The Shadows Of The Night

Rhode Flores Ward

© Copyright 2001 by Rhode Flores Ward

I am a roaming walking shadow in the night, that does not wish to love, it hurts too much, it pains way deep inside my sad and empty soul. A world of dreams has come alive at long, long last, why now? But when I think, it breaks my heart, it is an all consuming, burning agony.

 I look within with fear and trepidation, I wish not to confront what I might find.

 Don't wake, dear dormant feelings, remain behind the safe locked doors. The bliss of tight closed shades, for ever more I crave this sad and lonely night.

 Like sepulchers that hide the dead, that feel no pain or joy, that have no needs.

 A melody too sweet, with soaring chords and harmonies cause deep discord. I'll seek once more the comfort of the long dark night, a cape to hide, to heal.

 Perchance my dreams will fade away and never will return to haunt my soul. Then I will seek once more the nothingness, like a tight protecting shroud.

 I wish this tortured naked soul to hide, away from probing eyes and shadows.

 How do I break the spell of dreams uncalled, confusing thoughts, a life not mine?

 I wish not to be free to dream, but rather hide in deep and everlasting night.

 Torment me not, you sleeping words and thoughts, I pray thee, take flight and go.

 Once there were dreams and passions, melodies and notes to fill the whole, whole earth.

 But lack of use have turned them into heavy, rusty chains, that can no longer fly and soar, no more to fill the earth, to wake old weary bones to life, I pray thee now, do leave in peace.

 Alone I must this day my life to live, disturbed not now by dreams impossible and therefore sad.

 I seek, I search, I long, I cry, I hide, I think no more, for ´tis a heavy burden on the soul.

Come night, hide me, delay not one hour more, I need you now, come, come, make haste.

I have been a free lance translator for over 35 years, born in Madrid, Spain and lived between Spain and the USA all these years. I also have a novel published in Spanish, "Amanecer entre sombras" and have 3 more in English, that I would like to publish some day. I have written articles for 3 different magazines in Spain and a couple in the USA and once got a merit award for a poem in English. I had over 70 poems, both in English and Spanish, but it was somehow lost. I love music, mostly classic, Israeli and Irish and travelling, meeting people of different races and cultures.

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