The Proposal

Mystic Goddess

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 A young woman awaits for her prince in a garden full of mystic wonders and fantasy, closed in by walls of deep green vines crawling up the walls;and big majestic roses. Daisies and exuberant sunflowers surround the door, spreading their heavenly scent. Suddenly a vibrant light shines down on her and highlighting her sunny golden hair and her azure eyes begin to skle. She hears a deep soft voice in the distance and it completely melts her soul into a puddle of warm butter. She runs toward the voice and embraces the dark shadow with a fury and searches for his sensual lips. They walk hand in hand further into the mist of the heavenly garden filled with exotic orchids, majestic roses, exquisite dahlias and lastly sweet Williams all caressing one another.

 "My love, you are as exquisite as the fresh morning dew on roses, your hair smells as glorious as flowers in bloom and it as soft as silk." he says while running his fingers through her golden hair .

 "Oh Francis, my poetic little leave a girl completely speechless.." she blushes deeply.

 " you have showered me so much affection and passion for a time now..and now I would like to return the favor" he begins to get down on one knee and pulls out a small box from his pocket.

 ",(he picks a nearby rose) will you be mine forever like two robins finding each other in early spring and flying off together. Will you take my hand and walk with me further into our garden of passion." he proposes to her sweetly.

 "Oh Francis..(she gushes getting more redder) no words can describe how you make me feel"she beams

 "Just say that one little word to seal the deal baby, the three letter word that will make our life even more glorious." he says while caressing her face.

 "Yes! Oui! J'ai adore mon ami." she states happily.

 Francis grabs her tenderly and twirls her around in the moonlight, laughing with joy, he brings their lips tp together in such a deep and wonderful passion. 

Walking off into the mystical dream far into the paleness of the night. The mist surrounds them covering them like a blanket, hiding them away from all budding eyes.

 A Week Later

 The two young lovers have announced their wedding and set the date, both agreed on getting married in the garden where it all started. Although Carabeth hadn't been feeling well she still tried her hardest to help and pree all the arrangements.

 When she was sixteen she was diagnosed with a very rare disease that didn't even have a real name yet. Her organs would slowly shut down, she had trouble with eating and sleeping, her breathing would get very labored. She had to take 5 different pills and 2 shots every six hours to keep everything in . No one knew about this except for her family, she didn't have the heart to tell Francis that they couldn't be together forever. As the wedding drew closer Carabeth seemed to getting worse, but she did her best to hide it. The only one who had noticed something was up was her mother; her really noticed it one afternoon.

 "Carabear..are you feeling alright(her mother says while feeling her daughters forehead) You look so pale and very tired?" she asks very concerned.

 " I'm fine mom..just a little tired..and so very excited!" she puts on a small smile.

 "Well maybe you should go lay down for awhile, and have you been taking your medication?" she questions her daughter sternly.

 " I have been..I think i have just..been over doing it.." she stammers trying to catch her breath.

 Carabeth walks off slowly and falls down on a nearby couch and crashes for the rest of the day; when she awakes there is a coop crisp breeze flowing throughout the house. Looking all around the house she notices it is completely silent and everyone is asleep, on a small nearby table she spots her medication and a letter.

 Hi sweetie, you looked so peaceful so I didn't want to disturb you, here is your medicine and inside the fridge is your dinner. It's the one with a red lid..please eat some of it a least. I love you very much sweetie

 Carabeth helps a much as she can each day, but as the days wear on she gets more exhausted and worn out. And each day Carabeth keeps forgetting to take her medication which makes everything even worse.

 Finally the big day arrives and everyone is hustling and rushing around to get last minute details finished. Rachel a very good friend of Carabeth's puts the finishing touches on the bouquet, and puts white dahlia's in her Carabeth's hair which twirl around her golden curls. In the distance Carabeth can hear sweet melodic music playing so they rush out of the small building and head to the garden.

 All of the bridesmaids come down wearing silk baby-blue dresses with a long lacy slit up the side all carrying a bouquet of wild flowers, next comes the sweet little flower in a baby-blue dress that's fit for a princess it skles so brightly in the sun. But the most beautiful of all is the bride who is wearing a strapless heart shaped white dress with baby-blue rhinestones gleaming ever so beautifully. To finish it all off she is wearing a tiara with lace falling down onto her face and a little bit in the back.

 There were flashes coming in from every direction and everyone was going ooh and awes at the lovely site. It all goes black for a minute as she walks up to the podium, but it all comes back. The priest is halfway through when Carabeth comes to, but when it's her turn to speak; she opens her mouth and no words seem to want to come out and before she knows it she on the floor going into convulsions.

 Twenty minutes later or so they are all at the hospital where the doctors and nurses are trying to save Carabeth's life. All that can be heard are beeping and alarms going on and off. Four hours later Carabeth is put in the I.C.U. where she is surrounded by machines and has wires and tubes coming in and out of her from every direction. Francis takes one look at his sweet frail princess and races out of the room. Carabeth's mom runs after him so she can try to comfort him.

 "Francis dear, where are you going? Carabeth needs you sweetie." Carabeth's mom says while putting her arms around him.

 "I can't see her like that..I.."Francis sobs on her shoulders.

 "I know sweetie but you need to be strong for her, she needs to know you are there."

 They both go in together, but an hour later Francis is all alone with Carabeth feeling very scared and emotional not knowing how to talk to her.

 "Hi Carabear..(hoping she will answer he waits for a minute) It's Francis how are you? What a dumb question to ask someone who is in an comma hey?" he stutters with tears streaming down.

 "You need to get better we can finish our dream..I love you so much baby.." he bursts into uncontrollable sobs.

 Francis grabs her hand and tightly squeezes it she moves slowly and her eyes flutter open for a second. Francis jumps out of his chair screaming at the top of his lungs.

 "Dr Hastier! Dr. Hastier! Come quick!"

 After about twenty minutes or so Francis goes back in and the doctor explains to him that it is just her nerves making her move and that nothing has changed. Francis stays with Carabeth for another twenty minutes or so whispering stuff to her hoping she'll wake up.

 I'm here Francis...somewhere..I'm trying so hard to get back to you...Carabeth says in her mind.

 The next day Carabeth mother and Rachel come for a visit. Rachel begins to cry as she looks at her friend who looks so helpless and sickly.

 "Carabeth it's me need.."she stutters with tears in her eyes.

 "Mommy's here to sweetie..You need to wake up so you and Francis can finish your wedding.." she runs her fingers through her daughters hair.

 They stay for another hour telling Carabeth comforting words and why she needs to wake up. when they leave all you can hear is beeping and doctors rushing around.

 Mmom I'm here..I'm just lost in the darkness..but I'm trying..I'm. (Carabeth once again says in her mind).

 Two days later Francis comes in with another girl Sara who is actually Carabeth's older sister who she hadn't spoke to in over two years because Sara betrayed her sister very deeply. She stole Carabeth's fianc

'e9 and that was actually how she had met Francis. She was in the garden crying her eyes out and Francis came up to her and comforted her and then a few weeks later they started dating.

 Fort the next couple of months Carabeth seems to getting worse everyday and her organs are slowly shutting down, the doctor suggests that maybe if they transplant some of the organs it might help her wake up, give her that extra burst of energy she needs.

 Each day Francis comes in with Sara who he seems to be getting closer to each day, he even begins to feel something for her that he can't quite explain to himself. But each and every day he tries to ignore it, but no matter what he says to himself he can't seem to pull away from Sara. Three months go by and Carabeth hasn't changed a bit, none of the transplants seem to be taking.

 A couple of days go by and Carabeth is showing slight changes of improvement, but not enough to be taken off the machines. The doctor figures that she has given up and that she will probably remain in her comma for the rest of her life. He told them it's like she doesn't care, because all her organs are working fine; so there was no reason why she shouldn't be waking up. It has everyone puzzled except for Francis who figures it's his fault she's not responding, that she knows he's been cheating on her somehow.

 Francis doesn't come visit for a entire week, and within that week Carabeth has woken up twice; but it's always when no ones around. After about two weeks of forcing herself to wake up and gaining her energy back slowly, she steals away one stormy chilly night.

 She writes a small note, and leaves a small box on her table, and quietly sneaks out of the hospital where she has a nearby cab waiting.

 "Where ya headed to mama?" the cab driver looks at her funny. (she then realizes what a site she must look with her hospital gown and her hair in a fuss)

 " 5012 40 th Ave please.." she says slowly chattering.

 "Ok.." a few minutes they arrive at her house.

 " Could you wait a moment sir? I just need to go grab my bags and head to the airport? I'll give you a real nice tip." she smiles warmly at him.

 "Sure..sure I can do that for ya" he booms happily rubbing his hands together smiling smugly.

 Carabeth goes inside the huge house and quickly gathers her most important possessions, like her clothes, makeup,etc. When she's done she has 4 large suitcases, 2 small ones, and a makeup bag. She scribbles another small note and hops back in the cab.

 "Airport please" she smiles handing him a fifty.

 "Thank you very much miss, hope you have a nice flight."

 Carabeth buys a ticket and heads out the first plane to France, it takes her about a week to arrive and another week to find a place and get settled in.  Meanwhile back in California there a cops posted everywhere at the hospital, at her home. Francis and Sara keep getting into arguments blaming one another.

 "Sara..this is not all my fault! You.."

 "Right it all mine right..I'm to blame for everything!" she screams interrupting him.

 "Oh..just forget it..just.." he booms angrily.

 "Fine! then maybe you should forget all about us to!" she screams at him intensely.

 " See ya later baby!" he smirks slamming the door in her face.

 A month later Francis receives a letter with no return address on it, he quickly rips it open and begins to read it out loud.

 Dear Francis, Hello it's me Carabeth, you probably thought you would never hear from me again? Well I decided to let you know what's going on and so you don't worry. I have no idea why I'm worrying so much about the way you feel after what you've done to me. But just the same I do care. Anyway I'm happy where I am and I have begun a new life so please don't try to contact me or find me or you will just push me further away than you already have. I still do love you, but I don't want to anymore. Being away from you and my sister has helped lot, I have been slowly moving on, I have even been able to talk to guys now..which was
really hard at first. But that is all about I think I should say to for my sister I never want to speak or see her again..and Francis I thought you knew better I told you all about her. Maybe next time you should think with your head not the one in your pants. Bye.Carabeth. P.S You have lost all rights to call me don't bother saying it to me if you ever see me again.

 Francis puts the letter down and begins to sob uncontrollably as he realizes he's lots his Carabear forever and their is nothing he can do to change that. After he calms himself down he heads over to Carabeth's ents to show them the letter.

 "Mrs Danville! Mrs Danville!" he screams bursting in their house.

 " What!?(she spots the letter he's waving frantically in his hands) calm down dear..take a deep breath.." she coaxes softly.

 " I received a letter from Cara..but she never..wants to see me again.." he blubbers.

 " It's all right dear we have one (she hands him a envelope) this has her address on it go find her and fix this mess." she states clearly.

 "But she said..she"

 " Never mind what she says she needs you go to her!" she interrupts him.

 " But what do I do about Sara..I.." he stutters quietly.

 " Sara! doesn't deserve you she does not care for you the way our Cara did..does.Now go to her and finish your dream she guys started." she pats his back softly.

 Francis says goodbye and heads home, he packs his belongings rather quickly and dashes to the airport to hop on the first available plane to France. It takes a little over a week to get there..when he arrives he is feeling very lost and alone and so very confused. Looking around he spots a cab and whistles rather loudly for his attention.

 " Uhh..Branson Suite please.."

 "don! Je ne le pas englais monsieur." a deep French voice replies. (Excuse me sir I don't understand English)

 "Uh..Les immobile Bronson s'il vous plais.." he says with a rough French accent. (Oh, Bronson atments please)

 " Oh oui oui ! Monsieur, vous avor une dame? Monsieur.." he says winking slyly at Francis. (Yes yes! Going to see a woman sir?)

 "Ah oui jeune fille j'adore elle" he states. (Ah yes a young woman who I love)

 "Oh volia vous aller monsieur." ( Oh ok here you are sir)

 "Merci backup monsieur! Combien d'argent?"he beginnings to count out money. ( Thank you sir how much do I owe you?)

 "Oh Dix-sept quatre-vingt dollars!" (Francis hands him a twenty) ( Oh seventeen dollars and forty eight cents!)

 "Merci monsieur..Au revoir. ( Thank you sir goodbye)

 Francis shuts the door and walks slowly up the steps thinking to himself what he is going to say to her..before he can decide he is already at the front desk asking for her.

 " Excuse me mademoiselle?" Francis asks quietly. ( excuse me miss?)

 " Yes sir how can I help you?" a bright bubbly voice with a slight French accents asks.

 " Uhh..yes is there a Carabeth Danville registered here?"

 " Uhh..(she begins rifling through the papers) yes number 514 on the 34 th floor."

 "OK thank you very much."

 A few minutes later Francis is at her door trying to get the courage to knock on the door, he takes a deep breath and swallows hard as he begins to knock.

 "Yes..who is it" asks a sweet small voice with a trace of a French accent, she looks through the peep hole.

 "Francis!! (she grits) go away!"

 "No please listen to me Cara..I need to talk to you..I love you so much..I" he persists.

 "Love me..if you loved me you never would of hurt me the way you did!" she begins to sob quietly.

 " But I do love you..I'm so very sorry for what I have done to you." he stammers.

 "Get out of here..get out of my life..just get lost! I don't want to hear your flimsy excuses." she begins to raise her voice.

 "Please just give me a chance to explain..please.." he begs her while sitting on his knees.

 "I know my sister is a vixen..but you of all people knew that..I told you the way she was..but you let her dig her slimly claws into you anyway!" she states angrily.

 "Well at first I just comforting her then..well.." he begins to explain.

 "Well were listening to your other head then your real head weren't you! Francis just go away I don't want to talk to you."

 Francis scribbles on a piece of paper and slips it underneath her door and then goes downstairs to the restaurant. Carabeth grabs the note and begins to read with tears streaming down her face.

 Dear Carabeth, please give me a chance to explain myself..give me one more chance please! I'll be downstairs. Love Francis.

 Carabeth quickly fixes her self up and heads downstairs and an few minutes later they are talking.

 "You look really good Carabear!" he smiles sweetly at her.

 " Thank are not looking to shabby yourself..(she swallows real hard) I can't just give you another chance just like that's going to take some're going to have to prove to me your worthy." she explains to him sternly.

 " Uhh..ok how can I do that..just tell me and I will do it."

 " Well..I'm going to go away for awhile to do some soul searching..but when I get back we will try and fix things..but that means you have to stay away from my sister!"

 " OK I can do that..but how long are you planning on being gone for?"

 " I'm not to sure just have to give me time.." she wipes away a small tear.

 " I do still love you so very much..and I am so very sorry." he whimpers.

 " I'm sorry but I can't forgive you..right now but maybe in time."

 " Well I will take's better then nothing." he gives her a small smile.

 " I must go was nice to see you." she tries to give a smile.

 Francis gets up and walks her back to her room, and then a few days later is sending her off on her plane not knowing if he will ever see her again. He waits till the plane is nothing but a spec of dust. Francis hops on the next plane home, when he arrives there is a letter waiting for him marked urgent. He looks at the address and notices it is from Sara who now is living in Langerbridge a small town in mid California.

 Dear Francis, Hey it's Sara..I'm in so much trouble, you have to come and help me. I married that guy Allan that I told you about but the bastard was already married. He says he loves me and is going to leave her or get rid of her some way. But the other day I saw him with another woman and they were making out. He says if I try and leave he will kill me or someone in my family. I'm so very scared. He knows where everyone is even Cara. He has people following her. Please come to Langerbridge. My cell number is 675-3654.

 He puts the letter down and gets on the first plane for Langerbridge which is about a week long trip from where he lives which is New York City, he arrives on a Saturday.

 Langerbridge is a small scenic town with outrageous flower gardens, hills surround the outskirts of the town, and everywhere you look is small children playing.  He calls Sara and within ten minutes she arrives.

 " Francis!" yells Sara running to him and hugging him tightly with tears pouring down her pale ivory face.

 "'s all right Sara, I'm here I won't let him hurt you or Cara." he rubs her back.

 " Oh why do I get myself into these kind of situations.." she sobs.

 " It's all right why don't you stay with me at the inn?"

 " No I better not do that..he will find out and get very angry." she peers over her shoulder to see if anyone is watching, she spots a husky man with a black hat glancing her way.

 " Well ok..why don't we go get a bite."

 " Yeah that sound good..lets go." she begins to push Francis while watching the guy in the far corner.

 After they have a bite to eat in a small diner they decide to go sight seeing and find a small club where they go and have a few drinks and do a little dancing. After a few wobbly pops they decide to go back to Francis room and put on some music. The song " My Love,My love" is playing.

 Sara and Francis begin to dance, halfway through the song Sara brings her soft voluptuous lips to his and lays one of him hard. He pulls away but she grabs him forcefully and begins to roll her tongue in his mouth, he accepts them willingly returning the favor. They continue to dance for another few minutes until a faster song comes on and they fall onto the couch laughing.

 " Sara we can't do this..we.."

 " Shh..shh Francis it's all right..just trust me lover..just.." she coaxes.

 All of sudden they are interrupted by the phone, Francis breathes a deep sigh of relief as she gets up to answer it.

 " Hello..this is Sara" she says bubbly waiting for an answer.

 "Hello..hello!" she begins to scream. (all she can hear on the other end is deep breathing)

 " Allan if this is you!! Tell me know!" she yells into the phone.

 " Beware bitch! who's the stud? Be careful what you say ha ha ha !" a deep rumbling voice cackles manically.

 Sara slams the phone down and burst into tears falling into Francis arms, he holds her tenderly and comforts her whispering softly in her ear. Sara explains to Francis what she plans to do between sobs while calling the police, she gets through within minutes.

 " Hi, may I speak with Mr. McGraw please?" she asks sweetly while sniffling.

 " can I help you? Give your name and your problem please." a deep southern male voice answers.

 "It's Sara..and he doing it again..he's.." she begins to sob again.

 " OK Sara I'll be right over."

 Mr. McGraw rushes right over to Sara's and knocks loudly on the door. He's running his golden hands through his thick sandy hair when she answers the door, Sara almost melts when she looks at his deep piercing blue eyes and his dark mascu rugged face.

 " Come in..please make yourself comfortable." she flirts with him.

 Francis backs out the way and lets the policeman do his job, twenty minutes or so later he's got machines all set up and the phone as expected rings.

 " It's OK Sara..I'm right here just try and act normal and keep him talking as long as you can." that same deep southern voice coaxes.

 " Hello..( she swallows hard) This is Sara.." she states nervously.

 " I told you to stop seeing that prick you little bitch! " the voice grits.

 " He is just a friend have no need to worry..I love you.." she stutters.

 " Why don't you come tonight baby..we can.."

 "Yeah OK..I'll be home in awhile..I just.." she struggles to answer.

 " Just have to what! Do you think I'm stupid little slut!" he screams.

 " Please..don't yell at me" she whimpers.

 " I will do what ever I you know who I am and what I can do to your precious family!" he states angrily.

 " Ok..Baby..I'll be over in a few I just need to have a shower ok."

 " All right be over within twenty minutes or else! " he yells while laughing deeply then hangs the phone up.

 " Great job Sara we have that bastard right where we need he isn't to smart.." he beams happily.

 " Uhmm..sir if I can be of any help..I'm here.." Francis says quickly.

 " Uh yeah you can stay here with Sara..but I'm also going to send a cop over to watch the place.." he caresses her shoulder and smiles sweetly at Sara.

 Twenty minutes later they are cops all around Allan's house, four of them come charging through the front door right when they are in the middle of a .... Allan looks up in terror as he realizes he's done for with all the evidence right in front of him there is no way talk his way out of this one.

 " Allan Mest you are under arrest for harassment, illegal drug possession, trafficking, stolen goods..( the cops says sternly while looking around the room) and I could just keep going; you have the right to remain silent, anything you say or do can be held against you in a court of law, if you don't have an attorney one will be found for you." he says while slapping the cuffs around Allan's wrists.

 " This is have nothing on me pig!" he screams trying to squirm out of the cuffs.

 " We have more on you buddy then you no so just shut up before you make things more worse for your self." the cops persists while forcing him into a nearby cop car.

 Francis and Sara wait patiently for Mr. McGraw to return, when he finally does Sara throws her arms around him and plants a kiss on his lips, Francis says his good byes realizing he's not needed anymore and hops on the next flight home. When he gets home they're a few messages waiting for him on his machine, he turns them on while searching for a good hard drink which he deserves after all he's dealt with this week.

 Hey hey Francis it's Mom give me a shout..we are so worried about ya dear.

 Francis thank you so much for all your me sometime love ya babe.

 Hey Francis it's Rachel give me a shout.

 Francis deletes all the messages and then heads to the kitchen to make himself a snack, after having a bite to eat he falls down on a nearby couch and passes out within minutes, he's half asleep when the phone rings.

 " Hello.." he answers sleepily.

 " Francis.." a small voice says.

 " Yes!" he sits up right away when he realizes whose voice it is but before he can say another thing the  goes dead.

 Six months later the phone rings again in the middle of the night but he decides to let the machine answer.

 Francis it's Carabeth..uhmm we really need to talk..I'm coming home and we have lots to discuss..( she says while rubbing her protruding stomach) I'll be there in a few days..I do love you still and I hope you still love me..ok while I have to go now my plane is leaving in a few minutes see you in a week bye.

 Francis smiles happily to himself as he drifts off to sleep, he ponders what they're life will be like now but before he can decide he is fast asleep in dream land.

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