Animal Intelligence

Prakash Rawal

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Photo by Alex Rose on Unsplash
                                 Photo by Alex Rose on Unsplash

The the more we study animals the smarter they get whales we now know communicate in complex languages over hundreds of miles are curious play full and highly social and can recognise themselves and others in the mirror we know that Sar can sense how fast you heart is beating and a polar bear can smell you from 20 miles away ka cross remember youmans face craft tools and have long related on the price of passing cars as a personal nutcrackers Bumble bees like our company and animals can be taught to pull string and balls in exchange for treat thanks to the effort of professional and citizen scientist we know so much more about animals then we knew just a generation ago despite all we have learn we have a long way to go when it comes to appreciating what animals can do because the skill set of a Whale of for a bumble bee does not positioned at animal for success in a hospital or on wall street our society continues to view and treat non-human animals as a lesser creature writers and all media from friction to film we are some responsibility for our collective ignorant and Mystery of animals nothing makes me cringe moine story when I see animals used as the mayor props are set pieces a man Falls off a Boat into the ocean so cute the Shark to elicit Fear Of The Reader even thought the fact is Shark very real attack people beers and walls or two of them suffer the same way they are pulled into the story when the writer needs and easy way to crank up the tension considered the long-term impact of so many with writers treating so many animals similarly a planet of people who do not shed tears when Shark have their fins remove or when was our Click To Protect cattle other misconception Kamali propaganda by writer include pics armature fish don't feel pain horses enjoy running with human on their backs even the words and cesar reuse have a collective conscience in fact it like a beach waves kill two birds with one stone don't be a chicken through their work their art and writer have the power to give animal a voice arguments yet if we give animal a lesser voice or and in authentic voice we do animal a deserve survive for society to change its view writer much change their views we must look closely at how we depict animal and ask ourselves difficult questions for example are we using animal for our writing in a way that are 30 and fair or are we using them after our own purposes leading to for the misconceptions and abuses animals have both in Literature and in life been used by 4 billion is yet our Awareness of  about animals intelligence sensitivity and cavity for such human emotion as love grief and joy literature to is reflecting the change in our nails from French cuff tears as a report to the academy into karanj oil florals we are all completely besides our shelf animals have played and increase Li Central role in the literature of the last hundred years and writers are contributing to this advancing Awareness of animal issues through the writer was giving animal the voice there is a little has been written about the process of writing about animals from script in point of view to giving animal realistic voices writers face many questions and choices in their work from how to educate without being adapted to how to develop animal as use them as ingredients.  writing for animals is designed for writers across janas inviting them to take a closer look at how they treat animals in their work and offering examples and tips along the way. It is not easy writing about animals it is complicated and complex both in t structurally and emotionally most often as I respect do it because we much rather than as a conscious choice when I stand for our in galleries of extinct animals sometimes I don't think I can do it anymore but bearing witness gives me a place to stand and look and defender bulb reason for Standing and looking the process of learning to know the animal is similar to writings about our own space is the research is like doing historical research as background for story yet in fiction having the freedom to depart from it in some way likewise structuring animal characters is a similar to structuring human characters creating a suite of characteristic of body place and behaviour but realistic details are even more important because of one use obvious difference the animals accept a few in communication training don't share our language there Reprotic  consists of jesters vocalisations science posters eye Pupil changes and more some of that we can learn you can also use talking animals put words in their thought or have human talk about them but each of those choices also involves knowing the animals well including detailed of appearance place and behaviour. I am conclude my story and I request u to published this story.  I hope this book will help all writers do just that.

My hobby is writing articles,  stories, essays, reading. I have two children which were study in 9th and 10th.  My qualification is post graduate. 

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