The Silver Moon

Beth Doherty

(Late Grandmother of Nicole Van Zyl)

Copyright 2017 by Nicole Van Zyl


Photo from the moon over the sea.

This is a poem that my grandmother wrote while attending St. Michael's School in Bloemfontein. She was 12 years old when she wrote this for the school magazine. Her name was Elizabeth Ann Hossack, but at the time she was known as Beth Doherty. Hope you like it. 

Nicole Van Zyl


Beth Doherty

The silver moon is creeping
To hide behind the clouds
While mother earth is sleeping
Within her misty shrouds.

Too soon the birds are flying
To greet the coming morn
And see, the moon is dying
For now it is the dawn.

So patiently we're waiting
The silvery moon tonight
For with the winds abating
The white moon sheds her light.

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