The Bestowment

Princess Christine Carlobos

Copyright 2020 by Princess Christine Carlobos

Photo by Ayo Ogunseinde on Unsplash
                   Photo by Ayo Ogunseinde on Unsplash

"Be alert and of sober mind. Your enemy the devil prowls
around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour."

                                 1 Peter 5:8

I felt the spasms of the muscles on her throat --- felt them on the skin of my palms --- glorious, desperate spasms! --- as I wrapped my hands tighter around her neck. I never thought it would feel like this, I never knew it would! I trust the Word of the Lord, and the Word of the Lord commanded me to purge Lilith that resides inside her. --- Why, yes, yes I did! I saw Lilith, I saw the she-demon itself that day she sauntered in front of me, her skirt indecently above her knees, blue denim on her pale thighs, her breasts about to burst from the white low-cut blouse she wore. She tried to tempt me that day when she looked at me and smiled. But I saw clearly, with my eyes blessed by His grace, that she wore ... sin! 

"... Guuurrrrggghhhhh...."

--- The bright red lipstick she painted on her mouth! Like blood that flowed inside the veins of the wicked. Yes, that was when I knew, without doubt, that she had welcomed Lilith inside her. It didn't stop her from trying to tempt me --- no, not at all! But I resolved to not fall. So strong was my will, so deep my faith, that God granted me the task to bestow His wrath upon her. How does she feel now that a servant of God has come to exact righteousness on her wicked ways? How many days I've anguished, I've planned, I've thought of how I would rid of her as I watched her consorting with every man every night, asking the Lord if it was the right time... until He finally said yes.

"... Rrrghhhg...."

And yet, and yet! It was only when the Lord said yes that I carried out His command. In the days I've anguished I planned on how it must be done, and where! You see, you see I watched her closely! I knew she would be alone tonight. So I waited for her - here, on this very night -  on this dark corner of the street where she would always pass on her own after desecrating herself with every men she knew. So patiently I waited, until at last (at last!) she was before me. No one would know how blessed, how sacred it felt when I finally grabbed her and placed my hands around her neck! She did not even have the time to scream! How hallowed my fingers were when, one by one, He guided them around her throat and I felt her sinful flesh on my skin!

"... Gruuuggghhrrggh...."

Now, now the bright red lipstick has smudged all over, and her fingernails that are as long as the talons of the devil clawed first at my arms, then my hands. I felt them bleed, but it is nothing! I only heard the half-burbles from her mouth, half-burbles like the sound of a foul dog lurching its vomit to the ground. --- Grrlgg Grrlgg --- Revolting! I shuddered in disgust! Her eyes now grew wider, wider. Try as she might she could not cry, no, she can't, for the Lord will not let her. Her eyes watered, the tears falling to the sides of her face, and I looked at her eyes, her demon eyes (Lilith's eyes!), and I saw in them fear and hate. Hate! Hate for me? Hate for God's will!? Such heresy!

".... Ruggghhhhrggghhh...."

I pressed two thumbs hard on the middle of her throat. This was the proper way, the good Lord told me. This was how a vile vessel of the demon Lilith is to be rid: her throat must break, and there shall be no air left inside her. Press two thumbs just above the trachea. Yes, that's it. I did just that and, Lord, I have never felt such release! ------ I FELT EVERYTHING THEN! My thumbs straining against her windpipe, the ecstasy of bestowing the Lord's will on the wicked, the desperate claws of her hands against my flesh, the bright red lipstick now smudged with her tears, her full breasts so desperate against me, and her eyes her eyes -- her fearful eyes! Such pleasure! Such bliss! Praise be the Lord for He shall not show mercy to the wicked, and to His faithful servant He entrusts His holy will!

".... Urrghhhhurgghhhgghh..."

Her pale thighs quivered under me, and her full breasts heaved violently. Her breasts so full they threaten to burst from her shirt. So disgustingly sinful is she to still try to tempt me! Like before, I did not fall! ---- But now, now I saw her bright red lipstick turned pale. And from her siren-lips there spread so slowly a river of purple-blue that crawled to her nose, to her cheeks, and scattered to the rest of her slim face... My task is finally on hand!

"... Khh... hrr... rgh...."

I watched the purple-blue spread for I found it only brought me joy. Her arms, pale and soft, grabbed pitifully at me, but I pressed my two thumbs deeper on the middle-front of her throat --- Grhhgghhh --- my hands tightening, tightening! around her neck even more. This holy scarf I bestow upon you, I told her, in the Name of the Lord Almighty. Her eyes (Lilith's eyes!) widened and rolled upwards, I swear I only saw eyeballs of white! If she was praying to the good Lord for deliverance, the good Lord will not hear her now. Then, God finally willed the last of His wrath... I heard a gurgle from her mouth --- GrhhcchhgghhhChhhrrghhhhhChhrrgggghhhughhh --- and from inside her neck I heard a crack --- Prlopb! I felt her now hollow throat under my thumbs; so hollow it was as if the brittle bones were never there! Is this how it felt like? For again again again I found my release! I cried and I looked up and I prayed: Praise Be this Holy Task You have given me, for which I am forever Your faithful servant!

When her eyes froze open, the purple-blue river never left her, and she heaved her full breasts a few more times, until she breathed her last and her arms dropped to the sides. Gone was the bright red lipstick that flowed like the blood of the wicked on her lips, and I knew Lilith could not stay on a vessel that is without this sin. Everything about her was pale and stiff and purple-blue. She would no longer saunter in her skirt so high above her knees, her legs flailing to any man she sees... she would never again try to tempt another man! I carried her in my arms, and offered her to the worms of the soil where her body that was so full of sin would decay and turn to ashes. Praise be the Lord, praise this Holy Task He has given me!

Princess Christine Carlobos is a lawyer from the Philippines. She has been writing stories since she was fourteen years old, and has won awards for her writing.

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