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Photo of battered wife.

"Please! I'm begging you, think about the kids.  I am your wife!"  I literally begged my husband not to beat me infront of our children.  He didn't listen,  he pinned me in the kitchen up against the counter and started punching me then choked me. I ran to my neighbors house and instead of calling the police  I called his parents.  I was really close with my father-in-law and knew he was having health problems.  I didn't want to add stress on him. 

My husband's parent came over and I remember my father-in-law asking him, "What are you a wife beater now?" Well guess where him and his brothers learned it?  Just because he hadn't drank in 10 plus years doesn't make what he did in the past go away. 

I honestly thought my love would be enough.  Then we had a baby.  I was barely 16 years old and he wasn't quite 18 years old.  It was a dumb decision but we loved our little boy so much. Yet not even that could change the anger in my husband.  I tried so hard to be a good wife.  I got up with him every morning,  I made his coffee, lunch, dinner, even ran his bath water and laid out his clothes. A couple years later we got pregnant again and then we got married.  We were fighting so much the last month of my pregnancy.  I found out later that he'd been having affairs. Even one with our 16 year old babysitter when he was 25 years old for 7 months. However,  16 is the age of consent in Washington State. I was outraged! 

I knew he wouldn't change and I knew I had to break the cycle of abuse. So even though I was scared and worried about putting my kids through a divorce,  j thought to myself,  my kids would rather come from a broken home then to live in one.

Thanks for listening! I grew up in Camas, WA and graduated high school in 1996. I went to Everestt Business College in 2004 and graduated with a Medical Administrative Diploma. So j accomplished quite a bit even through some hard times! 

I am 42 years old and live in Vancouver,  WA. I love to write stories and poems, never anything professional really. I hope you enjoy my story.  It is a true account of a glimpse in my past life. 

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