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I probably should have chosen a different companion right from the start. I saw all the signs of controlling possessiveness immediately, but I liked the house so much. What a perfect combination of Primitive and Modern styles! It serves me right for being so materialistic, but I'm not getting any younger and the winters are not getting any warmer, either.

I need to learn to just let those little things roll off my back instead of letting my fur get all ruffled up. I don't know, none of the other girls complain, well, except for the single ones, and you wonder: "How do they know, they're single?" Those unattached catty types that haven't a clue what responsibility is all about. I'm certainly not going to listen to advice from them.

Of course, you get quite a bit of know-it-all advice from those who have a litter of little ones hanging on them all the time, too. They think just because they're raising a family, they somehow have this keen understanding of everything. I get tired of listening politely to all the stories of this little nipper or that little pus, I could just scratch their eyes out with frustration, sometimes.

Well, at least I'm left alone most of the time. I can just loll around, bathing in the sunlight or exercising or whatever I feel like doing. Sometimes I just laze around on the bed all day long feeling like Cleopatra! What is that saying? Its a dogs life--well, not in my house, thank goodness.

I guess I honestly have many blessings to count. Things could certainly be worse, and actually, until I was taken in here, they were about as bad as it can get. I must have gone through five lifetimes of misery before I came through the picket fence outside.

Oh meow, what am I thinking. I'm a lucky girl. I wont complain anymore. Life here really is quite purrrrrrrfect!

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