Kashmir Problem

Musarrat Zaidi

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Photo of violence in Kashmir.

Kashmir’s history is horrible, Kashmiris facing Extreme brutality

Extreme bloodshed, brute lest killing, India’s subconscious dead, UNO, USA, closed eyes, only policy statements, no practicality.  Super powers and UNO talk high like a Don Quicksort about human rights and their vested interests, but do not feel the severe pains of deep wounds caused by Indian forces daggers in the chests of Kashmiris, men, women and kids. For 70 years, Kashmiris are being slaughtered by wild beasts, Indian soldiers just because they want their democratic right of choosing the govt. of their own choice. Recently, they fired young Kashmiris with pilot guns right in their eyes and made them blind. If US discard its trade relations with India; India cannot sustain his loss in exports and imports, business relations and trade benefits.

Indian army has killed 100000 Kashmiris, in a very inhuman way, more than 80000 have been disappeared while being in the custody of Indian army and state controlled police. No one has yet returned. India invaded IOK in 1947, starting a dark chapter of cruelty, oppression, injustice and ruthlessness. Millions slaughtered, thousands disappeared for ever, countless tortured and became the subject of print and electronic media’s head line news, this war madness has become an introduction symbol of India, the most in human fame strategy.

Extreme abuse of Human rights

Article 3 of Universal Declaration of Human Rights says,” Everyone has the right of life, liberty and security of person” India is violating this internationally accepted law and is liable to the content of international court of law and justice. This tragic situation in Indian occupied Kashmir has caused fear, injustice, cruelty; damaged the right to life, honor, dignity and all human rights. Disputed election of 1987 created history of unleashed suppression, firing, killing and blood shed on the peaceful protest of Kashmiris and put back their democratic, human rights to have their say in the way they wanted to govern themselves through pure just elections, decide their political, social fate and lead a graceful life.

Intense brutality on little girls, women

No words can be found in any dictionary to describe the extreme cruelty practiced on girls aged 4,5,6,7,8 years and above. Indian armed forces wildly raped little girls to young and old women during their search operations. No law came to provide justice to them by punishing the beasts that spoiled their lives forever, made their life worse than death.

A cruel law passed by a so called democracy, AFSPA

 Indian parliament enacted and implemented a very unrealistic, stubborn and shameful law; AFSPA that permitted Indian army to arrest, shoot, murder, torture, burn, destroy any person and property on mere suspension. It was severely condemned worldwide since its regulation in September 1990. It empowered unlimited authority to Indian army to arrest, kill, humiliate and torture anyone without considering age, gender, helpless condition, serious sickness, mental and physical disabilities etc. It also granted a noncommissioned officer or individual of the same rank to brutally use the authority of arrest anyone even without a warrant. Section 7 of the law broke all human rights laws by authorizing armed forces that they could even commit extra judicial killings and there will be no prosecution in this regard. Human rights, purity, and, positivizes of law of the land was never misshaped in the world history in any elected govt. system before this martyred of unarmed and peaceful civilians and protesters. They also made a fun of law making and enforcing process written in the books and syllabus of education of law, national and international levels. It was absolutely a law of jungle, and it is still in practice. Why UNO and super powers have closed eyes on such wild, unjust, unreasonable, and cruel so called laws? They are more brutal than Hitler, Haakon and Chungaze. Long emotional, politicized and formal speeches by Big bosses, or leaders are of no use to people living under oppression, suppression, killing, burning and torture.

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