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Photo of a woman's hands through jail bars.

What does it mean to be happy? To me love is happiness but happiness an illusion. The happiness we see in movies, and on social media is nothing more but fake. I mean come on, nothing is that perfect. To be that perfectly happy has to be fake. Even if they are happy for the moment ,  for how long will it last? I guess I will never be happy until I can make myself happy. The problem is that I don’t know what happiness is. I guess most of my life I am fake happy.
I can only count  on my fingers like one or two moments in my life when I was truly happy. The day I gave birth to my son, and the two times I was released from prison. Even then it was shortly lived. My happiness quickly overturned when I remembered that I was a single mom living in a homeless shelter that could barely support herself or her newborn. The thought of finally being released from prison was cool until I realized that I had nowhere to go or better yet nothing at all, not even family support, so it was back to survival of the fittest.

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