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Michael Venini
© Copyright 2000 by Michael Venini

In was 2003, and there was a dreadful war taking place in the Middle East. Once again Iraq invaded Saudi Arabia. US forces were deployed once again, to fight for peace in the Middle East. On the borders of Saudi Arabia, three US soldiers were captured by Iraq troops, and taken to an undisclosed place in Iraq. Each soldier were beaten, and thrown into a dark cold cell. The soldiers have no idea were there life will lead them at this point. They know sooner or later, they will be threatened with their lives for information, and location of US camps.

The three soldiers lay in the cell, beaten and battered. As time passes they know their time will soon be finish. As soon as they start to gain some energy, Iraq soldiers burst into the cell, and beats one of them.

"Let him go!" screams one the soldiers.

The Iraq solider, pummels him with the end of his gun, knocking him to the floor. They continue to take the solider out for interrogation. More time passes, the two soldiers lay in misery, and start to ponder of their future. Both are scared, deep down inside, and have no idea what to do or to expect. Neither one knows how long they have been in this cell. They know there is no way they can escape. They sit in the darkness, dwelling on their fearful thoughts of death. As time passes, the soldiers soon see illusions of light flashing through the air. The cell was filled will silence. The soldiers started to hear their own blood flowing thru their ears as well as every single beat of their heart.

The cell opens again, both men are weak, neither one has eaten in days, which results in neither one having the energy to be able to stand. The Iraq Soldiers, take another solider out, and slamming the cell door, leaving the final solider, is mist of darkness. As he lies there, he dreams of getting back to US camp. Then flying back home to beautiful Florida, where he and his wife reside. Then the solider cracks a smile as he thinks about seeing his beautiful wife. He dreams of holding her for eternity. Holding her as, a mother holds a newborn child. He visions of the two spending the rest of their lives together, and full filling every one of his and her dreams. But then reality strikes, as he looks around in this death cell. See nothing but pure darkness. He wonders if somehow there is an escape. If somehow he can break out of this place and vision his freedom. If somehow, he can get back to his wife alive, and hold her one last time.

The cell door opens, the Iraq soldiers, grab the US solider, he fights to escape, but is to weak, and is knocked out by the butt of a Iraqi gun.

He awakes, in a chair. He is bound to the chair, by tight ropes. He also has a rope looped around his neck, held by two Iraqi soldiers, on each end. He is drugged, but is still able to function. He notices the two US soldiers out of the corner of his eye, lying on the ground dead, looking like they were beaten, then strangled to death.

The Iraq Sergeant slaps the Solider, and leaves a stinging feeling in the side of his face.

"You will tell us where your camp is!" screams the Sergeant, in a strong Iraq accent.

He then spits in the US soldier's face.

The Solider, is irate, and is trying to break free but can't. He shakes him head, as he will never tell them anything. The Sergeant punches the solider in the face, breaking his nose. Blood gushes to floor. The sergeant grabs the Solider, by the face and screams at him to tell them.

"NO!" screams the Solider! Then the Sergeant, takes another swing, and connects with the solider square in the face. The solider is stunned.

Then the Sergeant makes a death sign, while commanding the two IRAQ Soldiers, to pull on the rope to end the soldier's life. As they pull, the solider, now feels his life start to slip away. He tries with all of his might, to break free, but can't move. The Soldiers pull harder, and he feels the air slip out of his lungs. He feels his neck about to break. He starts to pass out, things start to fade, he is losing his life.

As he sees blackness, a vision of his wife, burns in his mind. He sees his home, his life, and his beautiful wife. With that he gains enough strength and breaks the ropes, then he reaches grabs both ends of the ropes, and pulls them together, which causes the two Iraq Soldiers, to collide. The Sergeant goes for his gun, but the US Solider, jumps to the floor, and grabs one of the Iraq soldiers gun and shoots the Sergeant, right in the head. The sergeant falls to his demise. Now frighten out of his mind, the solider does not know what to do. He knows that other soldiers, heard that gun shot, and soon will be after him.

The Solider, takes an Iraq uniform, and places on him, cleverly to disguise himself. He places on of the Iraq Turbans, to hide his face. He then sneaks out of the tent.

Outside the tent, he sees hundreds of Iraq soldiers, accomplishing their daily assignments. He sees jeeps passing by. As he starts to walk, Soldiers run pass him to examine the gunshot. He knows sooner or later they will find out, that a US Solider has escaped. He knows he must get out of this hellish place, and fast.

He sees a jeep, parked with keys. He knows this must be too good to be true. He hops in the jeep, and starts to drive off. The driver spots him stealing his jeep, and yells.

The Guards spot this thief and start firing drastically, the solider accelerates the jeep, and manages to gets out of range. As he drives, he knows they will soon be flowing him, trying to recuperate him. He also notices that his neck hurts terribly, from the abuse he sustained, when he was getting integrated.

The solider is startled by gun shot fire that hits his jeep. He glances in his mirror, and locates about five jeeps, firing at him. He knows his chances are slim to escape, he speeds up, but the Iraqis are gaining ground. His heart starts to pound, and it feels like it is going to burst out of his chest, he starts to sense lost of breath as he drive. The Solider looks in his mirror again, only to see that moment, a shot fire and hits the mirror.

He starts to panic as the Iraqis catch up. Then a shot fired hit his tire, and he loses control. He starts to spin, and then the jeep goes off an 18ft cliff, and crashes at the bottom.

He wakes with the foul stench of gas in the air. Some how the solider survived the wreckage. He manages to craw out of the jeep. He can barley breathe, and his leg is partially broken from the crash. The Solider craws slowly away from the destroyed Jeep. Seconds later the jeep explodes and the force throws the solider five feet in the air. The Solider, lands in the sand, unconsciouses.

The Solider awakes, with sand in his mouth. He is lost in the middle of the desert, with a partial broken leg, and bruised lungs. The Solider slowly gets up. The Iraqis came to the conclusion that he had perished, they stop chasseing after him. He knows, if some how if he can get thru the dessert alive, he may be able to make it back to camp. He just may be able to get to go home to see his wife.

The Solider starts his long, dry journey. The visions his wife, is what keeps him going. Out in the hot dessert, he must be careful, for he is in IRAQ, so there will be soldiers, roaming the land. Unfortunately in the crash, he lost his turban, so now he does not have a disguise.

What seems like days, hours pass as he journeys thru the dessert. The powerful sunrays beat down on him. His mouth is as dry as the dessert sun. He sees nothing but miles and miles of sand. He starts to think he will never make it home. More hours pass, and his body has physically have had enough, he collapses in the dry sand. Reality strikes, as he knows he will never make it to camp. He will never return home, he will never see his wife again. Breathing becomes harder, and painful, then one can imagine. He starts to black out, when he sees an object coming his way. At first he can't make it out, but as it comes closer he sees it to be a hummer. He knows if they spot him, he is dead for sure. He has no energy to stand, and retreat. He lays there motionless.

The Hummer spots him, and drives his way. At this point, he wishes he would just die. He wishes the burning hell sun, would take his life. He starts to pass out, as the Hummer comes to a stop right in front of him.

The driver gets out with a gun.

"Are you ok man?" asks the driver.

The Solider, slowly glances up to see, the driver is a US Solider. The solider, breathes a sigh of relief. The Driver helps the Solider, places him in the hummer.

"Just hang in their man, US camp is about thirdly miles away, we will be there in about forty minutes" says the driver, as he starts to drive.

The Solider drinks some water, out of a canteen, but it does not seem to help. His mouth is still dry, and his lungs are hurting worst. The Solider lays back, and dreams soon, he will have made it. He will go home. He will see, his beautiful wife. Once again, somehow the solider shines a smile. After all he been thru, he can still dream and smile.

After about 30 Minutes, reality strikes. A Shot fired hits the hummer, and the driver loses control and crashes. The driver and the solider are still alive. The solider can't stand. At this point, he is all about dead. The driver tries to help, but three Iraqi Soldiers, pull up in a jeep. The US driver fires, and kills one. The other two, demolishes the Driver, with about thousand machine gun bullets. They stand over the solider, and kick him. The solider, knows after all of this, he is not going to be held captive. He has nothing to lose at this point, so he decided to take a chance. He draws the gun, that he used to escape, and fires, and hits both soldiers. One falls to their death, as the other manages to get to the jeep, and drive off to get medical attention. The Solider knows he will be back, with reinforcements. He knows he must be strong, he has to make it back to camp. With some kind of inner strength, he pulls him self up, and starts to limp, in the direction toward camp.

At this point he is using everything he has left in him. His leg is broken, his lungs are just about to collapse, but he continues on. About twenty minutes pass, and once again, he is about to quit, when he spots an American flag faded in the distance. He sees the base. He has made it. He is about five minutes away. He continues to limp, with new life flowing thru him. He sees the base closer, and closer. He visions, getting to the base and getting much needed medical attention. He visions, of getting to fly home to beautiful Florida and seeing his home. He visions knocking on his beach house door, and his beautiful wife answers with arms wide open. He visions, hugging his wife, and never letting go. He sees the base, as he gets closer and closer. But it also starts to fade. Darkness starts to overcome his vision. He is unable to breathe. His lungs feel like they have caved in. He slowly falls to the burning sand, still looking at the camp. He reaches in thin air, wishing he could touch the base. His vision gets darker. He tries to yell for help but he has no air left in his energy less body. Vision fades more and more......then reality strikes....and the solider dies, strangled to death by the Two Iraqi soldiers, and the Iraqi Sergeant. The moment of his death, he realizes his escape was nothing more, than a fantasy. That to place in his mind, moments before his death. Bitter reality stroke, and the solider had never escaped the Iraq camp. And he was strangled to death.

The War went on. Soon after the soldiers demise, US air force destroyed the camp, and the Iraqi soldiers were killed. The US had cleverly had tracking device on the US Soldiers, which enabled them to find the Iraqi camp and destroy it.....

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