That Day

Nathaniel C. Ike

© Copyright 2021 by Nataniel C. Ike

Photo by Penguinuhh on Unsplash
                                       Photo by Penguinuhh on Unsplash

The day I met the girl of my dream. Every time I remember that golden day, I just smile, and whisper to myself, "lucky me".  

A bookshop. That's where I first met her. She was there to get some books. As I entered the bookshop, I saw her. Man... In all my life, I've never been so mesmerized by a woman's elegance, grace and smile, as of this angel I’m talking about .

She stood there. Checking out books. For a full minute, I was looking at this wondrous creature before me, even though she didn’t notice. And right there, I just know she's the girl of my dream.

I approached her and we talked on a number of books. The connection between us was electrifying. It was as though we've known each other for a thousand years. And God! Her intelligence blew off my mind completely. Beauty with brains! My kind of girl!

Before she left, I got her number so we can link up and "continue" our book discussion.

I may skip some things in my daily prayers, but not a day will pass by without me thanking God for making me meet her on THAT DAY.

Nathaniel C. Ike is an humanitarian & also a serial entrepreneur who is passionate about helping entrepreneurs and business owners boost their sales by connecting them to potential customers for pronounced lead engagement.  As an alumnus of Obafemi Awolowo University, Nathaniel is a seasoned and well experienced writer and he has authored three  books titled “Becoming A Brand Ambassador”,  "Smart Money DIYs" & “The Fortunate Crypto-Investor.”  Furthermore, It is also necessary to add that Nathaniel C. Ike is intentional about growth and adding values to lives with every given opportunity, teaching branding, mindset and general business.                                                                                        

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