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Musarrat Zaidi

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Drawing of the earth in balance.

Environment is important to us and we are important to environment

Planet earth is our worldly heaven; so we should do our best to keep it clean, green, and hygienic and health promoting. It is natural blessing; we must understand its value, need and our responsibilities to keep it as nature created it, very clean and germs free. Asa a matter of fact the earth, eco world, vegetation, air, water, soil etc. all have been widely effected by humans, animals, their activities, life style, technology, industries, waste and so many other changes that sprouted in course of centuries of human life, itís expansion, up to the present day world map that appeared as a result of scientific progress, invention of weapons of war, and world wars. Mo mental history of present century has highlighted the side effects of manís living, activities, vehicles, smoke, noise, improper waste management, poor, corrupts states, poor peopleí living has badly worsen the air pollution. When city, village administration is bad, funds are not spent on building proper roads, streets, waste management, quality health facilities, high standard education and sanitation, information, parks and gardens, then air becomes polluted.

If we will not be serious about the purity of air, it will be polluted with containments and toxins and can cause asthma, bronchitis, hearing and smelling ability, heart attacks, skin diseases, and premature mortality.

Our indoor air is 5 time more toxic than out door environment, due to breathing, washrooms germs, dust on the furniture, doors, windows, flames in the wooden fire place or heat and smells of cooking meat etc. Air coming from factories, their waste also damages the purity of air. and water of lakes, rivers, oceans, etc.

Air, water pollution cause gastric and neurological issues, make body and mind sick, to keep our selves healthy, we should keep our planet earth unpolluted, hygienically well and clean.

Increasing temperature globally is alarming

Climate change and global warming effects greenhouse concentrations that cause all types of illness, in humans, plants, trees, air, water pollution drafts etc. It has been felt by people and researchers estimated that increasing temperature may cause dreadful draft, extremely risky storms, like Sandy, in 2017 In lake Ontario, Canada, health issues, and many new diseases, downfall of economies due to worse agriculture and ultimately weak trade, exports. Increasing heat waves, wild fire and biggest storms like Sandy and others must not be taken for granted and we should take feasible decision to achieve result oriented advantages. It is our responsibility to save our present and next generations fortune, before the time limit expires.

Human activities, industries, technology cause pollution, global and warming

When life was simple in the remote past, environment was healthful and clean. Increasing population, growth of industries, mills, factories, technology, trains, planes, cars, trucks etc. caused global warming, air and noise pollution. Even extra use of computers, cell phones is effecting human health and mental condition, especially memory and hearing power. It was said by researchers that it is better to listen to cell phone call by left ear. People should modify their life style as much as is possible. Waste management should be proper, no littering on streets, roads, parks, sea shores, on the ground. On bus stops, there are big dust bins, still litter can be seen on seats and ground. Cycles, government transport should be used as far as possible.

Bio diversity should not be negatively affected by human acts

Supreme power of nature has created very largest variety of vegetation, grass, plants, leaves, flowers, fruits, vegetables, grains, trees, wall clippers, animals, birds, insects, and humans. Activities of living, nonliving things effect environment and make earth and living things sick. If a Scorpio or a snake bites any living thing; its dead body turns in to a litter later on, cause bad smell and pollution. Land sliding, flooding, access of rain, also turn streets as ponds of polluted water.

We must show that we care for environment; if we have sense of humanity

Nature awarded us with a vast variety of facilities as a gift when the planet earth was created by almighty. Pure drinking water, rivers with fish, and other marine lives, pearls, animals for hunting, clean air, no germs, no infection, trees, fruits, flowers, physical and mental capabilities to think and decide how we should live nicely. These blessings were to decide what to drink eat and breathe. Animal skin was to be used as dress and other needs, and wood of trees to build early homes. Hunting and then afterwards agriculture was their source of income. Barter system was their mean of trade; increase of population molded them to have a social and legal govt. system. But in return what they did with the beautiful environment and its surroundings? They did not care to preserve the purity and originality of all these blessings that hugged them with motherly love and care. In spite of progress of culture, civilization, education, etc. they scattered litter, waste and polluted the air, water and ground resources and caused diseases. Wars also played a big role in polluting the clean natural resources.

We must pay back earthís debt

Now we must realize that earth is our home, one of the millions of planets floating in the space, we owe its debt, to keep it clean, pollution free, this debt must be paid by1, reducing, 2, reusing and 3, by recycling. The smallest actions to keep earth clean may prove to be the pioneers of a major breakthrough in keeping our home sweet home, the planet earth as the cleanest of all planets and adorable.

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