Being Quiet in the Woods

Pat Mann

Copyright 2023 by Pat Mann


Photo by radek-kozak on Unsplash
Photo by radek-kozak on Unsplash
I was in Terry Terlips waiting room, one time.

(Terry was the veterinarian that loaned Franklin the two horses that he rode to Tallahassee.) Somebody asked Terry if the horses were sound enough for a 400 mile walk. Terry said no, but they will be by the time they get to Tallahassee.

  Back to the waiting room. A fellow was sitting there with his pet otter. He bragged about what a great pet they can be. I noticed he had scars all over his arms.

  I was laying in a hammock in a cabbage and oak island at Keri hoping for a turkey or deer to wander by when I saw something black and humping through the woods, otters have a funny gate. I had recently seen an outdoor documentary about a family of otters and had picked up on the otter language, kind of a low "twat-twat-twat. 

 So I hauled off with my best impersonation and the otter stopped. I did it again and he stood up on his hind legs and looked my way. One more time and he turned and came to wi8thin about 10 feet when I made a movement and he decided he would rather continue on his journey.

  Times like that are what makes being quiet in the woods worth the time.

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