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Photo courtesy of Pixabay.
Photo courtesy of Pixabay.


It is said that in the middle of the forest was his rabbit and her son.

The mother was careful that only her son would go away from her eyes after his father was devoured by predators. The rabbit grew up and wanted to discover the forest, but the mother’s insistence and fear prevented him, but he was watching the palace of the lion king from the top of his house. One day he announced a big party in the lion palace and an invitation Only predators, but the rabbit slipped from his mother's eyes and entered the palace, the guards were wolves and the servants were foxes, the leaders were foxes, and the royal family, the lions of the rabbit, was stunned by the luxury and luxury of the palace. What is this creature? said the chief butler, Mr. Fox, laughing in fear. Pardon me, sir. It is a creature of rabbit, a small and weak animal.

The representative of the tiger and how did he get here.... the fox might have crept through the tunnel under the palace

The rabbit, both, entered through the palace door in front of all the audience

The lion said he looks brave, but he is a vegetarian, and all the audience laughed at what the lion said

The rabbit clips the lion, but I am not conceited. Only cowards are seduced. Size and strength have nothing to do with strength and courage.

He was severely beaten and thrown outside the palace. He came back in a pitiful condition. His mother was crying while she was treating his wounds. Son, I didn't tell you that you couldn't keep up with them.

Rabbit No, mother, weakness is not in the body, nor is it as much as weakness in the soul itself. After the rabbit's wounds were scared, he wandered in the forest and found a hunting rifle and a book on shooting with hunting rifles. The book was illustrated. He took it and learned about it, but the gun had only two shots.

The rabbit rose and armed with a gun and walked with confident steps in front of all the animals of the forest. The guards of the palace wanted to intercept him, but after seeing the weapon they fled in front of him and entered the palace and said, “Where are you, O king? Come and confront me.”

The rabbit fired a shot in the air, causing all the guards and the entourage to run away, only the king, but he was afraid and started to stutter. The rabbit got ready and fired the last shot. Here the lion kneeled in front of the rabbit and will kiss his foot. Please don't kill me.

The rabbit was appointed king and his mother became the mother of the lion king. He became the chief servant and did not raise his head in front of the rabbit.

The rabbit's mother said, "My son, do not be afraid, your gun is empty, and that the flag of the lion will befall you."

Rabbit: Mom, if only the lion raised its head in front of me from fear. I tell the truth to him. The lion was afraid and it was over

I am a story writer and short story writer. I participated in an association on paper in Maysan and published a group of beautiful stories. After that, I published in several Internet newspapers. I am an advertising script writer. I have ideas for films and series.

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