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Every Nation has a biggest tension to ensure the national security . To deal with the increasing challenges and danger , the government of every nation does not only manufacture the arms in its own country but also buy arms from the foreign countries .India had also manufactured and bought a fighter aircraft , Howitzer Guns , Helicopter, Missile and Artillery for the security of a country from Sky to the Sea from time to time .And in the process of buying defence arms , many times the scam was happened in this connection .In , India there are a long list of scams which had happened after the Independence but we discuss about the major defence scam .Due to these scams ,the image and the development of Our country was effected in several times .

1.Jeep Scam ,1948

Due to the infiltration of Pakistani army into the Jammu and Kashmir through tribal fighter .There was a necessity of Jeep or Trucks for the transportation of Indian Army personnel and soldiers during war period and after the end of the year , the Indian government signed a deal with a British company to supply 2000 Jeeps in the worth of 1 Lakh , 72 thousands pound . And most part of the money was earlier paid before the delivery of the jeeps. After Independence , this is the first scam was happened in a defence sector . Only 155 Jeeps were delivered and most of them were not in a position to use it . And the responsibility of this deal was given to Then , High commissioner in London, VK.Krishna menon. Due to this deal , 52 Lakh , Rupees are loss of our country .The opposition demanded a inquiry of the scam .Due to the pressure of opposition , a inquiry committee was constituted but the government of Indian National Congress announced on 30 , September 1955 .the Jeep scandal case or scam was closed for Judicial inquiry suggestion by the Inquiry committee led by the Ananthsayanam Ayyangar. In this scam , the government was stopped the judicial inquiry .So , therefore we can say that the government also involved in this scam ,otherwise the government had not stopped the judicial inquiry's and tell about the reasons by government , why government did not continued the judicial inquiry of this scam .

2.Bofors scam , 1987

This was the second biggest scam in the defence sector .Former prime

Minister , Rajiv Gandhi was at the centre of the Bofors Scandal or scam . After allegations that 64 crore was paid to Middlemen to facilitate the deal for the 155 MM Howitzer Guns from the Swedish firm AB Bofors . The allegations were first made by the Swedish radio . It was alleged that Ottavio quattrocchi , acted as a Middlemen in the deal and received a bribery . the deal for 400 hundred howitzer guns in the worth of 1.36 billion dollar .And in this case , the police or investigating agencies have found evidence against only against the Ottavio quattrocchi and many of other accused such as _ Rajiv Gandhi , hindusa brothers are clinical chit by the Delhi High court in 2004 and 2005 ..The Delhi High court quashed all charges against.

Hindusa brothers . The Supreme court dismissed the CBI appeal against the Delhi High court , 2005 Judgement , discharging all the accused on the ground of delaying in filing of the appeal against the May 31 , 2005 Judgement of the Delhi High court .

In India , The limitation act provide limitation period in which the appeal should be file otherwise there is no effect of appeal of time barred . The limitation period is so good but not in all cases because if the the police or CBI found adequate evidence to prove the offence ,then the court should not dismissed the appeal filed by the police or give relaxation of limitation period in respect of corruption cases .So , therefore , the scam can be sought before the Public because this is related to the taxpayers money and it is against the India .

3.Barrack Missiles

India had planned to bought Barack Missiles from Israel . But Former President APJ Abdul Kalam was opposed to this weapons systems .India had bought 7 Barrack Missiles from Rs.consisting 1150 crore from Israel . The CBI had registered on FIR in 2006 .Former Treasurer of the Samata party R.K. Jain was arrested in that case . The CBI had questioned why the system was purchased or bought even after the DRDO had raised its objections . According to the CBI , Missile system was purchased at much higher rate than that initially quoted by Israel .

It was also alleged that the then defence Minister - George Fernadiz had ignored the view of scientific advisor . In this scam also - CBI closed Barack Scandal case for lack of Evidence .The person who are involved in the scam are very intelligent , they are no left a evidence . So that they are not arrested by the police and punished by the court .

4.Rafale Deal -

Firstly , The Rafale deal was started during the UPA government but it did not final due to some reasons .After the coming of Modi government , the Rafale has again started .In September 2016 , India signed an Intergovernmental agreement with France , in which India purchased 36 Off the shelf of Dassault Rafale twin engine fighter for a price estimated to be Rs.58000 or 7.8 Euros .In this deal , the Congress accused the present government of causing insurable loss of taxpayers money by signing this deal worth 58000 crore rupee because in this deal , Anil Ambani led Reliance Defence limited had been unfairly picked to be French firm's Indian Partner . The Congress also alleged that this deal is not transparent But the defence Minister Nirmala Sitaraman said in the Parliament , the details of the deal was not disclosed as per the Intergovernmental agreement as it is a classified information and she also said that this deal is transparent .This first question arises in this connection is how the citizens will be know about this deal that is a transparent if the Price of One fighter plane is not disclosed by the government .every citizens wants to know on which rate one fighter plane had bought by the Indian government and also want to know , Why HAL is not chosen a offset partner by the The Dassault aviation . HAL has a great experience to manufacturing the Fighter jets and HAL also upgraded the Indian Air Force fighter jets , HAL has made a Tejas fighter jets which is a 4.5 generation .so therefore , it is called that HAL has great experience .In this deal , A French Journalist claimed that former French president Francis Hollande has reportedly said in an interview that Anil Ambani's Reliance Defence industries was selected as the local partner of Dassault Aviation for Rafale fighter jets because its name was proposed by Indian government . If we are not believed this information , then also a question arose why the Private Defence Industries which has no experience in manufacturing of fighter jets , was selected as an a offset partner with the Dassault aviation instead of HAL .

A one Hand , if the government said that there is no role of choosing a offset by the Dassault Aviation .Then Also government have a power to dismissed this deal and if this deal is not dismissed, the government presserise the Dassault aviation to chose a HAL as a offset partner because in this deal during UPA government , it was proposed by the government that 10 jets were directly bought from the Dassault aviation and other jets were manufacturing in India , with a HAL .And earlier it was proposed also that the technology was also transferred by the Dassault aviation to the HAL.. The present is said in one hand that we promote Make in India .Then why HAL does not involved in this deal .it is dual character of the government .Although the Rafale deal case is pending in a court . And today a Rafale deal is a big issue , then another issued arose in CBI . In Number one and number two of officers . In the CBI , Alok Verma said in the SC , I am removed and suspended from CBI director violating the provisions of the Delhi Special Police Establishment Act ..The question arose in this situation , in a chief investing. Agency such issued happened where number 1 officer alleged allegation to other for the charges of corruption .then it's arose a question of

Because CBI has important role in the corruption cases .

5.Augustawestland Bribery Case

In 2010, India agreed to buy 12 AgustaWestland Helicopters for the VVIP's built by Italian defence manufacturing giant Finmeccanica at an estimated cost of RS.3600 Croce rupee .The purchased cleared by the previous UPA government .In this deal , the CBI alleges Christian Michel was paid bribe totalling RS.295 crore to the deal in favour of AgustaWestland. .Before the bribery became public , three of 12 helicopters had been delivered to India .In February 2013 , then Agustawestland CEO and the chairman of Finmeccanica were arrested by the Italian police In 2013 , on charges of paying bribes to win the deal , then UPA govt cancelled the deal and enhanced the bank guarantee and ordered an inquiry , the process of cancel this deal , has completed in 2014 after the coming of Modi government .On December 5, 2018 , the Christian Michel , the alleged Middlemen in the Rs.3600 crore , AgustaWestland chopper deal , was extradited to India from UAE .In the Extradition of Michel , the interpol has helped to the CBI .Now CBI conducted investigation and asked the Michel , to whom political leaders and the person , the bribery given by you and The person related to this Case .I hope some information will be come to the public in respect of this deal .

Now , I told about the reasons and solutions for the cause of defence scams continue in India .Which are as follows -


2. trend of bribery

3.Lack of Independent Investigating Agency .Although CBI And ED are the Autonomous body but in the appointment and removal process of CBI director , the government plays an important role in the appointment and removal of CBI director . The CBI director should be appointed by the Central government but the removal process must be just like a SC Judge .So , that They are not influence of the Central Government and conducted investigation without any Political intervention .

4.More powers given to the Court.

5 Low salary and wages of the officers .

6 .Many political party

Solutions .

The first solutions is to give more power to the investigating agency such as CBI , ED And NIA and the court , and also removal process of the head or the director of the investigations agency must be just like as a Supreme court , so therefore , they can work without any government pressure , influence and the political intervention And The CBI must have power to investigate any Central government servant or public officers without the consent of the Central Government .Under section 14 of Amended Prevention of Corruption Act ,2018 , Prior Government sanction of the Central or state government to initiate investigation into corruption charges . Protection to government servants from arbitrary and unilateral action by investigating agencies . Prior permission of the government for conducting investigation against government servants is not right in all cases because if any corruption found or suspicious , the government may not give sanction for the investigation . So that the corruption can not appear in public .For the Better functioning of CBI , it has power to investigate against any government servants without the prior sanction of the government and the the SC also issued such guidelines for the investigation conducted by the CBI in respect of Corruption charges .And the trend of bribery system should be finished by giving a high amount of salary to the government servants ..ln India , there is no respect of best things , such as Agustawestland company ,Bofors and The Dassault Aviation are the best defence company in the world .The services and performance of their is the best but Indian political leaders does not recognised this until the bribe is not given by the company . Bribery does not given directly by the company . Under compulsion takes the help of Middlemen to win the tendor or deal in favour of company because there is a trend of bribery , although it is prohibited and punishable by court but this is continue.

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