Valley of the Moon

Nicole Van Zyl

© Copyright 2015 by Nicole Van Zyl


Photo of the moon.

   Mary was a shy little girl.She was only five years old.She was very pretty with curly blond hair and blue eyes.She was sitting in her room playing with her dolls.She was feeling very nervous today because her mommy is taking her to the dentist.It was the first time that she was going to the dentist,and she did not know what to expect.

   "Mary,it's time to go!" Mommy called outside the bedroom door.Mary felt her heart beat faster.She would much rather stay home today and play with her pet dog,Sparkles

   Mary stopped to pat Sparkles on her way to the car."Mommy,"she said,"why can't I stay here with Sparkles?"

   "Because you are going to visit the dentist,"Mommy replied.

   "But what if she gets lonely?" Mary asked.

   "She will be right here waiting for you when you get back,"said mommy,"now there is nothing to be afraid of.It's just a little check-up.The dentist wants to see how big and strong your teeth are."

   "Will you stay with me the whole time?" Mary asked.

   "Of course,I will stay with you the whole time,"mommy promised,"and later,we can go and get some ice-cream."

   "Yummy!"Mary exclaimed excitedly,as she climbed into the car.

    When Mary walked into the dentist room,she saw a big dentist chair and a whole lot of scary tools.She just wanted to run away and hide.

   Dr.Maynard walked up to Mary with a big friendly smile on his face."Mary," he said,in a soothing voice, how would you like to go on a trip to the moon?"

   "I would love to,"Mary said,excitedly."I would really,really love to."

   "Come with me,"Dr.Maynard said,as he took her hand."All you have to do is climb up onto this chair and I'll press this little button.Then up,up and away you go."

    Mary sat in the chair and Dr.Maynard pressed the button.She felt herself going higher and higher.When she opened her eyes,she saw bright twinkling little stars and big planets all around her.The chair came to a standstill and Mary found herself standing on the moon.

   She looked around and saw many creatures.Aliens,she thought to herself,she was surrounded by aliens! They were green little men with big sparkling eyes.Mary wished that she could take one of them home with her but she knew that it wasn't possible.After all,this is their home.

   The green little men seemed just as curious by her as she was by them.They looked at her as if she was the alien!

   "Who are you?" One of the aliens finally asked her.His voice sounded funny.It sounded like an echo.

   "My name is Mary," she said." I'm so far away from home."

   "Where do you come from?" Asked another alien.

   "I come from Earth,"Mary replied.

   "Earth,"the aliens repeated curiously.

   "And I'd really like to get back,"Mary told them."I want to see mommy again."

   "Well,only one person can send you back home" said one of the little green men.

   "Who?" Mary asked."Please tell me."

   "Princess Dorathy,"the aliens told her."She's the Princess of the Valley Of The Moon."

   "How can I find her?" Asked Mary.

   "We'll take you to her,one of the aliens said."It's a long way from here  and the path is very dangerous.There is an angry witch who lives in her castle on the way to the Valley Of The Moon."

   "Is'nt there any other way?" Asked Mary.

   "I'm afraid not,"said the alien." Going through the forest and passed the witches castle is the only way."

   "Well,what are we waiting for?" Mary said.

   The forest was a scary place as Mary and her new friends walked through.It was dark and cold with scary looking trees everywhere. They could here scary sounds in the dark forest.Owls hoo-hooed and frogs croaked.They shivered in terror as they heard a lions roar in the distance.

   "I don't like this forest,"Mary said as they continued to walk.

   "Don't worry,"said the little alien."We'll reach Princess Dorathy in no time."

   "Why do you lie to your little friend?" A scary voice was heard amongst the trees."Everyone knows when they pass through my part of the forest,I'll have them for dinner." The scary voice turned into a scary laugh.

   "What is that?" Poor Mary began to tremble with fear..

   "It is me,my pretty,"an ugly witch suddenly appeared in front of her.She had green skin and a big ugly nose.She wore a long,black dress and a big pointy hat was perched high up on her head."I am your new friend."

    The witch picked mary up and flew away on her broomstick.

   "What are we going to do?" One little alien asked.

   "We have to get help,"Cried another little alien.

   "The only person who can help is Princess Dorathy,"the first alien said.

    "Well,what are we waiting for?"Another alien asked."Let's go find Princess Dorathy."

   So off the little green men went to look for Princess Dorathy.

   At the witches castle,poor Mary was locked in a cage.She was thinking about mommy and Sparkles and how they must be wondering where she is.Tears ran down her face as she dreamed of playing with Sparkles again and being kissed by mommy.

   The wicked witch came closer to the cage. " Now what shall I cook you with? Maybe I'll cook you with some barbeque sauce." She let out an evil laugh.

   "Stay away from her!" A voice called from behind the witch.Mary saw that it was Princess Dorathy.She was wearing a long pink dress and a silver tiara.Her little green alien friends were with her.

   "You can't stop me from enjoying my dinner."Said the witch.

   "Oh no?" Said Princess Dorathy,"watch me." Princess Dorathy grabbed a pale of water and threw it all over the witch.They all watched as she began to melt.

    Princess Dorathy unlocked the cage and helped Mary out.Mary gave Dorathy a big hug."Oh,thank you! Thank you!"

    "Now,I understand that you want to go home?"Princess Dorathy asked.

   "Oh,yes please,"Mary replied.

    "Now close your eyes," Princess Dorathy began as Mary closed her eyes."All you have to do is believe in yourself and have faith that you will get back home.""

    When Mary opened her eyes,she was sitting back in the dentist chair.She gave mommy a hug and told her all about her adventures in the Valley Of The Moon.Since that day,she was never scared of anything ever again.

Nicole Van Zyl lives in South Africa.She started writing when she was very young and she studied Comprehensive Writing at College, SA.  

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