The Story of a British Lady


Sachin Verma

Copyright 2018 by Sachin Verma

Photo of international space station.

The story starts from the childhood of a British lady . Georgia was born in rich business family . the parents loved her too or so much . Her father was rich or top business man of the not only united kingdom but also in the world because the forbes magazine mentioned her father name every year in the top 100 businessmen in the world .and her mother was a science professor in the university of great britain . her parents do everything for the happiness of a beautiful baby , Georgia . Due to rich family , he studied in the most costly school in the United kingdom . She was not only Physically beautiful but also mentally beautiful because she was very talented and sharp minded lady.

In the childhood , one day Her father died due to road accident but there is more possibility of murder because many enemies wanted to kill her father and possess the property .At the time of death of her father ,she was only 10 year old .She had the only daughter of her father . she was very beautiful in childhood .her father was top business man in Great Britain .The Economic condition of her family was better .After the death of her father, then her mother dandled her . when she was 15 years old , her mother also died . At the age of 15 years , she was alone .After the death of her mother , she was tried to manage the economic or financial affairs of a company and business but could not succeed in this efforts . Then the Court had appointed Guardian for the Georgia and her company to manage the affairs of the company for a period of three years .Because after three years , she attained the majority .when she was 16 years old , she started the graduation in Science field . She wanted to become a Scientist .She was a very brilliant girl .During graduation, She was always got a good marks in the semester exam conducted by the University . Her position was in University in the topper class . she had more friends . she was a girl of open thoughts . She hold contention over any topic . All professor in the university knew about the extra ordinary talent of Georgia . Georgia had many hobbies during graduation for example,play Badminton , writing books and study , experiment and research relating to space and she wanted to receive more knowledge about the Universe . she spent many time in study , and after study, she was going to sports academy , in which she practice Badminton .and after she was returning to home .she was also attended the evening classes . I have Previously told that she was wanted to become a scientist .in science, the practical and experiment are very important . She had his own laboratory , in which she was did the experiment relating to science .she propounded many new principle in science .she was also did research in science and, space, technology . she liked to study the aeronautical engineering .During the final year of Graduation, many job offer were given by multinational companies but she did not accept these offer .After two years , of the completion of graduation , she became the famous space scientist . and wanted to go America because she wanted to research on the surface of moon . She was nominated by the British government to represent Great britain in NASA for research on the field of moon .because the space aircraft was going on the moon By the NASA and the scientist of other nations whose governments had sent his scientist for research on the surface of moon .She also lived for one year in International space Station . Reaching the space aircraft on the surface of moon , all scientist came out from Aircraft and conducting research on the field or surface of moon . Georgia has discovered new facts about the Moon and also propounded many new principles relating to the moon , which had not been previously discovered or propounded by any scientist in the World .After one year living in International space station , she was returning to earth from . The aircraft landed in New York Airport and she decided to return to the Great britain or home . , The British government and many government officials welcomed her .The queen of Great Britain awarded to the Georgia . In this Time , she was become most famous lady scientist in the World . Many international Prize was also awarded to her . Now she was major . And capable to manages the affairs of the company and her father business . She was made a Trust who works for the welfare or benefit of poor student .and also inaugurated the college for poor student .Now she was 23 year old and very beautiful .many boys or young scientist makes proposal for marriage to Georgia but all these proposal was not accepted by Georgia .she wanted to live alone . she donated a major portions of his property to her trust .On attaining the age of 24 , she accepted the proposal given by the top listed university of united kingdom for teaching science . After this she was appointed for the post of science professor in the university . During this period , She appointed the new Managing director of her own company . During the first day of her teaching in university , she feels good experience of her teaching and also student appreciated Georgia . many enemies of Georgia father , they wanted to possess the property of her father and Georgia . and also makes many efforts to succeed in this purpose but not succeed because Georgia Donated her father property to her own Trust and also she donated a large portion of her salary to a other trust . Trust are constitutionally body , and nobody takes the property of the Trust because Trust worked for the benefit or welfare of the people and government also promote for the formation of a new trust .

On Attaining the age of 25 year , suddenly on the valentine day three boys on the same time , proposes , to Georgia for marriage or said Georgia ,will you marry me? .whose name were Harry , Smith and Johnson .

Georgia demanded one day for those smart boys for decision because i was a matter of her whole life .. After one day ,she accepted the marriage proposal given by Harry and forward this message to Harry . Harry pleased when he achieved or received this message . and organised a big party . after this party , harry married to Georgia .

one day the enemies of her father or offenders abducted Georgia from her house .and Georgia demanded help from many people but nobody was helped Georgia during the offenders carry her .and offenders demanded money to the Harry . Harry reported this information to the police . and search operation and investigation were started by the police and special task force and Harry also assisted in search of the place or house where the offender abducted the Georgia . Finally police searched the place and began firing on both side ,police and offenders . and in firing accidently a bullet was shot got to harry 

After in few hours , harry died . this incident was very sadness situation for Georgia because now few days had been spent or passed on the date of marriage , and her husband died .this incident not only sadness for Georgia but also everybody in the world . now she was alone .

Now she was not concentrate to teach the student in the University .and few moths later , the situation had been normal . but this sadness events had changed the life of Georgia . Georgia had spent more time in study and experiments , and teaching .she was doing regular practice of badminton for the good health . Inaugurate a sports academy in London on attaining the age of 35 . Now although , she was teaching in the university but she attended the many international events , functions and seminars . She was also the International atomic energy agency

She was called by the top listed university of united kingdom for speech in special occasion and united nations had appointed Georgia a good will ambassador for promoting human rights . besides teaching in the University , she was going to America for conducting research in the field or surface of moon and mars because NASA space aircraft went to surface mars and moon for conducting search of water on the surface of mars and moon . on time to time and also participate all projects prepared by NASA

On attaining the age of 45 , she gave up teaching .And British government appointed Georgia chief Scientific Advisor of government . she drafted the missile and space project of Great Britain .and give advice to the government in formulating missile program and a new policy relating to Space and Missile . She also assisted in making a atom bomb of Great britain . She also helped engineer in making of fighter Aircraft or Aeroplane .

On attaining the age of 55 , she spent time in writing books relating to science and space program , her autobiography or fiction and novel . now these days She had a more time to research in the space program because no governments work . In these days Georgia had study more time or a shorter period of 8 hours per day and also conducting , research , experiment and propounded some new principle or fact relating to space . Georgia had a reputed lady or scientist . She helped poor student regardless of nationality , sex , race ,caste or religion or place of birth .

On attaining the age of 65 , now she was very old and had a small period for enjoyment in life .Some friends of Georgia were died . in these days , she told me that She gives the property to anybody but before giving the property , a condition imposed by Georgia upon that person to use this property for the benefit or welfare of the people . I have previously said that Georgia donated her whole property to the trust . she said to me , these offenders took her happiness just like in one minute .My husband was died due to got shot . She further said that if my husband had been alive , Georgia or she is very happiness because she achieved everything such as property ,reputation , respect etc. . in present time she attained the Age of70 . ,

This story is an imaginary or fictional story of the author . And all characters used in this story are fictional or imaginary which has no relation in reality . In this, the author shall not be liable for any fact or name of the country , government , person or any body relating to United Nations or United Nations or gender used in this short story . There is no intention of author to harm or injury to any group , gender ,name, caste ,race , country or any government in the world .these characters are mentioned for making interesting short story .. This short story can not be challenged in any court in the World ., I request to all reader , to apologies me if any fault or mistakes in this story .This story is written by author for the purpose of enjoyment , make film by film producer to take my story And message to the society , country of the people living in the world .

Because in the society , some people are very selfish, they could be done everything for its own benefit .Some people also committed serious offence such as murder , robbery , rape etc . In this short story also , offender abducted Georgia for property or money and in searching of Georgia , her husband died due to firing by the offender . Although Georgia had been saved by the police , in spite of this , all happiness had lost because her husband died . In the world , there are many example of this type in all countries . Offence against humanity , in all countries in the world , the number of offender are increase per year . this is an important demerit of every civilized society and should be prevented by everyone living in the society and concerned government of the country .

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