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Misti Jackson
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Blaze is a fiction story that involves a little girl who has always dreamed of having a horse of her own. This little girl has a love of horses, and you will read on how she begs & pleads with her parents for a horse of her own.

Once there was a little girl who lived in Los Angles, California. She was 9 years old, and every since she was three she wanted a horse of her own to ride and take care of. She always dreamed of a horse that galloped across her parents' field. Every morning she'd awake and look out her bedroom window to watch her big brown horse fleet across the field in the morning sunlight. She use to say, "One day Mommy and Daddy I will have me a gorse and my dream will come true."

"Yes, Dawn Rae Donaldson you will," they would agree with her and chuckle.

Dawn's years slowly passed by, and when she was one month from being 10, Dawn and her parents moved into a nice country blue home with 2 acres of yard, and 2 acres of farm. Dawn was so excited that their new home had a farm with a big field just for a horse, like she had always dreamed of having. Dawn would constantly beg her Mom and Dad for a beautiful brown horse. Uniting they would tease her and tell Dawn that they couldn't afford one. So she would just go around pouting all day.

One month rolled around to Dawn's 10'th birthday. Her parents had her a big surprise birthday party out in their backyard. All of Dawn's family and friends were there. She had lots of gifts on the table that she went through and opened, but one was missing.

"Where's my present from you?" She asked her parents looking sad.

By then she had given up on her dream of ever owning a horse.

"Were sorry, but we didn't have the money this month to get you anything," Dawn's Mom told her.

"I promise you baby we will get you something soon though," her father added feeling bad.

"Ok, I guess I will live with that," Dawn replied as she walked away with a tear in her eye.

But all of Dawn's family and friends knew her parent's plan, and that she did have have a gift from them. But she wouldn't receive it till later.

"Why don't we all go down to the barn, there's some games we can play down there?" Mrs. Donaldson asked everyone.

"Great," they all yelled as they begin running to the barn.

Dawn with her broken heart and teary eyes followed behind.

"Ok, the first game is, what's behind door number one?" Dawn's Mom asked as they arrived at the barn.

"Dawn since you're the birthday girl you can go first," Mr. Donaldson told her.

Not knowing what to except she opened up the two big barn doors, and there to her surprise she broke down into tears. Standing there in front of Dawn was a big brown horse, with a big red ribbon around her neck that said: HAPPY 10'TH BIRTHDAY DAWN, LOVE MOMMY AND DADDY. Dawn enthusently gave her parents' a giant hug, thanked them, and told them that it was the best birthday present ever. They felt so happy to hear that.

The birthday party had ended, and the very first thing Dawn had done was bathe her horse, rode it around the field, and named it Blaze. With big smiles on their faces, Mr. and Mrs. Donaldson stared out the kitchen window watching Dawn and her horse.

"She's so happy now that she has horse," Mrs. Donaldson told her husband as she was hugging him.

"Yes hun she is, and now maybe we won't hear about wanting a horse so much anymore," he replied laughing.

"I sure hope not, and if we do, well, she will just have to be satisfied with that one, because I sure can't afford to go buy her two."

"I'm sure she won't ask again dear. Afterall we made her dream come true."

"Yes we sure did, and it makes me happy that we were able to do that."

"Me too."

The evening had passed and Dawn had fed her horse once again, and put her away in the barn, and then she went in to bed. That night she had dreamed of her pretty horse with big beautiful brown eyes. She never wanted to awake, but she would.

It was 6:30am the next morning when Dawn awoke and made more of her dream come true. She stood in her window and watched as Blaze pranced and galloped across the field. Then Dawn got dressed and went outside to bathe and feed Blaze. Soon after she then saddled her up and rode her all morning, afternoon, and evening long.

Meanwhile her parents' would sit in the house and discuss how they were very happy to see Dawn happy, and also they were glad they made her dream of having a horse finally come true.

"You know dear if it hadn't been for that nice man down the road we wouldn't have been able to buy her the horse. Afterall he did let us have her pretty cheap, and the horse was already broke to ride," Mr. Donaldson explained with a smile.

"Yes hunny you're right. Maybe we ought to send him a thank you card for all his help."

"Sounds good to me."

So Mrs. Donaldson got up from the table and wrote out a thank you card to mail.

"I believe it is written now. Would you run it out to the mailbox for me?"

"Sure dear," Mr. Donaldson answered as he took the card outside."

"Hey Daddy, look at me, I'm riding her, and she rides so wonderful!" Dawn yelled to her father.

"Yes sweety I see that. Why don't you ride her over her a minute!" Her father yelled back to her.

"Yes Daddy?"

"What did you name her?"

"Blaze, because of how her eyes sparkle."

"That's a pretty name."

"I want to thank you and Mommy again. I really love her a lot."

"You're welcome sweety. Now you can go back to riding her."

"Ok Daddy."

"Oh one more thing."


"Make sure you come in for supper tonight."

"I will," she replied as she rode off on Blaze.

"Did you finally get her to talk to you?" Mrs. Donaldson asked him as he came back into the house.

"Yes, and she named the horse Blaze."

"Beautiful name, where did she get it I wonder?"

"She said because her eyes sparkled."

"Mmmm, that is nice."

"She said she would be in for supper."

"I'm glad, every since yesterday she has spent more time with that horse then she has with us," Mrs. Donaldson giggled.

"Yes she has, but when she didn't have it she spent time in hear asking for one, and pouting," Mr. Donaldson replied back, laughing too."

Dawn's years had went by and she was 18 years old, and still had Blaze. She would still sit at her bedroom window every morning and watch Blaze prance and gallop across the field. Dawn entered Blaze in contests when she was younger and still does. Blaze has won many ribbons and trophies for the most beautiful and most talented horse. Dawn says that she will never forget her 10'th birthday, and Blaze will always be hers for as long as they both live. Dawn even talks a lot about having a little girl of her own one day, and buying her a horse just like Blaze. And of course Dawn's parents' sit and listen to Dawn as she talks about her future with Blaze and herself. They usually don't see much of her anymore since she takes Blaze to horse shows all over, so when they do see her they listen. And they couldn't believe how well Dawn had taken care of Blaze. Afterall most children who would have gotten a animal of any kind at the age of 10 would have ended up letting the parents' take care of it, but Dawn took great care of hers, and they were very proud of her.

Eight years later, at the age of 26 Dawn grew up, got married, and later in her marriage she did have a little girl of her own. Dawn kept her word too, she did buy her little girl a horse when she turned 10, and it was just like Blaze, and her little girl named her horse Blaze the II. Because she heard of her Mommy's story, and she wanted to name her horse after her Mommy's horse. So the whole family lived happily ever after.

Misti Jackson is the writer of many stories, novels, and poetry. Help From Above is the first novel that she has ever submitted, and is currently working on publishing it to Great Unpublished. She has also had four poems published that are sold in anthologies.

Misti was born in Paducah, Kentucky on March 11, 1975 to Phillip Bailey of Delwood, Illinois, and to Pauletta Bailey of Williams, Minnesota. Misti has one brother, Matthew Bailey, of Harrisburg, Illinois. She was raised in the small town of Delwood, Illinois, county of Pope. She now currently resides in Delwood with her fiancé, Kevin D. Sanderfur, and her three children, James B. Jackson, Joseph R. Jackson, and Cynthynie R. Jackson. In the future, she plans to publish more novels and poetry. Writing is something she has been doing since she was eight years old, and she enjoys it very much.

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