The Laziness


Sachin Verma

Copyright 2018 by Sachin Verma

Photo of a lazy man.

This short story deals with laziness of a person .person or man by nature , born In negative thinking , man does not want to work , the laziness not only present in the person but also present in all living creatures present in the environment . in the daily life , all peoples feels laziness towards their work .Every person are lazy whether the quantity of laziness is low .laziness in a person by birth .i in India , the number of peoples who feels laziness very large and high because , in rural area in India . peoples do not work . Why India is not the category of Developed countries . ? The answer of this question is laziness . because indians are not active towards his work or action rather than ,European countries or developed country . In ancient time Indian Hindu culture was great , and the country was very powerful .in ancient time , Indian culture teaches the whole world . because Indian civilization is the oldest civilization in the world .But in th medieval period , the Indian did not want to search other country .and there is a famous principle given by the Brahman , if the go to abroad , then my civilization will be impure .which has effect that Our county not in the category of developed country . if the Indian search other place or country , then the country is develop . every person want to sleep more hours . Due to laziness some person do not get success in our life .

we accept this principle if you want to do something then , no difficulty can not defeat you . all peoples want to get success in our life but due to circumstances which defeats the peoples to get success in their life . we all of them feels laziness in small work example , not to take medicine , not to take proper food , not study and going to do morning walk or exercise which help to improve not only health but also overcome health expenses , because not to do exercise , then there is a possibility of various disease example , Sugar , blood pressure and heart attack ,obesity or fatness , .to prevent all these desease people spent more money some of them have died due to these disease , while all these diseases can be prevented by the do proper exercise and Yoga . Yoga help to remove physical and mental disease . Doctor told to patients to take medicine in proper time and proper manner ,and to do exercise and yoga .but many patients do not follow or obey the advice given by Doctors . I describe why peoples feels laziness , firstly these type of people do not concentrate our goal or purpose , and people do not to do .and also people wants to feel it . if people active or concentrate our goal , there is very less possibility of laziness .

If any country in the category of developing countries or undeveloped , then there is possibility of Citizens not to do work in proper manner or not to perform their duty .

All people wants to get success but does not work or concentrate their goal or purpose , although there are many factor which a person was not get success but there is more possibility of laziness .laziness is a negative thinking , to not do every work . in this type of person very large , if a man or citizens will not work , then there is no possibility of progress or development . so therefore there is also no possibility of nation development or the development of country because nation or country is a group of citizens or persons , the people of which country do their work and contribute in nation building , then that country will be definitely developed . the development of any nation in the world , the role of citizens in the development of any nation in the World , is very important ., if the citizens of any country is uncivilized , passive nature of work , not to perform their duty or laziness , then those country can not t be developed . for the progress , there is an environment of positive competition among citizens . many example present in the world , although the citizen Of country in a difficult circumstances ,their citizens have progress or development .and increase the importance of our nation in the world .for example some countries such as , Japan , Singapore , Israel , UAE etc .everyone knows that the atom bomb was dropped on the city of Nagasaki and Hiroshima in Japan by American airforce during the second world war in 1945 . which on bad effect on environment .many peoples had been burnt just like one one minute . according to the report of united nations , two Lakh peoples had been burnt by the atom bomb . and radioactive waves spread over the environment which causes or effect shall have permanent., child was born in a blind , Dumb or hearing impaired and halting situation .radioactive waves or rays change the gene of people lives in the city of Hiroshima and Nagasaki . and Today people not work in a proper manner.this effect became permanent . the condition of Japanese economy after the end of second world war was very bad but Japanese people do no surrender in front of difficulties and face the situation , and due to the efforts and work hard by citizens , japan has great position or status in the world . in this efforts Japanese governments had a good role .Japanese people do work more hours than other nation's citizen . In the technology ,science and automobile , high speed bullet train, Japan has Top position in the world . if the people of japan are laziness , then japan has not get position which has possess in present time . laziness is a very bad condition of a man .

Second example

I talk about Singapore . After Independence , the economic condition of Singapore had not good.there is a large number of poor people , but hard work done by the citizens of Singapore , then the Singapore has great importance in the world . and Today , Singapore is most costly city in the World . Singapore has a Strategic Importance , because Many International events has been hosted by Singapore .Recently The meeting between President Donald Trump And north Korean leader Kim_ Jong Un will be in Singapore .Singapore . if the citizens of Singapore are laziness , then Singapore never reaches its Goal and not get status which in present time possess it

Third example , Israel

Everyone knows about the origin of Israel , a new country born in the world in 1948. When Nazi i killed the jews or the Jewish people in Germany under the dictatorship of Hitler , then the people of Jewish religion spread the whole world . and in 1948 . all the people who believes in Judaism , gathered and by the cooperation of America and United Nation , A new country originate in the World .Israel is a small country not only in geographical area but also Population .However in present time ,Israel is a very powerful country , and Israel sells missiles , lessor bomb and supply military necessity to India , China ,Singapore ,Philippines etc .in the field of science and technology ,Israel in the top position . To make powerful country , the role of Israeli citizens is very important . In Israel , there is a provision in Constitution Of Israel , compulsory military service done by the citizens for male one year and female three year .

All these example which I have previously described , so that all readers know this that the develop of any nation , the role of citizens is most . And as the citizens so the country

According to Hindu methodology " Work is worship "

According to hindu methodology , work or duty is primary rather than other things because if a man does not perform his duty , what will be eaten by man . The situation of laziness is very top position during study. And after this ,man comes into the position of parents .Then there is more responsibility and there are less possibility of Laziness but some bad parents , feels laziness in conducting their , although there are more responsibility imposed upon them , however they are in the condition of laziness because they have not anxiety about the future of their children .Many students has been due to laziness . I talk to some peoples and friends who told me , I also in a laziness condition . We all thinks that we did not get success , but these people do not think that laziness ia an important factor which defeat me to achieve success in life .

I appeal and request to everyone , please concentrate our goal and do not waste time and not feel laziness .

I hope ,that some readers has like this short story .and also share among his friends .

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