The Story of Thomas and the Grey Wolf

Mossad Hawsawi

© Copyright 2021 by Mossad Hawsawi


Photo by Marc-Olivier Jodoin on Unsplash
Photo by Marc-Olivier Jodoin on Unsplash

Thomas got out of the car and was so eager to see nature, his father told him, "Don't go too far." 

Thomas ran into the woods with a camera and found a deer a few meters away from him, and because of his picture; The deer ran away from him, and the wolf was angry, because he intended to hunt the deer, so he .turned towards Thomas 

The wolf said: You are really annoying, humans, because of you my prey fled.

I just wanted to take a few pictures of her, said Thomas. 

The wolf said: That is why the deer ran away, what would a spoiled little boy do in !such a place. 

Thomas was annoyed by what the wolf had said, and replied, “Are you any different from me, you also, 8 weeks before weaning, you are—spoiled—your mother, protecting you from predators—and providing warmth to you and your siblings, for ." that is why you remain near you, especially food. 

The wolf said fanaticly: What about the benefits of wolves, we are the ones who maintain the balance of the environment, because we feed on herbivores, and because of that we reduce the depletion of vegetation cover, and do not forget the .birds like the eagle - the crow, they all feed on the carcasses that we leave.

Thomas looked at the wolf in anger, and the wolf returned the same anger. 

We also have benefits,' said Thomas, 'we have made sanctuaries for you; In order' to preserve your species, and we have provided you with vaccinations from diseases in order to treat them from all diseases, do you still want to compete with me? 

The wolf said: Of course I will not give up, what about teamwork, we wolf always hunt our prey in groups, which ensures the success of our hunting always, what .about you humans? 

Thomas said: We also when the teacher gives us homework, my friends and I .always finish our homework early, and it's all thanks to teamwork. 

The wolf said: What about the five senses, we wolves are distinguished by a strong sense of sight, and a sense of smell 100 times stronger than humans also, for example, wolves can smell and see their prey from a distance of one mile. 

Thomas said: After thinking for a few minutes, it is true that we do not have a good sense of smell and good eyesight, but do not forget the downsides, for the simplest things may disturb you because of your strong senses. When we talk about talents, .we humans have many talents such as drawing, swimming, singing, and much more. 

The wolf said: After thinking for a few minutes, you are also like us, and because of that you have to struggle to reach your dream and goals, while our lives are easy. Since our childhood, we know our future in life and the most important of which is .providing food, and having children. 

After hearing them quarrel all the time, the father said, "In the end, we all have flaws and advantages, and that's why we need each other. When we cooperate with each other, life becomes easier, thanks to the wolves, our environment is safe, and thanks to our continuous vaccination, they are treated from diseases and their losses are reduced. We always have to Don't we forget that we have a soul like them, a heart ".like them, and feelings like them, we must never forget that. 

Thomas hugged the wolf lovingly, said goodbye to him and then came back with his father and said to him, "You know, Dad, I learned a lot about the wolf from the gray wolf," 

Said the father, "That's what's important, that we both know the value of the other."

For a long time, I loved watching movies, series and anime, and because of my great love for them, I wanted to write my own fictional story, which will tell everything I imagine, and all the real-imaginary events I live, and watch it with people, who may talk about what my imagination has made, but I did not find the opportunity to make me  I do this, I searched a lot and a lot and yet I did not find the opportunity, until the day I saw the competition that will make me take the first step forward for me, so I hope with all my heart that you like my story.

I am 19 years old. Nationality: Nigeria, Country of residence: Saudi Arabia, Riyadh, Status: Single, looking for a job. Comfortable: High School, Study Bachelor of Business Administration. 

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