either I agree with me, or I agree with him. We’ve made quite German friends, we chilled with them, we spent our time in labs, and we enjoyed our studies.

I knew this was going to end soon. So, I wanted to enjoy my fullest with him, I wanted to record every moment of time with him. I wanted to make best memories.

It was our last year of college, and Chirac’s birthday came. I wanted to do something special for him. In morning, it was planned that we would go to a gurudwara. Yes, in Germany also, there was a huge gurudwara. That night in mid 12’o clock, some of our German friends came to our house. We celebrated his birthday, all of them wished him. We had a kind of small party. Around 1’o clock, when they went, Chirag called his mom. His parents wished him also. After that, I called him in my room.

So, birthday boy! Tell me, what do you want in your birthday?” I asked.

Only you can give me the thing that I want, but I know you would never” he replied.

What? Tell me, what do you want?”

Nothing” he laughed. We started revising our today’s lecture, and for our upcoming exams. As usual, he slept in my room while studying, and I brought a blanket for him and cover him with it. As I was leaving, he held my hand.

Tell me, why you never scold me for sleeping in your bed like that. And why do you sleep on sofa? The bed is so large, we both can sleep well in it.”

I didn’t had any answer. He was feeling very sleepy. Soon, he slept, though he didn’t leave my hand. He has hold it tight. I didn’t want to disturb his sleep, so, I sat beside him on the floor. Above on the bed he was sleeping, holding one of my hand, and down the bed, on the floor, I sat, and don’t know when I slept.

The next day when I woke up, I was lying on my bed, and Chirag, he was seen nowhere in my bed. It was 6’o clock in the morning, I was not late. I searched for him. Soon, I found that he was standing in the balcony, thinking something. As I came, he turned around “ Good morning! C’mon, get ready, we have to go.”

I nodded as he said I looked in his eyes. He looked at me for some time, but then, we were disturbed by the newspaper seller.

Soon, we got ready for Gurudwara. I wore a red saree, red was his favorite color. It took me sometime wearing it, and Chirag was banging the door.

How much more time do you need? C’mon hurry up! We would reach late then.”

Two minutes “I shouted. After sometime, when I opened the door, Chirag looked at me “wow! You’re looking so gorgeous!”

Even you’re not looking bad.” He was wearing a red kurta . He looked good. Soon, we got out of the house.

Seriously you are looking very beautiful.” He said, as he drove the bike. I felt shy, and I was happy he liked this look of mine.

That day was special. Don’t know why, but my mind has changed. I have understood, that I am not lucky enough to have him in my life. He was someone special in my life. He was like my mentor, he used to guide me the right path.

Then came the day. Last day of college. I was returning to my parents, while I didn’t asked where he was going after that. Nor did he asked me. Things were same as earlier. We didn’t say bye, but this time, I was happy. I was happy because, I was taking a world full of good memories with him. God has gave me another chance to meet him, and I was satisfied. As for Chirag, I really didn’t know what he felt for me. He did not even come to the airport to leave me. I could not see his face again, until today.

Everyone, including his parents and my parents were talking happily, but there was a dead silence inside both of us. Everyone thought that we were shy.

Coming back from Germany, I took a break. For finally becoming doctor, you need a doctor’s license, which you would get after 2 years of internship. It’s kind of a job only, we would be paid. And in two years, I completely forgot him in amidst of my family. The company of my family forced me to forget him, and I was again back to normal life. It was previous year, when I got doctor’s license, and after that, I tried for a government job. And I am in a government job, since 2 months.

I think we should allow them talk alone, isn’t it?” asked his mom. “Of course why not!” my mom said. “ Go Maya, take him to your room.” She said to me. I looked at him. He has not changed even a bit in these two years. Soon, we went inside my room. He closed the room from inside.

Oh my god, this weather! Can you please put AC on? I am so tired.” He lied on my bed as he said this. I switched on the AC.

Long time!” I said.

Yes very long, and strange also. I didn’t know I would ever meet you like this.” He said.

So, you don’t want to get married?” I asked.

He didn’t reply. He just close his eyes. I was also tired. I sat down on the floor, and tried to close my eyes. Soon, he got up, took me up. And lied me on the bed as he did earlier. The difference was just that this time, I was not sleeping. Soon, mom called us, even we realized that it’s too late since we are in the room. We came out.

What happened to your saree? How does it got folded?” asked Chirac’s mom. Just then I took notice to my outfit. It must have folded, when Chirag pulled me. I said nothing.

Just then everyone asked our decision. We looked at each other. As far as for marriage, I didn’t know what to do.

We need to talk, maa” he said.

Again?” she asked.

He nodded. Once again we entered the room.

He started, “what will you do if I reject this proposal.”

I was shocked hearing this. “Nothing, dad would call the previous guy, and I would be married to him.”

Will you marry him?”

I don’t have any option. And my choice doesn’t matters at all. I am just a pressure to mom and dad for now, and they want to get me married as soon as possible.”

But how would you spend the whole of your life with a stranger. What if he tortures you?” he said

I will suicide.”

Suicide? But why? You could take divorce also.”

No, can’t divorce. In this society, it is very hard for a divorcee to live, and especially when it’s a woman. It’s better to die then.”

What would you do, if I say yes?” he asked.

I would marry you.”I said.

But do you want to get married to me?” he asked.

It doesn’t matters whether I like or not. It’s totally your decision.”

Would you live happily with me?”

I didn’t replied to the question he asked. He asked if I would live happy with him. Will river ask its fishes if they are thirsty? Will sky ask the painters for blue color? I wanted to tell him that he is the only person who can keep me happy. “ Do you have any girlfriend, or crush whom you want to marry?” I asked.

Yes. I want to marry a girl.” he said.

My heart sanked. I felt a sudden jerk. I asked, “Who?”

You.” He said.

I looked at him. He was looking at me. He said, “ I love you. Would you continue your whole life with me?”

Before I could reply, he continued “ I wanted to tell you this long time back. I tried telling you about my feelings when we were in 10th only, but I was afraid. It was not a co-incidence hat I joined the same college, and it was not co-incidence that I went Germany. I was following you. I wanted to spend time with you. I wanted to stay with you. But if now I will not tell you my feelings, then your life might get spoiled. God has given this beautiful chance to me. Say, could I be your partner?”

I am already yours.” I smiled.

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