Searching For Prey

Nabil Dabars

© Copyright 2022 by Nabil Dabars


Photo courtesy of Pixabay.
Photo courtesy of Pixabay.

Isn't the sublimity of man and his wisdom in his silence and serenity? I mean staring at the stars at night and contemplating the beauty and joy of the moon,All this I learned from my friend Yuki, the wolf who has been raised by me since I found him a young man who lost a home to live in or a family he belongs to.

He was suffering from a small wound on the bottom of his foot, I chose the name "Yuki" for him to be friends of wisdom and courage, today a giant wearing the dress of chivalry and heroism, fierce, afraid of him the little ones, although he only harms those who warn, everywhere he roams with me, in the field,  In the mountains, he comforts my path, conversing with him, joking, watching and stalking well, his eyes are piercing, he smells in the distance and can do anything, so smart that he does not allow himself to leave me alone, he must draw my attention, as I remember one day that there was a quarrel between him and  Among a cunning fox, he wanted to hunt sheep from my sheep, but he didnot succeed in that. Rather, this hero was fascinated by him and brutally devoured him as if he had been hungry for centuries. I sometimes frightened him despite my trust in him.  They hate Yuki and want to get rid of him so that he does not pose any danger to the sheep, cattle, herd, chickens and all the livelihoods of these people, and you  The danger on the other hand, some enemies and haters want evil, murder and looting, a village not far from here, its goal is not to live free but under their control, how many times has blood flowed and innocent people died, yes they loot people's property and misuse their efforts,  Their king or their malicious grandfather called “Rizos” loves control and ownership for him, surrounded by guards who serve him and guard him like slaves for fear of his might and killing everyone who lives in peace.  I had a dinner in his village to consult and discuss the affairs of my region and his village while we were breathing under one sky. What a wonder! I refused that from the beginning. He sent some of his servants to me, and my answer was clear: “I have my dignity and the dignity of people I love, and I must not betray her, so let us live.”  Peacefully and securely,” replied one of them, “Listen, farmer, you will regret rejecting these offers from the king. These opportunities do not always come. Think carefully before he wages war on you one by one. How long will poverty remain your fate, you damned?”  I was silent for a while and answered with confidence, "This is my last word, so let him do what he wants." Dear reader, all wars, films, stories, civilizations and conquests were launched with this ridiculous suspense between the wise and the evil, between the nice and the ugly, between the poor and the rich in exchange for some money or failure.  In doing justice to his falsehood, the hero may die, the intelligent may betray, and the brave may withdraw the sign of surrender. If you think carefully, you will be able to end this scattered story whose end seems to be the escape of that wolf from all the follies of destruction and killing among each other, so that "Yuki" searches for his prey in  across the forest after realizing that humans are stupid and stupidity is not the nature of wolves, the only animals that distorted politics. 

I am 21 years old.  I was born in Medenine, Tunisia.  I love writing, culture, and knowledge.           

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