Story List and Biography
P. S. Gifford
That Special Day
Reflections In The Morning Light
The Tree Of Hope
Sid's Birthday
My Best Friend, Eddie
Four Short Stories
The Yorkshire Honeymoon
A Wonderful Succession of Coincidences
Zed's Adventure
The Great Shoe Caper
The Curious Account of the Castlegregory Banshee
The Gatehouse Bet
A Father's Gift
A Second Chance

The Rat Chronicles
Barbados - The Crown of the Carribean
The Cucumber Man
Lady Edith Winslow's Demise
An Unforgettable Trip Home
The Cat Lady
The Dentist Visit
Tales of the Road - Life of an Uber Driver
The Kiss
Chocolates and an Ukulele

Paul Gifford was born in Birmingham, England, but has called California home for many years. He has appeared in dozens of anthologies, magazines, and has four collections of his stories available under P.S. Gifford from all good on-line booksellers. He is active on the convention and book signing circuit and is currently working on his first novel.

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