Kind Penguin

Nouran Sherif

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Photo by Cornelius Ventures on Unsplash
Photo by Cornelius Ventures on Unsplash
Hello guys, I am Nouran ,a community pharmacist, l like a lot of animals ,specially penguin……
When I was walking in the north pole try to explore the beautiful mountains, suddenly I saw something strange that move and hug a jar of jam !!
I came closer to it and it was a penguin it looks very cute ,then I said (hello my friend, what's your name) ..he looked at me with surprised look and left the jar of jam (my name is cappuccino, who are you and what are you doing here?!)he asked..(ooh ,I am trying to take a photo to this beautiful place and I saw you hug a jar of jam ..why do you do that?!) I asked
He looked at me with a smile and said (because I like these jars very much that make me feel I want to hug it like that. isn't it very beautiful ?!)
(Yes, it is . But I see that you left your egg there without any guard for this jar and you should be careful with your children and to make sure that they are safe before you go to hug a jar )I said
Then the penguin look at my camera and his eyes becomes wide and become very excited and ask me for the camera ( can I hold this camera?!) He said …(yes of course) I replied .. and I give it to him to have a look and I found him hugging the camera too ( I like hugging camera and jam so much .. I am happy when I hug a camera or a jar ) he said with a warm hug to the camera .. then we walk with each other to it's home and he gave me a fresh fish as a gift and I but on a fire and but the fish on it to cook then he asked me (why are you but it on a fire?!) .. (because I can't eat it raw because my stomach can't digest raw food like you do I should cook it before eat and if I want to eat it raw I should remove the skin first and then put soy sauce with it ) I answered
(what is the soy sauce ?!) He asked
(Well it is a sauce that contain salt to make the food salty ) I replied
Then we talk a lot a bout different things and I went to the airport and he went his home and I gave him a camera as a gift and take a lot of pictures with my mobile phone to keep this beautiful memory ..
To the next time with making new friends and make exciting conversations with more beautiful wild animals from all over the world

My name is Nouran , I like reading and writing stories, I am a pharmacist

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