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Riders on a trail.

This story is about the time I got to ride horses in the mountains through a trail.

Are you ready to ride the coolest horse we have here today?” asks the instructor as I follow him over to a pretty white horse.

“This fella’s name is Perkin’s.” he continues.

“This horse looks cool,” I say as I get on Perkins.

“You sure are right about that.” the instructor tells me.

Once I’m on Perkins, we all start to head out on our horses.

Wondering what the name of everyone else’s horse is, I ask Evie. “What’s the name of your horse, Evie? Mine’s name is Perkins.” I call out to Evie, two horses in front of me.

“My horse’s name is Popcorn,” Evie calls back.

“That’s a cool name,” I reply.

As I look around I notice the beautiful mountains and how this view is better than anything I can see back at home. I take it all in as we continue to make our way further into our ride.

Wanting to take a picture my mom gets out her camera and asks me to pose with my brother and sister on their horses. We all turn around and smile. Then we get tired of pictures and want her to stop.

Part way through the ride, Evie’s horse stops and poops. Then Evie decides to call her horse Poopcorn instead of Popcorn. I think that’s a funny idea.

Even though it’s hot outside the ride is enjoying and relaxing. I look around and notice all the mountains and trees surrounding us in this beautiful atmosphere.

Soon I’m starting to get hot in the blue jeans that I’m wearing today. The hot weather in these jeans is not the most enjoyable part of the ride.

I ask Evie how her horse is doing as we make our way through the trail.

“Popcorn just wants to eat everything, but the instructor said he can’t. He’s a horse that likes to misbehave.” Evie tells me.

“That’s funny. My horse isn’t really interested in eating anything, but that’s a good thing.” I reply

We keep talking for a little while and then we start to head back the way we came.

Riding horses was fun and so far, this ride was awesome.

I really enjoyed riding Perkins. He’s probably my favorite horse and the only horse I rode that day.

I haven’t ridden, so this is an absolute treat. The experience that comes with riding horses is stunning.

I lean forward and stroke Perkin’s long, soft white fur and then pat him on the back. So far on this adventure, Perkin’s has been a well- behaved horse, not causing trouble at all. Good traits for Perkins to have is that he listens well and obeys.

I think Perkins was a good fit for me and resembles me as a horse. Perkins and I definitely share some of the same character traits, that’s for sure. We were paired together and that was a good choice.

A unique horse is certainly how I would describe Perkins, seeing that he stands out from the other horses.

We start heading up the mountain trails. This was my favorite part of the ride.  

The mountains were all shaded so we were away from the blazing hot sun.

“Katie, isn’t this amazing?” I ask.

Katie replies “This is super awesome! I love riding horses!”

I finish our conversation by saying “That’s always nice to hear! This really is a blast!”

My brother’s horse’s name is Warrior and Evie’s horse is his nephew. That was a cool fact, we learned while riding horses.

To me, riding horses can get hard.

My back and legs started to hurt, but nevertheless, I continued on.

Regardless of whether it was hot or cold outside, we still had to wear jeans.

Knowing that our horseback riding journey is coming to an end soon, I take the time to really focus on these last minutes with Perkins.

As we head up the mountains, I can smell all the fresh flowers located in the woods.

This is one of my favorite activities from the trip and I definitely want to do this some time again in the future.

The ground below us is a smooth wet brown texture from the rain.

Going on, we get farther through the woods at a great pace.

All the pretty leaves and birds chirping are relaxing and I enjoy listening to the birds.

It is the middle of July and it’s very hot outside for a state that is located closer up north than south.

One thing is for sure, when I get back to the house, I am changing out of these jeans immediately. Boy it’s hot out here, even for being in the shaded woods.

As we head down the mountains, I feel relaxed and am just so glad that we had the opportunity to do this type of activity. It definitely was worth it, even if the heat was a little more than I would have liked it to be.

Now I have realized while on this horseback riding adventure that even though things might not turn out the way you want them to, you just have to focus on the positives and push away all the negative thoughts in your brain.

This adventure has been one that I will never forget and will always look back on in the future.

Someday I hope my kids will get to have this same adventure that I was able to have.

As we exit the mountains and come across the road, we notice another horseback riding group pass us as they are starting their journey through the fields and mountains.

We finally reach the very end of our horseback riding adventure and have to get off.

I hop off the horse and pet Perkin’s fur as I say goodbye to him. I turn around and walk towards the fence.

Like I said this is an adventure that I definitely will do again sometime in the future.

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