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Richard Loller

The Bad Cat

Carp Pits Along The Buffalo
June 13, 1979

Photo of Richard around 1976.  (c) 1977 by Richard Loller.
Richard about the time of the Preservation Foundation founding in 1976.

Richard Loller has been a book lover since before he could read. His fondest memories are of sitting on his mother's lap while she read from one of his favorite books. He was born in 1941 in Ticquasate, Guatemala, where his father was working as a Caterpillar tractor mechanic for the United Fruit Company. 

He and Sherry have lived in the same house on the banks of the Cumberland River in Nashville, TN, since just after they were married 44 years ago. Richard oversees the Preservation Foundation and writes a short story now and then. Sherry, a children's book author and former copy editor, helps edit PF stories. Richard plans to devote full time to the PF on retirement from his job as broker with Smith Barney. "Oh Lord, let it be soon."  May, 1998

Update 2022 - Richard retired from Morgan Stanley on June 30, 2010.  His firm had, over his 31 years there, kept changing its name, but he only changed firms once.  In 1981 he left Dean Witter Renolds for Shearson.  Shearson,  through many mergers, was finally bought by Morgan Stanley who had long before bought Dean Witter. So, just before retirement he came full circle, in a sense, back to Dean Witter.  

In May of 2010 their home on the Cumberland River flooded, along with much of Nashville, so his last week of employment was fairly chaotic.  He and Sherry now live in a house four doors up the street Sherry designed and had built .  They still own the old house where Richard has his vegetable garden.  The new house in next door to his daughter Travis and her family, which includes James, who took over Richard's book of brokerage business, and two sweet grandchildren, Zinnia (15) and Lucas Elizabeth (12).   Richard feels he is a very lucky old fellow. 

March, 2022

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