A Candle Named Tearless

Rica P. Bertulfo

© Copyright 2023 by Rica P. Bertulfo

Image by Andreas Lischka from Pixabay
Image by Andreas Lischka from Pixabay

Once upon a time, in a Light Castle, candles lived and sparkled differently on their own. There was one candle named Tearless that was envied by other souls because she never melted ever since she knew how to start a fire in her. She is also known as a candle that carries the brightest fire among them. Hence, not everyone around her likes her because of something she possesses, and yet it doesn’t bother her, she still sees the best in her even without their support and appreciation. Tearless never once put out her fire since she was born, and nothing serious has happened in her life that was able to put an end to that flame. Because of the amazement she feels, gives her confidence whenever she walks with the crowd.

I am a candle who never melts!”. She would almost every day say it to herself happily. Every eye will stare at her with much jealousy and little admiration. Aside from being the brightest candle, she has a jolly personality, is bubbly, and is a candle who seems to be unproblematic about life, so, other candles frequently talk about her.

She is always happy, that's why she never melts.” said the one candle.

Is she immortal?” asked the other.

Does she ever get sad?” one candle whispered.

Somehow, they believed that a candle melts not just because of the fire it has carried but also because of life's challenges and sadness that is somehow consuming their life quite faster than they thought. And yet, why is tearless never melts? Every day, tearless walks confidently while taking an endless journey, without any destination at all. Being proud of herself. Though the sun just rises she still has a fire in her, roaming around her neighborhood or even far away from the castle and other candles that see her get curious.

It’s early in the morning, why don’t you put out your fire?” a candle shouted. She just smiled and told them that it was fine since she never melts anyway. All day long she carries a light with her, morning, noon, and at night. Believing she’s prepared even if a disaster unexpectedly comes.

"She's boasting about her fire." the other candle sadly uttered.

"I hope she'll melt." the envious candle wished.

But one day, a great wind came. It was the first unusual situation she ever faced. Tearless hides under the trees but it’s still blowing the fire in her, then she hides behind the woods and yet still the great wind continues as if it’s following her. She’s starting to feel afraid. Tearless cannot find a safer place, she doesn’t know what will happen if the fire is blown out by the wind.

The breeze continuously makes the leaves dance, and the mere fire tearless carries with her is now trembling so much as her knees. Then the moment that she had always been fearing happened, the fire went out. She didn’t know what to do, it was the first time she felt that she wasn’t the luminous candle anymore. Tearless is left puzzled while the wind is slowly fading.

All she can see is blackness. There was no light around her, she felt helpless and weak. She wanted to cry but fear was much stronger than all else.

I can just ask for help. They can lend me a little fire” she told herself. But on her way to ask for some help, she noticed that something was wrong with her. Each step got lighter as if drops of water were pouring out from her, but then she assumed that maybe it was just raindrops. So, she keeps on walking, and a moment passes when she suddenly feels like everything around her is getting taller and bigger. Although she isn’t supposed to check on herself, she still does and just finds out that there is something wrong.

I am melting!” she exclaimed. The shock was followed by heaviness, she couldn't believe what was going on with her. Tearless had seen her weakness and wanted to ask for help courageously but she was immediately swallowed by pride. After all the boasting she showed them, she cannot ask for a small favor from them.

So, she just hid under the tree, without any hope left in her, and still wondered why she was melting after the fire was out.

In a short period, while enduring the sorrow, she heard loud giggles coming near her location, the other candles were happy enjoying the wind, swaying their bodies left and right like they were used to it even without a big fire above them, they were happy. However, tearless is still quiet and just letting herself melt but as they get closer, the joyous candle sees her. No matter how desireful she is, to hide, tearless fails. "What happened? Are you okay?” the other candle asked. She didn’t say anything, all she could feel was embarrassment like she’d prefer to melt instantly than to be seen by the crowd for her weakness which is so different from what others have experienced.

I’m okay…Hmm... Nothing to be worried” she nervously explained and forced a smile. They knew Tearless was suffering. Without any hesitation, the other candle still has a fire with her and takes up the courage to give Tearless a small spark that brings back the fire in her, little by little. Until she became the brightest candle again.

You’ll be okay.” A candle said. They joined tearless under the tree and every time the wind blew her fire they’d be there for a rescue. Tearless loved the company she encountered and slowly regained the strength and confidence she lost.

I am Rica P. Bertulfo, a 21-year-old lady who lives in the Philippines. Ever since I was in high school, I desired to be a writer, a novelist, or a poet. I simply love writing my thoughts. Though I live far from the rural areas, I enjoyed living here with my family, loved and adored. This story taught me so much about being a humble human being we should be as we live in this world.

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