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Photo of a rescued orangutan.

The side of war from our friends, The orang utan�


Rain pouring down from the skies on that winter month just like usual,I lied back to the tree with tought in my mind, it was the middle of june..
A usual month of banana growing fully and making so much of it fruit.. I love it.. I love it because i get a lot of food during the winter and family heart fully stayed beside me , Again . Just like any june it was really special because all of my family from the west , east and south are coming to this fertile, growing , and full of live , land.. All of our kind.. Our family, Gather.. On this special occasion.. They bring love..Live..and Story.. My heart say.. The place is full of live once more and hopely for many month become. One of my cousin.. named urula.. Taken by the place she is being birth at.. She�s born on north east area in kalimantan called urula..She�s been with me since i was climb my first tree and swing at my first branch..

kmart kurralta park

She�s come to me and say :
Mira.. Mira..� She greet me
Long time no see sister..� While still hug me she spoke
Noo..Not so long.. Or it is it is that long..?� I ask
Yeahh.. I over exagerrated it abit btw.. Hehe..� �But look.. We are all here again..�
Yeayy.. I miss. Miss.. This kind of moment so so much...�
Yess.. I miss it to..�
Urula come a long long way since this day.. From catching frog in Danau Kutai , Swimming in the river , or When i was crying because i can�t peel my first banana.. Yeah.. Thats true.. I can�t even peel my first banana back then,shame one me.. To be noticed.. Peeling first banana is the same as first word for human.. It�s a big thing in orangutan world and it�s a noble one to peeling a banana with passion and love.. So there i was.. a baby . Crying because she can�t peel her first banana..

We, I and Urula shared alot of thing .. From terrifyng experience , sad experience , and happy experience.. She is my best friend ever since..
All memories come back to life when this kind of event happend.. Our heart and mind seems like exploded with happiness.. Knowing that we are all lucky to be alive and blessed with a great family.. Sorrounded by many of beautifull god gift to us.. Just be wanted to enjoy and be shared by it life form.. We are so blessed with everything and indeed we are...
All of the sudden.. In the middle of the rain when we are all sheltering from the rain by banana leaf.. A sound come from those glimpsing mountain of kalimantan.. The sound that i remember and come from my childhood.. The symphony that my mother use to make when i was a child.. A distinguished sound that is hard to forget..

I say..
Urula..Do you hear that..?�
Hear..What..?" She ask..
The melodies..The rhythm..� I answer
Hmm..Let me..Let me hear..�
The melodies..The melodies..I used to hear this when i was a child..�
Shhh..Let me hear it... Yes Mira. I.. I hear it..� Urula say
I love this melodies.. I wonder where it came from..�
Yeah..I woder where it come from too mira.. I think it�s from the mountain over there..� urula pointing at the mountain on the east.
Yeah.. I think soo too.. What about we pay the place some visit..�
But it still raining.. I�m afraid we got something bad happened to us.. I�m afraid that we got sick mira..�
But..If we postponed our visit.. I think the sound will be gone..I�m afraid we will losing that sound..�
 "Okaay than if you insisting.. But i will not go entering that mountain..I will only accompany to the bottom of the mountain.. The rest is up to you mira..I will only watch you from the bottom on the mountain.. Is that clear..�
Yess..Yess.. Okay lets visit that place some visit..�
Okay lets go mira.. I�ll will bring this banana leaf as my umbrella..�
Okay.. Lets go.. Bring me one..�
The lovely melody take me back to the place when i was growing up.. My mother use to play the melodies when i was a child.. Like choopin on elise, it�s sounded like.. The sound was so beutifull in my ear .. Take me to my dream in my sleep..Make my day better than the way it was.. Make forgetting my tear in my mistake.. The melodies that bond mothership and daughtership relation. I�ll never forget that moment , and i never will.

That�s the beauty of memories , love , and bond we will never forget,Make you remember who we are and where we come from. Memories never fade away after everything is gone and desappears.. I lost my mother, yes.. i lost her.. That�s why every second with her is something special.. Something that i will never forget.. Every second is a life time in a dream seem like.. And every hour is a eternity. To bad i lose them so quick.. my every second of happiness is taken away because of human greed.

Part 1 ..Every Second Count..

My name is Mira.. I grow up on the eastside of kalimantan.. I�m a first child of 3, I�m an orang utan.. yes.. orang utan.. Maybe you thought it funny that i�m called the same as living human and being called human. Orang mean human or person in indonesia and utan mean jungle or forrest in indonesia, so orang utan mean people or human that lived inside the jungle. At least that what they called me.. and i proud of what i am or who i am.. So nobody can destroy that or take that, Untill god take it,For ever and For eternity.. I lived in a happy family.. I lived happily with my mom and dad.. Together with my 2 brother, That i loved and protect with my life.. Day by day, Is filled with laugh and joy of playing. We swing from one tree to another , Singing in the rain as the winter pass by. I always wanted to travel back in time to re experienced my day. But it seem like never happend and never will.We count everyday as a blessing and a hope for each of us.. Make every single second count and matter.. Before it all was taken away or even forgotten.

Every single details,when we together is unforgetable..Theres no sorrow also in our memories..Our memories is created,lived,and loved by each everyone of us.. It feels great and feels awesome, My dad always take me to the waterfall.He take me there usually in the middle of summer or in the end of the winter. We , Me and to of my brother, Evan and Brian. Always go there together with our dad.. We swinging countlessly from branch to branch, Picked flower that grow along side of the road , bother some bird along the way, Actually is my brother that bother the bird.. He is so childish that�s what he is..

When we arrive at the waterfall god and nature it magic..

Absolutely Stunning..It looked so beautiful� I stunned at the way the waterfall and the surrounding look.. God really taking well thought when designing it.. My brother.. The craziest one in our family.. Swinging front and back from branch preparing to jump into the waterfall.. My dad shout �Carefull..Be carefull there..Keep your eyes open..� My brother answer �Are you ready people..??� My brother..Ohh..My brother.. And then he jump to the pool of the waterfall...

Splashhhh...� The sound of the body pluming to the water filled with laugh and happiness surrounding us..With me too trying to follow my brother act.. I swing back at front to build my momentum.. Don�t forget that my dad also warn me about this jump..�Be carefull there.He says..� And i jump to the pool.. It was an amazing experience and an unforgetable one..We play with water non stop.. It started because my brother is the one who started it..and also he was the craziest one of our family.. My father join us too.. And my little brother.. That was carefully go down of the rock because he is afraid of falling because the rock is kind of slippery.. My father lift me and my brother to the sky and let us plum into the water.. �Splasshh� My brother say � It�s so refreshing dad.. I like it..� I say � Again..Dad..Again..� My little brother still trying to get down to the pond because hes to afraid to jump and falling.. To end the misery my dad.. Is helping him by carry him in his back..We ended up together at the pond.. Getting messy with each other,Playing,Having fun,And etc.. What a beautifull day that was..

After we was tired and hungry.. We stopped the activity and sit in the side of the pond..�Huftt..� I say �It�s a very tireding day huh.. But i�m happy..� I continued..My older brother still on the pond with my dad cause he feel like a superman and never got tired..My dad feel the same too..Aslong as his son happy.. He will never be tired of activity or wordfull of love. Every bird spread their love by chirping trought the sunny day.. With the flower being shown their beauty..Love of god seem never ending in this country.. And i love it..Never lose it beauty..Love..Facade..Is what it doing..Work of nature is very mysterious thing in the world.. They seem have two type..The one that you hated..And the one that you love..Just like faith theres a good one and the bad one..And now i enjoyed the good one..And i hope..I never ever enjoy the bad one..
But seems like i wrong.

Suddenly.. I hear a loud noise in the backround of our waterfall, A loud noise that soon alter my life..my love..and my perception. A loud sound blasting through the sky a couple of time accompany with the sound of tree fumbling onto the ground.. It shake the spirit of everyone in the jungle.

 �Booommmm,Doorr,Duarrr...Dugkss..� It sound so terrifying..The monkey and the bird express their feeling first by shouting,making commotion, Then accompany with the lion and the elephant..Making loud noise by roaring and trumpeting.. I said to my dad..�Daddy..Daddy..What is it..It so scary..� My dad quickly round us in the side of the pond including my brother..�Dont worry..Dont worry My dear..stick with me..� He said �Hold my hand..� He said..
Where is it come from.?� My brother said.. My younger brother have incredible sense of hearing and feeling said �It from there..Our home..Behind the mountain..� �Ohh.. My god..Our mom could be in danger...� He scream in scaryness �I have to get her..� He continue..�Kid..stay with your brother..� He order..�But..But dad...Let me come with you..� My brother said in spirit.. � No..You stay here with your sibling..and protect them..Wait untill it safe..If i dont come back..You know what happen..Take care of your brother and sister..� �No..dad..Noo..Dont go..� I said.. �But dad..� My brother replied.. �No..I said no..� �Stay here !!� He replied.. �Okayy..Dad..I stay here..But promise you comeback..� �Okay..son..I will keep my word..� Dad replied..�It better be not your last word dad..� I replied..

And then he left.
My brother take us to the secret cave behind the waterfall.. We wait there..While keep our worries over our head..With expection of everything bad that will happen to us , my dad , and my mom.. �What..If dad didn�t come back..?� I ask with worried �Shhh..Don�t said that.. Don�t said that one more time.. Just be patience..and keep praying,You know dad is a man of his word..��Lets just hold our hand..and hope for the best..� He ask as to round up and hold our hand.. We hold hand and then we pray.. Not much time after..We hear a sound..Very distinctive but very memorable..The sound slice the air within the water..It�s a man sound.. �Search every area..� This man shout.. Theres searchlight strobing it light to the waterfall.. I�m afraid that if the man find us we will be dead.. Every single one of us was scared and loosen ourself. I�m breathing harder and harder as the man come closer and closer to the waterfall.. I wanted to scream but i cant.. My heart pounding like not used to be.. Every seem to be slowing down..But i cant help it but just to be quiet.. The man searching and keep searching..And suddenly.. He come to our waterfall..
All adrenaline rushing.. In that moment..

Ohhh..god..Please..Please..Don�t let them catch us..� I say in my heart..

His footstep keep coming and coming.. I hold my breath and my scream as much as i can.. Same with all of my brother.. Suddenly... The tip of his weapon slicing through the dense of the waterfall.. We are all startled in that situation..Me and my brother hold hand as tight as possible..�What ever happen..Happend..�Say my brother..The tip of the rifle dashing cesessly in to the cave.. I�m sure we will be caught and killed that.. But suddenly.. A loud shout came from the upper side of the waterfall.. �Polisi hutan..!! Angkat tangan kalian..� Say the police.. Translated:�Rangers..Raise your hands up..�

Thank god help is arrived... The jungle bandit and animal hunter is running to all direction that they can think of.. Some even throw their gun away to the ground afraid that they will get caught using lethal weapon.. And the bandit on the waterfall..He�s slip and fall into the pond,Because of the suprise that the rangers give to them..at the end he get caught..

After a while �Is it safe now..?� I said to my brother..�No..Don�t go outside..Lets wait.For couple of minute..�He replied,�Brother..I�m scared..�My little brother said while he scaredly hug his leg..�I know.. But we will be fine..Trust me..�He replied.

Theres so much commotion outside the waterfall.. It happening because of the activity of the rangers..Cathing the bandit and thieves..

A loud sound of man slamming another man to the ground..With lies and aliby throwing eveywhere..With no man to blame but themselves.. Is this the world we living in ?..Seems like it is..

We wait and we waiting..We sit on the ground inside of the waterfall..Like moon and it eclipse we sit patiently for the beauty outcome.. When suddenly.. Everything was quite..Theres no sound of anybody..It was quite,We can hear the sound of the bird chirping again..�Is it over..?� My brother stood up while peeking outside the waterfall..� I dont know..� I replied.. He peeking and break throught the wall of the water.. Several moments later.. �It safe.. Come out..� He shout. We come out,Out of the waterfall.. Theres no sign of activity.. Probably because they move to the main area..Everything become silent.�Wheres dad..I got to meet him right now..� I try to run to our village but my brother intercept by hold my hand..�Where you go..?� He asked �I want to meet dad and mom...� I answer panicly �No..not right now.. It not safe..�

�At least pick another subtle road..Here let me guide you..� After the argument he led us to the more secret and subtle route..He call this �Milles 88�.Even though the route much more long and take some time to get passed..We still go through it because it much more safe for us.. Along the route, We can hear the sound of The ruckus because the ranger, I think. Still confronting the bandit and thieves..When we come to a much higher place..We see a smoke soaring through the sky.. Right when our home and village is placed.. �I�m afraid..that there�s something happen to mom and dad..� I said with tremble in my hand.. �Whatever happend will happend..Dont think negatively..� My brother said.. We continue walking along the lines.. With our hope and faith in our hand..With also the love of our parents..

With rain pouring down from the sky..We finally arrived on the hills where we can spot everything..We..We can forget what is happening in front of us..Tears start coming down from my eyes..Like at waterfall.. Draining my spirit with sadness..Even my brother say..�Turn yourself around..It�s not worth watching..� �Hfffttt..Huuuuueeuuu..� Tears start running down from my chin to my neck..We cry we weep in tears.. Couldn�t believe what happend right in front of our eyes..

Just how it could be..How it could that human with a sense of love responsible for doing all of these..Doing all of this destruction..If the most destructive weapon of all time is time..How come human greed beat them..It just doesn�t make sense.
I see our village is being burn and torn appart..The place where we run , play , share laugh , share love , share compation..Is destroyed right before our eyes.. Uncle robby house where i get my first doll is torn apart by bullet holes and burned down.. �What just happen.?!!?..� I started to cry more loud and loud while i sit to the ground.. Rain coming accompany my tears of broken heart,confusen rise through all of us.. My little brother stunned by the reality in front of us.. He say �How could they all do this..� He also sit to the ground watch all the fire goes burn all the tree to the ground.. We all sat there stunned. Waiting for the rain put out the fire..
After the fire is naturally extenguished by the rain..and the situation is under control because the ranger is taken control of the forest that we are living in. We dared ourself to go down the hill and go to our home.. My brother say �Is it safe already i think.. Lets go down the hill..Here Mira you hold my hand and Jonathan you hold mira hand..� I replied �Okay..brother..� We then goes down the hill with the direction of our brother..We goes down the hill with extra caution of everything.. Every step we take carefully. We the legendary old tree,jump a ditch, and helping our youngest brother from a ditch..Because his leg is so small he can�t jump a ditch..and we have to help him everytime we cross over a ditch or a inundation of water.. After 15 minutes of cautios walking we finally get close to our home..We hide behind the tall grass sourounding the area while lurking from tree to tree..We getting closer and closer to our village..
The smell of burning tree and leaf accompany us when we lurking closer and closer to our village.. The sound of crying is getting louder and louder when we walk closer.. I scared when i heard that sound, I say to my brother..�Brother i�m scared..� While i hold his hand harder..

Part 2 ..Nothing last forever..But be happy of everything..

When we started to coming out from our hiding.. Unbeliveable scenery is faced upon us..I see our race slaughtered..Burned alive.. I see my own brother being burned while still holding hand with his mom.. I see mr.Lukus the funniest father of our village is shot and left alone in the street..Smoke soaring to the horrizon from the burned tree , house , and banana tree..Accompany us with the horror that we were facing.. Seen the scenery that faced upon us my energy seem like just gone..My feet couldn�t hold the weight of my body..I drop down to the ground.. My tears started to running down to my chin and dropped to the ground..I cry louder and louder while I shout with anger..� WHY!!..Why could this..WHY COULD THIS BE HAPPEN TO US..!! Huuhhhhhh Huhhhhhh..� I cry loudly with my anger coming out like the devil coming out inside me..I hit the ground several time while i crying.. � WHY..!! GOD..!! WHY..!!� I scream
My brother just standing there stunned, Couldn�t believe what the spectacle that we seeing.. My younger brother just hugged my older brother leg because he was scared..Shiver,Tears,Anger,Anxiety,Heart broken,and Chaos accompany us in this experience..We couldn�t talk or moved..We just stand there stunned..and cry..
Suddenly my brother said something �We should find dad and mom..� He pulled my hand and say �Lets go..!� He pulled my hand and take me run with him much much more futher inside the village..Scene of destruction and horror. Is become sorely become more more scared me.. Theres death everywhere i see.. My brother sister and friend is left me in this devil works place..That will haunt everyone who survived it.. I cant help but close my eyes while also wiping tear in my eye..We running and running while seeing our brother , sister , and friend death in front of our eyes.. and we can�t even do something about it.. this day surely doomed me to the day i day..I hope something will made me forget about it..
The sphere that we used to play when we were a child..is filled with blood, bullet chasing , and bodies of bandit that killed in the cross fire.. It�s crazy how much �human� can do so much destruction..By being powered by greed and little knowledge about life..They can do so much destruction.. It�s crazy..They do destruction much much more than animal.. Even we are an animal and we don�t do that kind of thing..So who�s the real animal here..?
After running and running relentlessy, seeing our brother , sister , friend is slaughtered in front of our eyes..We finally arrived to our home.. We stopped in front of our home..Luckily our home is not burned to the ground..Only being shot multiple time in the front and side.. We carefully inspected our house..My brother said..�Wheres mom and dad..? They are not here..� � We should check inside of the house..� I replied.. and then my brother check inside of the house..He cautiously check the house..afraid that theres a unwanted suprise that waiting fro him and us..

After awhile he checked on the house theres no unwanted suprised for us..He just say..�Come on in..It safe..� I then take my brother arm and go inside the house..
Inside it almost untouch by people outside..Except some of our stuff gone..I�m curious why the inside of our home is completely untouched.. My brother then go outside again followed by us in the back.. He�s stand in the street in front of our house for a moment..Before suddenly..Theres a loud sound heard from our far right side..the sound of man asking for help..�Hellppp..Helpp...!!� said the young man..My brother and us quickly go to where the sound source is..

When we arrive my brother quickly ask �What..What happend..?� �Helppp..My dad..He�s trapped by the falling tree..� �Where..?!!� He replied.. �Come..Come..Follow me..� The young man replied while running to the place where his dad got trapped.. All of us followed the young man to the place his father is trapped..after we arrived to the place..Misery coming out of that young man father..he scream in agony..�Help..Helpp !! Please..!!� My brother then help the old man from the tree that fall on top of him..Me too help to lift the tree from the old man body..After we lift the tree..We check the condition of the old man..Luckily nothing serious happened to him..Only some bruises on his lower body..The old man say..�Thank you young man..Thank you beautifull girl..Thank you so much for your help..� The young man followed the old man by saying �Thank you..Thank you so much..For helping my father..� While hugged both of us..My brother replied..�Your welcome..� After that i dared to ask..�I�m sorry to interupt..But why some of our people is gone and theres no sign of their appreances here..� The old man replied �It�s because they escaped or their kidnaped by the bandit.. As far as i know..The escapee is going to north , west , and east..So theres no exact point where is they going or where they go..When the bandit come throwing their molotov and fire their bullet panic quickly rise upon us..The stronger man trying to defend and the wife and the children is escaping to every direction..Chaos is happening..So i actually doesn�t know what happend..Everything happening so quick..� Hearing that statement theres slight of happiness going through our mind about the safety of our parent..

Our parent is safe..!!� My heart raced with my mind as i heard the statement made by the old man..�We can never be sure..We have to get real fact..� Said my brother..After that we our family and the old man family hiding in the secluded tree area for a while waiting for the area to become really secure for us to make movement.. After we think the area is secure. We come out and gather the survivor..We searching all area for available survivor..We search to the left and right,east and south.. We found survivor, Theres survivor who was hiding in the tree..Under the hill..Inside cave..Under their house..Etc..But we didn�t found our parent..My brother search again for the second time..But still don�t find them.. He come back and said..�No..I didn�t find them..I didn�t find them anywhere..� �Hmmm..Where are they..?� I said.. After we are gathering the survivor, garner them in the field near the village..Theres about 75 family that survived out of 150 families in here.. The rest is dead or escape to some place.. In the crowd..The old man stood up from the stone and say �Brother...Sister and Friend..Today..We lost so many of our families..So many of our love one..But i promise..We can.and We will rebuild..�.

Part 3 ..Unbroken,Unreplaced..

Ending : The day after that.

We fill with mourn and sorrow,We burry our brother , sister and families..Nobody asked this from us..But we get it anyway.. From that accident the security in our area and village is tightened..The man from other village is coming to help rebuild our village and stronger the security..Search team is deployed too..To search the other who been escape and the one who been evacuated.. After almost a month of searching the team posible to return some people that escape or evacuated.. But my brother still can�t bring our parent back.. My brother said � I can�t .. I just can�t find them anywhere..� He hugged me and said..�I�m sorry sister..� While he shed a little tears..The day ended with we don�t know the condition of our parent..Where they are..and their safety..

All we know is.. We don�t ask this..Why you give it to us..


Back at the mountain..I follow the most beautifull sound that i loved since i was a baby.. I follow the path in the ground doesn�t care if theres puddle or rock in it..I keep marching pass it.. Untill i get closed to the sound.. I said �Momm..� While i go face to face with the sound source.. turn out is a boy with he�s flute that making.. He look me and say �Hi..� He stuck out his arm to me..and pull me up to the rock that he was sitting in.. �Let�s enjoy this song together..� He said to me.. I enjoy the song with him..Forgeting my lost and pain..But still in my heart there�s some question..

..Why did you do this human..?

..We never did this to you..?

Pratama is a student and lives in Indonesia.

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