A Christmas Miracle

Nicole Van Zyl

© Copyright 2015 by Nicole Van Zyl


Photo of "Santa Claus."

     It is Christmas time again and Charmain is sitting next to the window of her small apartment, looking at the snow covered trees and watching the birds playing on the ground.In her arms,she is holding the teddy bear that was given to her by her late husband John on their last Christmas together.

     John was killed in a car accident almost two years ago.He was a journalist and he had been investigating  a dangerous gang called,Sharks.He had been working with a private investigator to expose and eliminate them.The gang knew that he was investigating them and were afraid of what he might have already found out.They decided to eliminate him,by arranging him to have a car accident.

     Charmain remembers that day as if it was yesterday.The day her life changed forever.The day the private investigator knocked on her door and informed her that John was dead.It was very hard on Charmain .He was the love of her life and she still misses him everyday.The latest news about the Sharks is that the gang is close to being eliminated by the private investigator and their team.In fact,they are searching for the last member.

     The next morning,Charmain was having a cup of coffee,at a small café, on her way to work,as she did every morning.While she sat at the table,drinking her coffee,there was a man at a nearby table who couldn't take is eyes off her.He thought that she was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen,with her long brown hair and emerald green eyes.

     Finally,he gained enough courage to get up and talk to her."Is this seat taken?" he asked.

     "It is now,"Charmain replied with a smile.She watched him as he sat down.He was a handsome man.Well built with black hair and blue eyes.

     "I'm David,"he said as he sat down.

     "I'm Charmain,"she replied."Nice to meet you."

     "Nice to meet you to,"said David."And Merry Christmas."

     They spent the next few days together and getting to know each other. They shared everything about their lives to each other.Charmain told him about John's untimely death and David told her about his wife's death from cancer a few years ago.

     Soon,they fell in love and nobody was more surprised about it than Charmain.John had been the love of her life and she vowed that she would never fall in love again.But life goes on.There would always be a special place in her heart for John but she knew that it was time to let him go.

     "Marry me,"David blurted out one day,when he took Charmain on a picnic.

     To say that Charmain was surprised would be an understatement. She was confused,bewildered,she didn't know what to say at first.But something about this felt right to her.She knew that it was time to move on.

     "Yes!"she said.She couldn't remember the last time she was this happy.As she prepared for the wedding, she knew that nothing would ruin her happiness this time.

     The wedding was a lovely affair,despite their friends concerns that they hardly know each other.Once the cake had been cut and the reception came to an end,David and Charmain packed for their honeymoon.

     Friends came to help them pack and as they were saying their final goodbye's,the door of Charmain's apartment suddenly opened and in walked John.

     John! John,who had been dead for two years was standing by the door! Everyone stared in amazement.There was a dead silence.You could have heard a pin drop.

     "I tried to phone a few times,"John finally said," but I didn't receive an answer."

     Charmain broke down in tears and,not saying a word,she ran to her room and slammed the door shut.

     John looked at everyone and said,"I'm sorry".With that,he turned around and left.

     "What's going on?" David asked."Charmain must hurry.Well miss our flight."

     "I don't think Charmain will want to go anymore,David,"said Daniel,Charmain's brother.

     "Why not?" asked David,his frown deepening."Who was that man?"

     "John,"Bianca,who was Daniel's wife,said."Charmain's late husband."

     The next morning,Charmain made herself a cup of coffee and as she sat down at the breakfast table,there was a knock at the door.

She stood up and opened the door to find John standing there.

     "John",said Charmain,still in shock to see him standing there after believing him to be dead for two years."I have nothing to so to you,so you might as well just leave."

     "I'm not going anywhere until I say what I came here to say,"said John.

     "Then say it and get it it over with",was her abrupt reply.

     John took a deep breath."Do you remember the gang that I was busy investigating,the Sharks?"

     Charmain slowly nodded her head,but didn't say a word.

     "Well,they found out that I was investigating them and they threatened to kill me,you and, our friends and family.I had to fake my death.I didn't have a choice."

     "So the burnt car,the body,your wedding ring which was found on the body.It was all planned?" Charmain asked,with tears in her eyes.

     "Yes.Every detail was carefully planned,"John explained."They had to think that I was dead,or they would have come after you and I would never have been able to live with myself."

     "So you made us all believe that you were dead,"it was a statement,not a question.Tears were now beginning to fall freely down her cheeks."Do you have any idea what you put us through,put me through?"


     "I never thought I would get over losing you,"Charmain told him."I grieved for you for two years.You were the love of my life.But I finally found a reason to live again.I finally decided that it was time to let you go.Yesterday I married a man who helped me move on and put the pieces of my life together again.Everything was perfect and then you showed up..."

     "Everything I did was just for you.They were going to kill you,"said John."The last member of the Sharks has been eliminated.That's why it was safe for me to come back...I would give anything to take that hurt look from your eyes."

     "Get out of here!" Charmain demanded."I never want to see you again as long as I live."

     John reluctantly turned around and opened the door,to find David standing there about to open the door.

     "She's all yours,"said John,and as he walked out the door,he turned to look at David."Just take care of her." He closed the door behind him.

     David walked over to Chaimain and put his arms around her."You have a decision to make,"he said."You have to decide who you want to spend your life with.Nobody can make that decision but you."

     "There isn't a doubt in my mind that you are the man for me,"Charmain told him."I chose you yesterday and I choose you now.I love you and as soon as I divorce John,we'll get married.But in the meantime,let's go on our honeymoon."

     "I haven't cancelled our bookings,"said David."I will just have to book us another flight.We'll leave on Christmas Eve."

     "Nothing would make me happier,"she replied,but deep inside her,there was a voice screaming that she was making a mistake.But she just ignored it,pushing it to the far corner of her mind.

     It was Christmas Eve and John was having supper with Daniel,Bianca,and a few friends.John decided to move to Cape Town to start his life over.He realized that he had disrupted Charmain's life enough and he wanted to give Charmain and David some space so that they could live their lives.He loved her enough to let her go.

     The evening was beautiful.It was just like old times with everyone laughing and joking, and they were all so happy to have John back.

    Suddenly,Daniel stood up.He had something on his chest for a while now,and he couldn't keep quiet anymore.

    "How can you all sit there and pretend as if nothing major is happening?" Daniel asked."John came back after two Years away and now he is moving to Cape Town when his heart really belongs here.Charmain is leaving on her honeymoon tonight with a man she doesn't even love."

     "Charmain has made her decision,Danny,"Theo said."We have to accept it."

     "Not when we know it's the wrong one,"Daniel replied."She is my sister and I can see that she is not happy.She still loves John,and John,I know you still love her.Please John,do something."

     After several minutes of silence,John quietly stood up,took his car keys,and walked out of the door.

     Bianca sat down next to Daniel."Thank you,Danny,"she said."You are the only one who had the guts to speak the truth."

     In her apartment,Charmain was packing her bags when she heard a knock at the door."Come in.It's open,"and without looking up,she said,"you won't believe how full my bags are.I can't even get the zip closed." It was then,that she looked up and saw John quietly standing by the door.

      "I won't allow it,"John said after a long silence."I love you,Charmain.There wasn't a day that went by that I didn't think of you,longed for you.What I did,I did for you,"he said."Don't you love me anymore?"

     Charmain turned and looked out of the window."You hurt me very much,John,"she said,as the tears streamed down her face.

     "I know and I will spend the rest of my life making up for it,"said John."All I ask is that you give me-us-another chance...please."

     There was a long silence and then Charmain threw herself into his arms and he held her in his arms for a long time,with tears in his eyes.

     David walked in and saw them hugging,he smiled to himself,knowing that Charmaine was where she belonged and then he walked out of the door.

     At last Charmain knew where she belonged.She has a second chance with her husband and she would never take it for granted.Finally her Christmas wish has come true.A real Christmas miracle.

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