The Story of a Mountain Girl

Nawshin Anjum

Copyright 2021 by Nawshin Anjum

Photo of a river in the mountains.

There is a river on one side and mountains on the other side. The green water of the river seems to merged into the sky. And the mountains? They will surely touch the sky today. The mountains seem to have conquered horizon after horizon, standing proudly with heads held high. They must meet the clouds today. And the blue sky also seems to have welcomed and wrapped them in a sheet of clouds. The yellow-white wild flowers on the mountains are like the ornaments on a velvet .Can you imagine this heavenly beauty?

Besides, the small hills on the lap of the river are the proof of its greatness. The river flowing in the heart of the dense hilly forest is like a bright example of the endless blessings of our nature. Mile after mile, path after Path, I see this same scene. Yet there is no fatigue in my eyes. Do you know where to find this eye-catching scene?

This boundless beauty of nature is hidden in the heart of Rangamati, the mountain girl of Bangladesh. Tied in the tight embrace of nature, the queen of beauty, Rangamati has diversity in her every layers. Rangamati's deep forests, hilly nature even attract the people who are averse to nature. This Hill district is one of the unique green lands with immense potential and rich in natural resources .

The glassy, green water of the river is like a teenage girl who has just set foot in her youth. Sometimes calm, again sometimes like a fire. This restless river is not only busy in spreading her beauty. Moreover, Water power is generated by utilizing the strong current of this river. And this hydropower plant is one of the most interesting places for visitors. Along with these, there are Kaptai lake, Rajban Bihar, Hanging Bridge, Shuvlong Falls, Kaptai National Park, Karnafuli Paper Mill and many more wonderful visiting places. This daughter of nature gives the travellers a great opportunity to enjoy the beauty of both mountains and rivers at the same time.

Even Rangamati appears to visitors in six new looks, in Six Seasons of the year. To get away from the black smoke of the city and breath peace Rangamati is at the top of list of travel lovers.

Tourist are fascinated by the form of the hills covered with green forests, the current flowing through the Kaptai lake which is the original beauty of nature. There are also innumerable beauties scattered in the depth of Rangamati. And the attraction of this form of hilly nature is very dear to the tourists.

Moreover, there are the clear water of the lake in the lap of the mountains. The murmur of the fountain. Again, the game of clouds on the top of the mountains. How does it feel all together? Who doesn't want to get lost? Undoubtedly, there is no way but to love it. That is why thousands of tourist from home and abroad come to enjoy this beauty of nature. 

Nawshin Anjum is a Bangladeshi teenage writer; currently reading in 12 grade. She basically writes non-fictional, travel and philosophical essays and stories. Moreover, working as both content writer and academic officer at a non-profital organisation. 

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