The Human Trafficking in the World, or 
Victims of Human Trafficking 


Sachin Verma

� Copyright 2018 by Sachin Verma

This story of some girls which is affected by the human trafficking in the Europe .All of them knows that Romania became sex trafficking hub in a Europe because in the Romania , Women and girls are the most risk of human trafficking . This story tells about the some girls whose name are Christina Maria , Elena , Alina and Danielina etc .which is affected by human trafficking through their boy friends because In the Romania ,

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The human traffickers using the method of Lover boy scheme or method .According to this method , the traffickers begins a relationship with vulnerable women's and girls using psychological pressure and after that they manipulate them taking up a sex work for the maintaining the relationship .And all these girls also entanglement by this method .All these girl are adult and primarly lives in a Bucharest , the city of Romania .And the girls are undergraduate students of the Romanian University .

All these girls , Boyfriends names are Alexendru , Adrian , Florin , And Marian , they had constituted a group for the purpose of human trafficking in the Romania ,specially they are the agents of the Romania Mafia , which had the mastermind of this group , and not only in Romania but also another countries like as Bulgaria , Ukraine and Russia in Europe .And in every country in Europe , His agents are working for human trafficking , they are not only trafficking a major girls but also they are trafficking a minor girls also .We all of them known that For which purpose , human trafficking is conducted by persons , The purpose of human trafficking is for the sexual exploitation or forced , bonded labour or for the sex worker . And in the world , In present time , this is a very big problem in the world because In all continental or all countries specially undeveloped countries like India , Nepal and other South and South East Asian countries ,where there are also major problem of human trafficking .

In India, Also every year many girls and women's had trafficked from the state of West Bengal , Bihar , Odisha , Jharkhand and the other parts of the country .In , India , Some girls and women's are carrying from Nepal for the purpose of sex worker or Bonded labour .After carrying girls from the Nepal , These girls are bought by some Mafia and after this , they are again bought by foreign persons or Mafia for the purpose of sexual exploitation or bonded sex work .Although , the government's had made many rules for preventing the human trafficking in the country but the law had not great effect to prevent the human trafficking .We all of them known about the human trafficking if any newspaper or Media caught or Published this matter in the newspaper .And if we thought about this , How many girls are trafficked which had a no data or information to me .

In, India , We are all of them saw the small children who begged near a railway station or other places which had a age between 4 to 13 years and after the 13 years , those children where they gone , We have no information where they gone . In reality , These children are trafficked by Some international trafficker for the purpose of not only sex work but also for the purpose of human organ such as kidneys , liver and eyes of the children . In this story , All these girl are cheated by Alexandru , florin and Marian etc .Because firstly they all of them make a serious relationships with Alina , Christina and Maria .And I a normal relationship , boyfriend and girlfriend are going to date for each other .All these also happened , in this story .After making a serious relationship. For few days , every boyfriend of every girl which is tell in this story , they all of them go to the cinema for saw the movie and also go to the disco party and such other party such birthday party , new year , Christmas party , they all of them enjoys the party .

Every girl which is telling in this story , they do not have knowledge about the boyfriend of other friends although they all from the Bucharest and also a classmates of university but they do not saw the boyfriend of each other .And all the boyfriends of these girls have knowledge about the other because they are the agent of the To Romanian Mafia for the purpose of human trafficking .Now the situation is normal and all situations according to the serious relationships .We all of them know that in a serious relationship , Sexual intercourse committed by every boyfriends of each girls , they all of them became pregnant .

After the pregnancy of seven months , One day Maria has knowledge about their boyfriend through a mobile used by her boyfriend and specially heard the talks between their boyfriend and the Romanian Mafia . Maria shocked after hearing this talks ,, she was not to do in this context against her boyfriends because she was pregnant , after heard this talks , her boyfriends saw her and give a threat to the Maria , Her boyfriend Adrian said to the Maria , if you tried to call to the police , I will kill you .And due to the danger of both the life of Maria and her children , She could not take a legal action against her boyfriend. Although she wants an legal action against her boyfriend and she wants a big punishments should be given by the Court .But she was in under pressure .Something like that all other girls also have a knowledge of their boyfriends through the hearing of talks between their boyfriends and The Romanian Mafia and also the other means

.All these girls was in a under pressure and one day ,All these girls are carried by their boyfriends from Bucharest Romania to the Bulgaria . They all of them kept in a Hotel of the Roman Mafia where many girls like that of Maria , Christina Alina etc also kept in this hotel and from this hotel , they are sent to the other countries Because Mafia do a business of supply girls and women's to the other countries for sexual exploitation and other dealers of the Roman Mafia bought of all these girls and women's which is present in the hotel of Roman Mafia .All these girls are sent to the Bulgaria after sell by the Roman Mafia and after that two girls of these girls also sent to the Ukraine And Russia .So , Maria and Christina are sent to the Ukraine and Alina and Elena are sent to the Bulgaria .

Now , Every Girls are sent to the local Hotels and restaurants where the sex is done for a money and specially , all these girls have compelled to do to become a prostitutes because all of them under pressure .and many times , many times Rape was committed by the Person and all these girls are rape victim because many times , rape was committed by the person from every girls .One day Maria ,tried to rain away from the restaurants , she is successful in his efforts And by the prayer of God , All of them successfully run away from the brothel house And all of them have met together in London because after run away from the brothel they , all of them go to the Other safe countries of the the eastern and western Europe

.After they have met together , they all of them have start a compaign against the human trafficking and also spread a awareness against the human trafficking throughout the whole world and they all of them also tell about the deceiving by the Boys and male persons because every girls are deceived by their boyfriends .They all of them tells about the relationship .

They said that Relationship will be start by the female when she is complete knowledge of about their boyfriends otherwise this is a very bad result .Something like that which is happened to me or all these girls .So be very careful when any girls entering into in a serious relationship .After some times , they are also awarded by the United Nation because they have helped against the human trafficking in the world and the Maria has became a brand ambassador of the United Nations programme relating to the human trafficking .

We all of them know that human trafficking has happened in almost every countries in the world because the Mafia don through Money or other means , they committed such type of activities in the world and the many person had affected from this And a long numbers of person had no free from this activity because they are became a slave of someone and has a no freedom to returned his /her house .This is against humanity because every person has a right to live in the world according to natural and legal sense .

We all of them know that every person had died sooner or later , then why all these activities are committed by person Not only India but also other countries of Asia also have affected from the Human trafficking very year and many children's , girls and women's have loose their enjoyable life . I specially request to all the people in the society for not believe other person except blood relationship because people believed very soon on strangers and after that they have deceived the people .

Every characters , Names whether male or female , government's ,country name and also the content used in this story has no relation to any living or dead men or women's or incidents.The author has no intention to injury of any religion , person , caste or race ,colour ,sex ,country or court

Although this story is related to the real incidents but it is a fictional short story And the author have a intention to spread the awareness against the human trafficking and the cheating or deceiving by person in the society in respect of serious relationships .And this story or anything used in this short story had not challenged in any court in the world .

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