My Experience at Alabama

Reagan Perry

© Copyright 2022 by Reagam Perry

Photo by Jimmy Conover on Unsplash
Photo by Jimmy Conover on Unsplash
Have you ever been to a place that youíve never been before? I went to Alabama for a football game on October 7, 2022 with my parents. It was a long 8 hours of a Friday, but it was so worth it. We stopped at Texas Best Smokehouse to get snacks, drinks, and decorations. On our way to Tuscaloosa , Alabama , we listened to Taylor Swift, 90s Alternative , and Modest Mouse. A hotel was booked in advance , and whenever we got there to check in, they said that the hotel had been trying to call us for a week saying that our room was given up. So in response, we had to drive all the way to Birmingham to get a new hotel room. After we got settled, we went to eat at Slice Pizza . The pizza was very charred, smokey, and delicious.
On Saturday, the game would start at 7 PM . We got dressed, ate breakfast downstairs, and then headed out to the stadium. Whenever we got there, we were welcomed by men screaming profanities at us, Texas A&M. Our team beat them 41-38 in 2021 with a field goal, so we were all hoping to win this time, as well. Yet, we didnít. We took the loss home with us to Texas, and now whenever we play them again, we are certainly going to win. 
Instead of going into the stadium,we went into the Alabama Student Center to see if thereíd be a bookstore there. Instead of a bookstore, we found a room full of LGBTQ+ stuff. Flags, newspapers, photos, and handouts. It was amazing, considering that I am part of the community. After that , we went downstairs to the merch store. I got an Alabama tie dye shirt, pom poms, wrist bands, and shakers for the game.After we bought our stuff, we walked around through the little area where the  Denny Tower is. We got food at Full Moon Bar-b-Que's food truck. As we were walking to the stadium, we were verbally attacked by all of the cruel Alabama fans. They kept telling us to go to hell, and that Jimbo was a piece of ďpoopĒ that deserved to die. 
Once we got into the stadium, we went to find our seats. They were at the top. The very top. It would be a workout just to go up the stairs, so for an hour, my dad was on Ticketmaster trying to get us new seats. I was very impatient and I didnít know what we were going to do. All of a sudden, my father tells my mother and I that we are moving . As we are going down the spiral staircase, Alabama fans kept saying ,Ēf**k Texas A&M'' . I just brushed it off, and we ended up moving to the section by the field goal. The Texas A&M section was right next to where we were sitting, so I was able to do the ď Beat the Hell outta BAMA !Eh- WOO '' whenever it came up. As the game kept going, we kept cheering on our team and , even though we lost, it was an amazing game. During halftime, we unexpectedly saw one of the family friends and said hi to them. Their son is Nigel Smith , who has been offered many positions at colleges for scholarships for football .

Once the game was finished, we left and went back to our hotel room. Walking toward our home away from home, there was a group of old men standing at the doors. So I told my mom that we should go the other way, so we did, and inside by the elevators, there were more old men. Creepy. My father said something to me, and then all I could hear was the guys saying, ď Now thatís a dad.Ē In the elevator, I told my parents what the guys had said, and they just laughed. At least I made them laugh. We all took showers, and got ready for bed, and then about 30 minutes later, my dad falls asleep and starts snoring. My mom and I were just watching the TV when all of a sudden we hear our door open, and we look at eachother. ďMaybe it was the wind?Ē, I said, but I was positive that it wasnít . It probably was the people from across the hall getting into their room. Most likely other A&M fans. 

In the morning, we got dressed, went downstairs for breakfast, and then left. The car ride was really boring, considering that I had nothing to do because I got my phone taken away. I slept for about 3 hours before we got to a complete stop. I woke up, and my mom groaned. I knew what that meant. Traffic.I hate traffic. I get that people have to be somewhere, but itís insane. Take another route. Out-of-towners are here. We are trying to go back to Texas, and it is going to take forever. Many cars were honking at us and we all got mad.

After all that, we went to a Buc Ee's nearby to get some snacks. I got some Albanese Gummy Worms, and a cream soda .  About 2 hours later, weíre back in Texas so we stop at Texas Best Smokehouse again to go to the restroom and eat. Since I'm a vegetarian, I didnít eat any of the meat, but I did get Sonic, which was built into the store. 
I got my momís computer and played Roblox on it. Once the computer died, I fell asleep one more time. 
It was a really fun trip, and I would do it again, I just donít want all the stress that was included with this. Alabama is so pretty, and if I didnít get into UChicago, I would probably go to Alabama University to study writing. This experience was a journey, for sure, but isnít everything? I mean, itís not everyday that you get to go to another state for a weekend for a football game. But, that was the place Iíve never been to before. Alabama.

 My name is Reagan Danielle Veronica Perry from Melissa Texas, and I have dreamt of becoming a writer since I was about 9 years old. My goal is to go to U Chicago to study Social Sciences, and get a degree in writing.

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