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A Checkered Career Across Three Continents
Moving Abroad
How Did I Become A Psychologist

 Born in Ceylon (Sri Lanka) Migel Jayasinghe has lived and worked on three continents, Asia (Sri Lanka), Africa (Zambia), and Europe (UK). From November 2005, he and his wife had been living in Costa Blanca, Spain, as retirees but returned to UK in August 2020 after Brexit. As an Occupational Psychologist with the Royal British Legion Industries, UK, he established a vocational assessment and rehabilitation facility, helping ex-services disabled men and women back into appropriate further education, re-training and civilian employment (1996 – 2001). Migel has also received training in hypnotherapy and life- coaching.

Migel was awarded the ‘Poetry Writer of the Year 2010’ trophy by the Costa Blanca based WordPlay Writers’ Forum of which he had been a member since its inception. Migel received an ‘Honorable Mention’ for his poem ‘Today in the News’ in the 2011 International Poetry Competition run by the Lucidity Poetry Journal (USA). He won Second Prize ($25.00) for ‘Jazz Band’ in the US Moontown Café Poetry competition (2014). Website: .
His contribution in the academic field, Counselling in Careers Guidance (2001) was published by the Open University Press (UK), and translated into Japanese in 2004. He self-published through Outskirts Press Inc., A Miscellany; Essays, stories poems and a play (2008). His self-published works of poetry are: One Year in Spain (2011) CreateSpace, and Solace in Verse (2013) Strategic Book Publishing and Rights Agency, USA. He contributed articles and short stories to Confluence; South Asian Perspectives, a journal published in London. The CoastRider (now Costa Blanca People), Euro Weekly News, and Round Town News (no longer published), all local freebie weeklies, occasionally published his short articles and poems. He also had a short story Parking Ticket published in the Costa Blanca News, a regular weekly newspaper.
His latest self-published work is ‘A Literary Smorgasbord, memoir, fiction, and poetry’ (2019) printed by Xlibris.

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