Love Brings The Starling Back


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Starling feeding young one.

Last April, I came to home on vacation. I discovered from my balcony that a pair of starling bird built a nest on a tree in front of our house. It was a beautiful nest and I was just mesmerized with the pair. However, soon I realized that the couple was nourishing their two babies. They were visible only when the mother fed them. She put small particles of feed into their tiny beaks and the babies peep out from the nest to catch that feed. Everyday I used to enjoy those moments with my younger sister. Whenever anyone tried to disturb them, we would oppose.

The baby starlings were growing gradually. Now they could be seen easily from outside. They were always playful and became more feathery day by day. One of our neighboring kids wanted to catch them. But we would always reach there whenever we heard any chaos around the tree.

I passed about two weeks watching those birds. Then one morning, I was aroused from sleep by the noise of thunders. I went to the balcony and saw that the weather became extremely rough. It was stormy all around. The trees were being shaked by the heavy flow of wind. I became afraid of the starlings. Thankfully, I saw the babies safe in the nest. But the parents were missing. We ( me and my sister ) kept our eyes on the nest all the day hoping that the parents will come back. But the parents did not return. We became worried about the starlings.” What will happen to the babies if their parents die”, this thought was killing us inside.

The next day, the weather became calm. The mother came back. We were so happy to see her again. We thought the father was outside to collect food for them. Time was passing but he did not came. The mother started to scream. She was calling her partner again and again. She was taking a flight to find him and coming back to call him again. She was becoming more disparate with time and increased her voice. The babies also started to call their dad with their tiny voices. But their dad did not come.

Meanwhile, we were thinking that the father was may be died or injured. Or he might be trapped by a predator. Fear just grasped our minds. Two days passed and we became almost sure that he would not come any more. The babies were not playful like before. The mother became so quiet. Her sorrow was reflecting from her eyes. Me and my family members also became sad due to the fact.

I was so surprised with the fact that not only human but animals also do have deep emotions. The starlings could not forget their sorrow of losing their family member. I realized that how dependent are the lives of animals on the nature. And we think that their life is very easy While their life is far more tough and challenging than us.

One morning, I heard chirping from my room. I became happy thinking that the starlings have come out of their sorrow. I went to the balcony. To my wonder, I saw the male starling. Yes he was back. Back to his beloved family. Back to us. I called all my family members. We were so delighted to see the family together again. Happiness was back!!!

After a few days, the parents started to teach their babies how to fly. May be one day the babies will become efficient in flying. The will leave the nest and make their own families.

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